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Posted in: China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima See in context

“atomic bombings of Japan were of its own making”, Chinese Daily


The misery the Japanese people suffered during the war, including that endured by the survivors of atomic bombings, was because of Japanese militarism.

Fact speaks ugly, but it is true. Simply putting the title could be misleading emotionally.

However, my sympathies to all war victims, it is regardless of facts or nations.

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Posted in: Japan approves aid to foreign troops' non-military operations See in context

Playing on words, not convincing at all.

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Posted in: Abe says Japan will not restart nuclear plants unless safety is restored 100% See in context

Even though I'm a pro-nuclear guy (technology wise), Abe's statement now makes me skeptical whether he(or someone) has been thinking through how to establish the nuclear power chain IN JAPAN, "100% safe" just sounds like a false precondition for the whole thing, of course, I can take it as sorta "political polishing".

If today Abe's talking about how we could handle a nuclear power plant failure, in case a.b.c...Then I feel more convinced.

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Posted in: Fukushima water storage tanks flawed, workers say See in context

I feel so sorry for these workers, when will it be the end?

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Posted in: Abe says he is ready to be more assertive against China See in context

@Victory Nippon, you're so cute. Although I don't know what chucky really thinks, please don't take it as emotions towards a country or people. Not "talking bad", he's merely expressing his view on certain subjects, and the same for others who may have sharp voice. For instance, me, I don't like Abe's action, being upset with these right wingers, and not supporting Japanese government's move on the Islets issue, but I love Japanese people.

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Posted in: TEPCO says 4 tons of tainted rainwater leaked during transfer See in context

Crippled plants, contaminated water and radiated environment, all of them remind me of the Fallout series, thumb up if you have same image in your mind.

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Posted in: Japanese astronaut to command space station in March See in context

Anyone watch animation "Uchuu Kyoudai"(Space brother)? Thumb up if you like it too. This news simply remind me of it. Congrats anyways!

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Posted in: Over 80 Japanese nationalists approach disputed islands See in context

In today's Chinese press, this news is typeset with another news saying that Japanese cabinet councilor, Tomohiko Taniguchi, wishes to offer help for rescue tasks in the lately-happened earthquake in China. To be honest, it feels emotionally conflicting when I read both of them on one page. So, regardless of the asserting action itself, only speaking of the timing, I don't see the wise part of it.

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Posted in: Abe offers China quake help See in context

Good action! Japan!

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Posted in: Chinese military officials admit ship radar lock on Japanese detroyer See in context

Personally, "unnamed officials" sounds rather skeptical to me. Trying to be propaganda-resistant, so I just checked medias from both sides, and as ne-tiger mentioned, there's another different story on China side. For short, regardless of these media stuffs, Japan, why not give out a short proof you claimed to have, instead of telling me such a story with a lot of "uncertainty"?

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Posted in: Japan's message for G20: Abenomics is good for all See in context

As long as it's "X-nomics", it doesn't make sense.

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Posted in: U.S. says world can't afford crisis in Asian seas See in context

kurumazaka: actually Minello7 is somehow right, this world is more or less governed by economics, particularly speaking, by resource. If we human beings had already stepped into space era, with mature fusion technology and sufficient Tritium resource, who would care such an island on the earth. All kinds of "ownership", ''nationalism' are just what we see from the surface. By the way, according to your military-power-oriented thinking, China and Japan would have already started firing around the island.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs new energy plan but drops reference to nuclear-free target by 2030s See in context

Ann, I agree with you, Japan needs nuclear power, and it's a matter of administration. Though I'm not sure how Japan is developing nuclear science nowadays, I'm afraid these protests and opposing emotions would more or less slow this kind of research within Japan, and I feel bad for that. IMO, controllable nuclear power shall be the ultimate goal of all human beings, such as fusion. So there's a splendid way out there, Japanese people, please think it twice.

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Posted in: Having their say See in context

OssanAmerica, please either go to China or re-study "communism" before commenting. If you're still telling "Since they're a socialist society...", that's a joke. Both of them may not be what you think they are.

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