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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda gets married for 3rd time See in context

she is one confused lady

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Posted in: Nepali man to leave Japan on Friday See in context

i hope he sues the government as soon as he gets a not guilty verdict. and i hope they find the real killer soon. this case smells more like a cover up. id be looking at the cops

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Posted in: Prosecutors in Nepali's case are 'sore losers' See in context

prosecutors and cops

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Posted in: 700 attend funeral for Prince Tomohito See in context

700 thats not much

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Posted in: 'Forced abortion' images cause uproar in China See in context

so self abortion is not murder?

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Posted in: Japan has evidence N Korea missile launchers came from China, media report See in context

so what its a missle lanucher big deal! japan is like the kid who narked on eveyone in school then ended up getting bullied. japan should focus on its own local issues. and exportexpert u cant impose trade sanctions on china. the world trade will collapse and u japanese will be running wild shortage of goods. easier said than doing it. think b4 u ink

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Posted in: Japan to develop drones to monitor radiation See in context

why dont they just install sensors. drones will be a waste of taxpayer money

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Posted in: What is the best way for the government to cut the smoking rate in Japan? See in context

50 bucks a pack will do the trick!

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Posted in: Gossip magazine claims Yuko Asano, Goro Tamiya secretly a couple See in context

she looked really hot in her young days. good for them !

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Posted in: Obama favored for reelection... in Japan and Europe See in context

Obama really. i think he wont make 2nd term. he'll have to falsify growth data to get re-elected

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man holds woman hostage for 2 hours on Osaka street See in context

this might become the new norm in japan soon

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Posted in: Shinonome Group See in context

best to open in singapore 1$ only and 7$ a month for registry. tax is much cheaper than japan too

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Posted in: Aum fugitive likely taking taxis to avoid security cameras, police say See in context

im sure alot of taxi drivers should know his face by now!

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Posted in: Deportation order issued against Nepali granted retrial in 1997 murder case See in context

im sure his lawyer will file a civil lawsuit in absentia

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Posted in: Japanese man climbs all world's tallest peaks See in context

very good accomplishment but im sure there are more than 30 people who climbed all of them

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Posted in: 1,324 Fukushima citizens file criminal complaint against TEPCO, gov't See in context

the entrire tepco board should be made criminal and civil lawsuit.

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