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Some were making comments on the traditional Bhutanese dress. And also comparing it to a mix of Chinese, Korean, Japanese constumes. Let me explain

The traditional dress is called Gho for men. It is required to be worn by us Bhutanese. The dress comes from the dress of Padhmasambava also called second Buddha. He was a monk from India who spread Buddhism to Tibet and Bhutan. In fact, Tibet would have never been Buddhist (and hence Mongolia never become Buddhist!) if not for Padhmasambava's persistence. The dress is similar to dresses from Tibet and older Indian costumes for Buddhist monks.

By the way welcome to the royal family from Japan. Yes Japan give us lot of assistance. I think next only to India. Most of Bhutan development due to assistance from India and Japan. We love Japan. But unfortunately recently too much China influence and land grab. China occupied a peaceful Tibet, nobody blinked an eye. It won't be long before they become powerful enough to defeat Indian protection for our country and take over us. Hope the world speaks up before that.

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