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Posted in: New allegations against Ghosn concern payments to Saudi businessman See in context

Absolutely not the U.S., but I think there are a few that show some efforts in making society more humane in their judicial system.

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Continued questioning for weeks without the presence of a lawyer is against human rights! The prosecutors' intention is to break the spirit of the person being questioned, and force a confession to doing the crime. Japan is supposed to be a developed country, but log behind in human decency! What a shame!

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Posted in: Body of suicide jumper hurled by train into woman on platform See in context

The family must now pay for the train damages, psychological treatments of the train driver, the hospitalization of the young woman, etc. in addition to funeral expenses! The family of the man who committed suiicide is really in trouble. What a way to go!

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Posted in: Train driver says he can't remember overrunning platform by 220 meters See in context

The family must now pay for the damages of the train, hospitalization of the young woman, physchological treatment of the driver, etc. in addition to the funeral expenses. The family of the person who committed suicide is really in trouble!

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Posted in: Car driven by 83-year-old woman hits, kills man and woman See in context

The driver must have been distracted thinking of her husband's condition. It happened to me the other day. I almost hit another car in a crossing. I was so horrified to realize that I went through a red light because I was looking farther at the next traffic light, (which was green) missing to look at the traffic light in front of me. Thanks God my car stopped without hitting the other car in the middle of the crossing and there was no car coming from the right, otherwise I would have been killed! I don't think any driver, unless she or he is deranged would ran over a person or animal intentionally. So, sometimes it is the pedestrian's fault. I'm not saying that a mistake causing the deaths of two people is okay. What my experiences in the pasts proves that pedestrians are very negligent as well. People always have priority over motor vehicles, but sometimes this rule is abused by pedestrians and they seem to think that they're invincible! People seem not to think of the possibility of an accident or failure of the brakes when crossing roads or walking behind or in front of a vehicle, the engine of which is on.

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Posted in: Watch this Japanese man make intricate wooden boxes in the Hakone marquetry style See in context

Wow! It's impressive to see how a magical looking box is created by artistic skills, dedication, and industry!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to kill husband See in context

"...attempting to kill..." If she did, Mrs. Masuda wouldn't have stabbed her husband on the shoulder! And she wouldn't have called 119! The key is why? She was drunk, but not too drunk, and something the husband did or said must have triggered the violent action or reaction, maybe?

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Posted in: Ad publicly shames commuters in real-time for 'smartphone walking' in train station See in context

This is great!

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