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As stated previously, the number of Korean applicants surpassed the quota as much as 60 times in 1942. In fact, there were cases of Korean men committing suicide because they were not accepted. (1940 article) Hence, the term "willing" is an understatement.

What's the point ? they didn't served Republic of Korea but were all put under IJA and SERVED the emperor. Just like Japanese-American served under U.S and thus they were American. You don't see anyone go around and claim that "Japanese nationals served the U.S military during WWII"

A great number of various European nationals were also in the Waffen- SS which was under Hitler command not their respective exile governments

The fact is most of them were gang pressed into registering. Funny how Japanese application didn't have the "NO" option

Failing to taking the account that the Japanese rejected so many of those "application", i wonder why they didn't trust hundred of thousand Koreans with firing arms and assigned them in labor unit or guarding POW. Must be that if they did most of them would run off and joined Chinese guerrilla

We all see see how Japanese version of a "volunteer" in work when they created the INA.

Almost ridiculous that claiming Indian troops fought for India or Algerians troops fought for Algeria during WWII, when they served their respective colonial government or even that their compatriots supported the war

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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

The US Army report is well known among people who have examined this issue. Here, read it and laugh all you like.



Prisoners: 20 Korean Comfort Girls. Date of Capture: August 10, 1944. Date of Arrival: August 15, 1994 at Stockade

From the same site

The "comfort girls" came from lower classes in Korea. The way of life and work of them, was put on the table some years ago when feminist movements worked reported how the "Comfort Homes" and how these women were recruited. According to these feminist movements, women were virgins chosen to prevent disease from spreading to the troops with venereal diseases. They were transported to Japan under false pretenses and then raped at gunpoint and enslaved. They were forced to work daily to serve 100 men with no or very little pay. They had no freedom, worked in inappropriate places, unsanitary and medically underserved. If they tried to escape were killed. Those feminist organizations estimate that between 75 and 95% of these women were killed during the war.

Recently, the Japanese government apologized to Korea for their treatment of women. Many think that these apologies were forced by international pressure and internal, rather than because the Japanese government had the conviction that all the horrors that women's organizations presented as evidence, were cerdad. However, the case of the "comfort girls" Korean is a whole social movement that seems to end, even though women survivors who require financial compensation, very few.

The way these feminist groups described the "comfort houses" and their treatment of "comfort girls" in contrast to an interrogation made in 1945 when the first "comfort girls" were captured in Burma by U.S. troops . The sophisticated organization of the service of prostitutes was known for interrogation after the war and appears in the original articles in English and Castilian translation shown in the links at the bottom of the page.

Geeh, no wonder no one showed up to accusing the Japanese if they ended up dead

My dog ate my homework sounds more plausible than your reason above. Seriously. You're telling me that the Japanese government picked apart what was incriminating going through hundred of thousands if not close to million of pages as opposed to destroying EVERYTHING???? PLEEEZ

Yes, they had plenty of times before Allied forces arrived at Home Island


Accordingly to J-government no SYSTEMATICALLY abuse of Allied POW during the war, tough shit for the Japanese there plenty of Allied POW that would give a different story.

t's not "documented" that well at all Cletus. You could cite, for instance, the Dutch women case but those individuals were reprimanded by Japanese (which basically proves that as a policy, Japanese top did not approve of this misconduct)

uh-huh all the Dutch civilians were interned into concentration camps, 10% died. Of course the Japanese use men as slave labor and the women/teenager as sex slaves. The Japanese 'release" their sex slaves after the Dutch in the camp complained, if they didn't release them "alive", no one would "volunteer" for the next rape camp.

Japanese rape prevention policy at is finest, rape first then hide everything under the carpet.

J-soldier could only offering gang-rape, starvations or summary executions to everyone in Asia between 1942-45

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Russia should understand the Japanese, who still consider that the Russians betrayed them during World War II. They honestly did not attack Russia when Hitler's troops were near Moscow, allowing Stalin to redeploy fresh troops from the Far East. And they did not attack Russia in 1942, when Nazi troops were near the Volga and the Caucasus. Nonetheless,

Soviet kick the Japanese out of Mongolia in 1939, if they attacked in 1941, they Soviets would kicked their ass once against and stil transfer troops back to Moscow in times. Meanwhile the Japanese would starve to death beacuse of the trade embargo by 1942. The reason they invaded SEA to get rice, rubber and oil

The Russians could wait until all the Japanese troops freeze or starve to death during winter

The Russians sent the POW's to the gulag and death. This is a major difference once a Japanese POW was caught, processed and sent to camp they received fair treatment. About 25% of all Japanese were killed by the Russian in Gulag.

The Japanese treated Allied POWs and civilians the same way, in the english language "Taste of your own medicine"

Russia attacked a defeated Japan and Truman wanted more Japanese to die than was needed to win. Once the Allies would of won, Japan would of been forced to leave China and Korea. The Russian invasion was an unnecessary orgy of death and destruction. Russia murdered 381,000 Japanese POW's.

Yes, what did Japan do in China exactly ? unnecessary orgy of death and destruction over 8 years. How many Chinese POWs survived in Japanese hand ?

The Japanese used Russian POWs for Unit 731 experiment

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It's clearly a violation of the declaration Soviet Union which was part of the allies that force it upon Japan.

Any comments on that?>

Roosevelt promised all 4 island to the Soviet if they entered the war 3 months after Germany was defeated at Yalta,.

Soviet Union entered the war 88 days after Germany was defeated, they held their promise, the Western Allied have to keep theirs.

Soviet Union never signed Postdam Declaration when is was first went public, they never signed the San Francisco Treaty in 1951 either.

Soviet Union never participated in the occupation of home island.

FYI, the U.S could occupy Okinawa indefinitely.

Besides the Japanese administration control of the Islands in the Edo Period? Or how about The Treaty of Saint Petersburg? Without even forgetting the 17,000 Japanese civilians who were forced out by the Soviet Union.

Irrelevant, the Japanese took half of Sakhalin after the 1905 war, despite the 1875 treaty, in 1945 the Soviets took back the entire Sakhalin

Yes all the Japanese that was kicked of Korea and Manchuria now can claim back North/South Korea AND Manchuria

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Posted in: Former sex slaves hold 1,000th protest outside Japan's embassy in Seoul See in context

Read the Histories. The US forces DEMANDED that Japan provide Brothels, etc for their troops. They didn't care about the girls or where they came from or how they got there. Same was repeated in the Korea, Vietnam war, etc.>

Sigh, the Japanese sat up brothels BEFORE the U.S troops even landed, GHQ disbanded the "state sponsored" brothels in 1946

Japan dind't even have voting right for women back then, since when is Japan world leading propenent for women's right

The Japanese used state sponsored human trafficking program to prvoide sex slaves for the armed forces all over cross Asia, the result was high casuaties among those women because of disease or combat related death

As it has been done for centuries and millenia that is what I am saying, nothing more.>

The Japanese sat a new world record in raping prepubescent girls, even the Catholic Church would abhor,

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Posted in: Cruise missile blasts Gadhafi's compound near tent See in context

The Russians are mad that this shows their air defense equipment to be worthless garbage.

uh, huh are you unfamiliar with the Vietnam War, ask the North Vientmese and Americans opinion about Soviet made AA eqippment.

How did the arabs mangae to lose to Israel so many times despite superior numbers and Soviet made hardware and eqipment

I couldn't guess China's motives but Russia supplied most, if not all, of Kadafi's weapon system

Intresting I didn't know Ukraine or Belorussia happen to have stockpiles of Soviet era weapons

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Posted in: Japan hosts visit by 5 Australian World War II POWs See in context


China? Should be the other way around. The death rate of Japanese POWS in Chinese hands was a whopping 24%.

By the time WWII ended in 1945 Japan officially released *56 Chinese POW, and the Japanese was so extreme that the Allied dind't even consider to taking them as POW.

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Posted in: Muslims seek change in way Hollywood movies portray them See in context

uh-huh if you you check IMBD, quite many ISLAMIC terrorist or actually played by dark-skinned Israeli/Jewish actors with Mediterranean/Levant phenotype

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Posted in: Kan calls Medvedev's isle visit 'unforgivable outrage' See in context

"In fact,the Japanese-Soviet neutrality pact was valid until April 1946"

by 1945 all treaty conducted with the Axis power was useless (as the Munich Agreement), by march 1945 Soviet Union said that it woulnd't extneded the non-aggression pact. * The obligation to fulfill is part in the War against Japan on the behalf of the Western Allies

"Soviet is sneaky and anything 'halyavi'"

You mean they actucally declared War on 8th August and invaded on 9th August. But hey the Japanese styles, attack first declaring war later, just like Pearl Harbor 1941 or 1904-05 war.

"'. Probably they are trying to sell the islands that don't belong to them to get some money? They have done it before?"

Good ideas, they gave some lands back to the Chinese in 2004 (Ussuri), maybe selling them to Koreans or Chinese for the higgest bid in the furture

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Posted in: SAS to offer Internet onboard both short- and long-haul routes See in context

Broadband services aboard SAS flights will include full internet access

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