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Posted in: Man writing book about kindness in America shot, wounded See in context

I fail to see why US people are so willing to be shot at for advantages that frankly dont seem to exist.

I guess the point would be that circumstance and geography dictate that we all play the cards we're dealt by birth, whether that be living in the United States, Europe, Japan (where of course, small children are being slaughtered in the millions by inattentive drivers--that's sarcasm, just so you know), Somalia, or Beirut.

To suggest that any one incident is indicative of how things are on a daily basis in every part of a country is reductive, juvenile, absurd, and pointless. Gun ownership is legal in the United States, and I accept that. Believe it or not, I truly don't worry about being shot, but then again, I'm a gambler, and thus willing to play roulette with those 300 million-to-one odds every day.

is a better price for individual freedom and democracy than being shot three times in a week :/

I will give you a bump up, though, for actually seeming to believe this happened. And you thought I was swallowing everything I read wholesale...

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Posted in: Man writing book about kindness in America shot, wounded See in context

And THAT is why I will never step foot in America.

I've actually been shot going in to the office three times this week already. So annoying! But it's the price of admission for living in the United States, apparently. As if one could be expected to fend off the bath salt zombie horde with a mere knife.

Why not take a simpler, more reasonable approach, and admit that the truth, as it always does, lies somewhere in between two absurd polar extremes? In a nation of around 300 million people with roughly 200 million firearms, we somehow continue to exist from day to day. This man's misfortune is being made fun of by the AP solely for our brief amusement.

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But just because they perform charitable works doesn't make them any more special than others.

No one made the claim that the KY Colonels were somehow more "special" than any other group. And to compare an honor bestowed by a state governor to an event anyone can join is simply nonsensical. You're floating farther and farther away from the point. Allow me to reel you in:

Strange but true fact: "Colonel" Harland Sanders was never a military colonel, although he was a Kentucky Colonel.

Don't forget to pick up your digital copy of the honorable colonel's book on Facebook starting June 4th to read all about it...

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Posted in: Col Haruka Sanders launches KFC cooking contest See in context

It's both a commissioned military rank AND an honorary title given by the commonwealth of Kentucky. One is no less real than the other. There's an entire all-too real organization that performs charitable works that would respectfully disagree with your assertion.

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Posted in: Col Haruka Sanders launches KFC cooking contest See in context

Strange but true fact: "Colonel" Harland Sanders was never a real colonel.

He was, in fact, a Colonel--it's a title of honor given by Kentucky to people who perform significant acts of note. So are Ashley Judd, Barry Manilow, and Johnny Depp, for perspective.

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Posted in: Search under way for penguin that escaped from Kasai Rinkai Aquarium See in context

This being Japan, the local government is already working up a special residency certificate for the penguin as we speak.

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Posted in: Ishihara, son embroiled in public row over new political party See in context

You mean the elder Ishihara wishes his son would keep his mouth shut and not rock the boat with needlessly provocative statements? Hmmmm.....

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

I'm going to take guess here and assume you are a grown man from a generation where the worst thing you ever saw was Pac-Man eating ghosts. The most blowing up stuff we did back in the 80s was Dig Dug.

Or, the end of civilization as we know it, in a little game called Missile Command, in which the only way to win is not to play.

At the center of this incident is a video game so I think it's fair to say that it HAS affected him. How did he respond when The Ring was taken from him. He tried to kill Frodo. It was his precious. His addiction to it was so great that he thought of nothing else.

The object that was denied to this kid is irrelevant; only the fact that it was being denied to him mattered enough to drive him crazy enough to lash out. If he had his mind set on getting a hula hoop and his mom tried to take it away, you'd have the same result. Not sure why you insist that video games are somehow uniquely able to cause madness, especially when the example of Gollum only supports the theory that any object can make you nuts if you obsess over it.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

The mother must have known that video games are addictive and distracting. Students who play video games don't study.

I'm sorry if you work for the video game industry. I'm a die hard gamer. I play all sorts of game. Most of them involve destroying the enemy.

So, by your own logic, you're an admitted distracted addict by definition? If anyone's looking for the laziest way to explain away this or any other violent incident, look no further--it absolutely MUST be the violent games. How about recognizing that human relationships are a bit more complex than that? You know, thinking about it?

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Posted in: Try cooking a Big Mac in rice cooker See in context

Spoken with full irony and maximum disdain, of course.

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Posted in: Try cooking a Big Mac in rice cooker See in context

This is great! Hahahahahahahahaha

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Posted in: Wahlberg apologizes for 9/11 comments on how he would have overpowered hijackers See in context

I deeply apologize to the families of the victims that my answer came off as insensitive, it was certainly not my intention, he added.

Yes, your comment was intended to bolster your image as a "hard-man actor" (what an unfortunate phrase). We know all your "hard-man" films are documentaries, and we'll all very impressed, Marky.

The good thing is that as his comments appeared in Men's Journal, the only ones exposed to it were a few hundred extremely bored patients waiting for their turn in the dentist's chair who had already flipped through all the available issues of Sports Illustrated and People.

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Posted in: IndyCar announces 15-race schedule, but no Japan race See in context


And Honda (which was up until this coming season the sole engine supplier to the series) now has no "reward race" on the schedule.

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Posted in: Black Friday pepper spray suspect surrenders in LA See in context

This is so disgusting! We have no shame? We have no morals?

Yes, clearly this one moron speaks for all 300 million Americans. Let the soul-searching commence.

I do not think I would be too happy of this stupid crazy free for all shopping madness to be called Black Friday

And I'm not sure this qualifies as a "thought," either.

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Posted in: Becky wins Kodansha's 'Best Character Award' See in context

the progress of magazine advertising.

Vital stuff, indeed.Let's hope they have top men working on it...

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Posted in: Princess Aiko has pneumonia, agency says See in context

I sincerely hope she feels better soon. Pneumonia is something a lot of people equate as "just a really bad cold" but it can absolutely be lethal, especially to those with weakened or not yet fully developed immune systems.

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Posted in: IndyCar drivers to talk safety at Monday meeting See in context

Close the cockpits, enclose the wheels. Leave the ovals and run only on road courses. (Ovals are great for TV and spectators, not so good for actual racing.)

And then don't forget the final step--change the name of the series to NASCAR. And then try to compete with that other racing series that fields cars eerily similar to your new design. These are open cockpit, open wheel cars by definition--Dan Wheldon would be appalled at the idea of throwing out the very basic idea of this kind of racing. Sure, don't race at the 1.5-mile high-banked ovals that can accommodate the heavier, slower NASCARs but not the lighter, faster IndyCars, but that doesn't mean you stop racing on ovals, period.

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Posted in: Wheldon killed in massive, fiery IndyCar crash See in context

Then...don't race? Whatever happend to "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen?"

The only way a driver boycott really works is if it's unanimous, and no driver is going to pull out if he/she suspects the others won't. Some of the drivers' postrace comments raise the question as to why they didn't refuse to race if they truly believed it was so dangerous, but I'm sure the enormous financial pressures coupled with simply not wanting to be the one that blinks in the face of danger goes a long, long way.

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Posted in: Wheldon killed in massive, fiery IndyCar crash See in context

But isn't that what NASCAR, F1 and any type of racing is about? The driver's pushing thier cars and themselves over the limit? If the track was to narrow, wouldn't that be a strategy?

Not trying to be sarcastic here, but their are risks in this sport and high speeds at narrow tracks is one of them. Still do not see how a racer can complain about speeds.

Drivers obviously have every right to complain about a track that they feel isn't safe for the type of cars they're expected to drive--not sure what there is to get about that. If the point was to simply go as fast as possible, they'd be out on a salt flat somewhere in Utah driving in a straight line and comparing top speeds. This track was too short and too narrow to accommodate the number of cars that would be on it simultaneously. In addition, when the cars are all flat-out the entire way around, they stay clumped together in packs, and obviously wheel-to-wheel contact in an open-wheel car at top speed presents serious problems that don't really exist for closed-wheel cars such as those used in NASCAR.

The simple truth is that no matter what safeguards you put in place, the possibility of death and injury will always be present--there's simply no way to eliminate it entirely other than by not participating at all. In the chaos of a high-speed accident, quite literally anything can happen, and everyone involved accepts that risk.

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Posted in: DJ Hello Kitty thrills teenagers in Japan store See in context

When I was knocking about with 19-year-old girls (wipes tear from rheumy eye) if you asked then who they're a fan of, they'd say Maya Angelou, or Naomi Wolf, or Tori Amos for Gawd's sake.

Yes, because being a fan of Tori Amos clearly qualifies one for medical or law school in a way that liking Hello Kitty does not. Enjoying Hello Kitty only comes with its own set of ridiculous assumptions about a person in your own mind. Get over yourself.

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Posted in: You can't reinvent the burger; you can remake it See in context

Going to Wendy's is not dining out.

If you're not making it and there are no dishes to do afterward, it is.

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Posted in: Patrick says concerns about Japan understandable See in context

“I know a lot of people are concerned, a lot of us looked at each other and said ‘Are you going to eat here? Did you eat sushi?’ We’ve all asked those questions but it seems fine.”

Don't speak too soon, Danica. You could still conceivably drop dead of radiation poisoning in the next hour or so. Fortunately, as long as you stay away from sushi, the only food eaten in exotic Zipang, you may yet make it through. Best keep a lead-lined refrigerator handy in the pits to be safe. I see that she's also cannily hung back in qualifying (23rd out of 26) just in case another earthquake should consume the front-runners. Smart...

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Posted in: Sailor in Hawaii finds message in a bottle from Japan See in context

This kind of stupid activity causes our beaches to be awash with rubbish.

Well, there are a hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore.

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Posted in: Sato says Indy Japan has greater purpose See in context

By all means, Danica Patrick should stay home and let someone else finish in 20th or so place. She's far too busy filming GoDaddy commercials and planning out her mediocre career in NASCAR.

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Posted in: China bans songs by Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys See in context

This is the same government that offered up slavish media coverage to Gaga's recent trip to Japan via its state-owned Xinhua website. If only the Party aparatchiks had released the results of their well-considered analysis in time! Who knows how many malleable minds are now plotting to break China up into a multitude of independent nuclear-armed states after pondering the lyric "That I'll die living just as free as my hair."

Not mentioned here, but the Tenacious D smash hit "The Government Totally Sucks" is also totally verboten.

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Posted in: Former Yankees pitcher Irabu found dead in LA in apparent suicide See in context

Sad to see anyone get so desperate pacing around inside their own head to the point that they go through with it. Just reaching out, or even knowing that you can reach out, could make all the difference. RIP

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Phenomenonally bad artwork, but it's obviously an advertisement, and therefore the more eye-catching, the better. Not even really meant to actually drive around, but just sit there and do its job.

Why does anything American always have to be excessive?

Yes, because this garish ad clearly epitomizes absolutely everything about America. Anyone who lives there can tell you about entire freeways packed with literally no other vehicles except stretch Hummers, their single occupants (no one carpools) with a triple cheeseburger in one hand and a Desert Eagle in the other, shooting at their fellow ten-gallon hat-clad countrymen, or just simply firing into the smog-gray American sky in celebration of being not only alive, but being an Amurrican.

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Posted in: What to watch for when Japan-US play in WCup final See in context

@nandakandamanda.NO. In soccer the keeper is never alone but has 10 players before him(or her). The same is true for the Japanese keeper.

At some point in the match, the ball will fly high and true, far out of the reach of the players beneath, but certainly not as far out of reach as nanda's point flying over your head.

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

Whiskeysour - but didn't that singer blow his brains out a few years after recording that reggae classic? Or is that just an urban myth?

Urban myth, most definitely. Bobby McFerrin is alive and well.

Perhaps the Japanese could embrace Ernst Stavro Blofeld's concept of a "Garden of Death," a tranquil Japanese garden filled with a variety of poisonous flora and fauna, where they can end it all in peace. In the novel of You Only Live Twice, the suicide-mad locals were climbing over the walls to get in.

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Posted in: Alert: Terrorists look to implant bombs in humans See in context

I find it comforting that articles like this give great ideas to terrorists.

Staggeringly idiotic. Yes, if only this Associated Press article hadn't been published, terrorists never would have thought of it, despite the fact that the article itself is reporting the fact that terrorists are working on it. If you want to believe the story is meant only to scare up support for ever-intrusive airport security measures, fine, but to suggest that malefactors a world away are waiting for mainstream western media outlets to provide them with ideas is beyond brainless.

Perhaps if we can just find a way to block the terrorists' Internet connections and New York Times subscriptions, they'll simply give it all up, seeing as how the idea pipeline would be totally dry.

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