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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

It'x called a "Republic" not a democracy , Giant difference ! When you learn the difference you will also understand the " Electoral College" .How brilliant & how much foresight the "Founding Fathers" had. Perhaps then understand the American system and why only one America

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Posted in: It's important for companies to change ways employees work and create a worker-friendly environment in which age and sex don't matter. See in context

When do we get the "Rainbow"flag & transgender bathrooms Just saying ??

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Posted in: Kadena town residents are very angry...and some have even proposed the full removal of the base. Is that really beneficial for the security environment? See in context

@BertieWooster , U can't be more than 12 years old , read the history of Okinawa , proud people , suffered so much during the war, Thousands of Japanese & American lives were lost . Thank 'Buda' America was victorious. Open a History Book b/4 U open Ur mouth. Post like a "bilge "ninnyhammer" . But then again "can't fix stupid" like talking to a rock

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Posted in: Mayor opposed to U.S. base relocation in Okinawa to seek 3rd term See in context

Funny the minute NK, China , or any country that may attack or hurt the mainland , you're so gratefully the US Military are present.Please help me forgot did Japan attack Pearl Harbor or the US ships attack Japan ? just wondering

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Posted in: What do you think about parents who give their children names like Pikachu, Bakudan (bomb), Messiah and so on? See in context

think u call them ... :PMONT" don't kn how to spell it but believe it meancs "empty" head like Big Pepper ?

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Posted in: Assistant police inspector arrested for groping 15-year-old girl See in context

**Why couldn't she yell out ?

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Posted in: Huffington Post launches Japanese edition See in context

Just what Japan needs a LEFT WING (commie news ) paper fm the US . Research it yourself (do your own homework) .perhaps you may want to read a newspaper fm North Korea also

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Posted in: Okinawa gubernatorial election sure to show opposition to U.S. base See in context

Been here b/4 all last week , not going too say the same all over agn...the_sicilian says it all all the Libs "U can't fix STUPID" I hv many Family members there who all understand Y the Bases R there !!! take off the rose covered glasses see the real world . b/c of the POS we hv as pres. is Y this & other world dictors flexing discord ,

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Posted in: New edition of iconic book about NYC comes out See in context

One comment of the World Trade Center shame . WoW Obama time in the city , apartment Hmmm did it mention he shared wih Bill Ayres (cop killer & bomber radical ), smoking weed & doing blow ( facts admitted by him ).,,WORK HAHAHA NOT Phycial labor . getting hands dirty , wouldn't be able to serve coffe at Starbucks , Ahaa Columbia University one of the most liberal in the USA , well lets change history. Bloomberg , don't kn who wins the prize for the worst person to be in a leadership position ( obama will go down as the worst Pres. Bloomy as Mayor ), As guessed I'm former NYC resident . not looking 4 replies , no head-banging here . U kn Toyko . me the City

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