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tensaisg@yahoo.com comments

Posted in: U.S. auditors say $200 mil wasted on Iraqi police training See in context

more like 4 tillion wasted to hunt one guy. al qaeda is still roaring.

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Posted in: Bodies of mother, daughter found in Tokyo apartment See in context

this is the reality in Japan

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Posted in: Rakuten to launch e-reader, e-book service See in context

how much u want to bet this thing fails terribly

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Posted in: Google chief declares war on international criminals See in context

they better have enough security if they are going to take on the mafia dons

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Posted in: Mizuho to pay $127.5 million in SEC settlement See in context

before i used to look up to my banker friends now i think of them as piece of crap. made their money in backroom deals.

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Posted in: Massive anti-nuclear power rally held in Tokyo See in context

its goinmg to be a waste of time and useless rally. japan is totally dependant on nuclear power and this is a fact

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Posted in: Japan summons China envoy after patrol boats seen near isles See in context

japanese cant attack as per the agreement they signed with US. they can only defend.

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Posted in: 70-year-old woman robbed of Y43 million in telephone scam See in context

lmfaol an idiot wont be conned like this. in cash right!

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Posted in: New registration system for foreigners starts in Japan See in context

i frankly dont get it why people even bother going to japan. tax is at all time high and so many issues. i left japan 20 years ago the best decision i ever made.

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Posted in: Donors to pledge $15 bil at Tokyo Afghan meet See in context

lets print mor bonds!

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Posted in: Fukushima was 'man-made' disaster: Diet report See in context

lol man made?

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Posted in: 7-Elevens to use mini-cars for Japan home deliveries See in context

now people are going to get even lazier. the only walking they got was to combini

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Posted in: Aum spinoffs still out there, and as devious as ever See in context

frankly i dont see the problem ion the belief. ist the extra stuffs like murder and sarin attacks is what bothers me.

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Posted in: Osaka mayor's survey finds 10 education professionals with tattoos See in context

wow big deal!

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Posted in: Nomura CEO grilled over insider probe, but re-elected by shareholders See in context

grilled but elected i wonder how that tastes like

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Posted in: 8 restaurants robbed in one night in Saitama See in context

but 8 restaurants in one night by the same gang is awesome.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to back Y1 tril natural gas project See in context

y let print more of those JGBs

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Posted in: Pentagon officials try to reassure Japan over Osprey aircraft See in context

i told you guys just keep watching no protest going to stop the ospey. japan is practically a us slave

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Posted in: Osprey crashes fuel uproar in Japan See in context

these ospreys will come to japan just keep watching

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Posted in: Osprey crashes fuel uproar in Japan See in context

Japan and South Korea will always be a slave to the americans. the only 2 asian countries to allow US bases to operate even today in 20th century. war was over long time ago.

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Posted in: One dead, 52 injured in 15 prefectures after typhoon cuts across Honshu See in context

si8nce guchol is turmeric whats talim? why leave that one out?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for robbery, confesses to murder 7 years ago See in context

ms alexande go and search othe japanese news sites if u want moe details. let the news catch up. we dont know anything yet its under investigation

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Posted in: Japan's May trade deficit jumps on soaring energy costs See in context

go ahead keep listening to the ameicans and ull soon follow their doom. o u can just print more yen

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context

he is claiming he was physically tortured and mentally too

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Posted in: What do you think of some of the beverages sold in Japan? Seen anything really bizarre? See in context

great so many varieties

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Posted in: H&R Group See in context

he seems like a nice chap

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Posted in: Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs See in context

but this is normal in alot of villages in india. its hidden from outside news.

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Posted in: UK supermarket giant Tesco clinches Japan exit deal with Aeon See in context

smart move. better to go to other asian countries. japan is difficult to make $$ with 50% corporate tax its ridiculous why anyone would want to do business there

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: KFC Krushers and Kyary pamyu pamyu See in context

didnt want to make me drink single bit

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Posted in: Microsoft unveils Surface tablet to compete with Apple's iPad See in context

too late balmer!

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