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@Supey11 I preferred to buy an old apartment for a very good price and spent almost as much to have it fully reformed to my size/liking. By my understanding, how much I'd received would depend on the aftermaths, but the keyword being "old", I'd receive like more or less 3M Yen at best if only my building was damaged. However, if half of my Ku gets wiped out, so will be my share on that. Mrkobayashi seems sure that he will receive as much in any case, but I think it's a cap. No offense, but I don't believe it's realistic to expect to get insurance companies to pay millions to millions of people. They might just go bankrupt in a huge disaster scenario. It was even said they would need to reimport so many Yens to Japan, that the global economy would go down (starting with Insurance companies selling their assets/stocks in the US to provide the cash). Let's hope the building technology will prevail. Regarding the mortgage, I'm not sure. But the seller had a mortgage on this apartment and I cannot forget that he was p!ssed because the loan lender was there, the day I paid, to collect his money. And the lender was served first. So I guess risks are not the same for some institutions. Well, I don't speak in the name of the promoters investment with minimal risk, but this is disaster country here. I think the culture is about accepting it, and "minimal" relates to the local definitions of "risk".

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@Urqinchina No so expensive actually. But the thing is, you probably get peanuts in case of a major disaster. There is a given amount of money prepared in that event by all the related insurance companies, then they divide it by the number of cases. Each may receive more or less depending on some criteria, but the total is fixed. I asked before. I subscribed anyway since that would pay the capsule hotel bill for 2-3 months, with luck.

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@cur1ouscat do you have a reference to that? I don't know yet of any discrimination between Japanese and holders of a PR permit, in the tax laws that is. Actually I didn't understand why you stated that foreigners are targeted. Did you mean non-residents of Japan? When I die, if there's a tax difference between a Japanese national and a foreign national, both residents of Japan, I'd like to know... Also, I do business related taxes on my own, in Japanese. Not so hard compared to the European legalese; that took some time but it's worth learning the jargon. Besides, tax accountants don't teach you how to save money by choosing the right options.

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Nuclear crisis lessons not learned. Me no buy real estate here anymore.

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