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Posted in: In your experience, which country is the safest to live in? See in context

Everything I've experienced tells me: Japan.

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Posted in: Japan plans to build moving giant Gundam robot See in context

Here's hoping it has some motion-tracking abilities... on you!

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Posted in: The decline of traditional Japanese tatami flooring See in context

I've loved tatami flooring since day one and even years later, I will always make sure my home has it.

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Posted in: Kanebo See in context

Why do people want to whiten their skin?!

In Japan, and much of Asia, if you have tanned skin this is traditionally associated with working under the sun outside in the fields and therefore being financially poor. Conversely, pale skin is associated with comparative wealth and success. There are other factors, but these are the foundations of the culture.

Of course the opposite applies in the UK, where a tan is traditionally associated with the wealth necessary to be able to holiday in hot, sunny countries (although these days a moderate tan is mostly perceived as a sign of "healthiness").

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Posted in: LED tatami floors take us to tea ceremony of the future See in context

Yet again, Japan seemlessly combines the traditional and futuristic.

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Posted in: Duchovny and Anderson say they want more 'X-Files' See in context

Just because the last movie wasn't so well received (though I liked it), that doesn't mean the next movie can't be good. Especially after what will be at least a six year break.

You really don't want to find out what else happens to these characters after all this time? Even the mediocre episodes of the series were better than 90% of tv shows out there.

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