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Terrell Methvin comments

Posted in: Man arrested for making 8,000 calls to Tohoku Electric Power Co See in context

Interesting, there is much more to this story that is not in this story. Is this a responsible way to report news? Its a 1/2 story at best. It might be 1/3 or less of a story.

Questions, Did they ever connect the man to the correct department?

Did the department answer his questions?

What were his question?

What did he want?

What did they provide?

Who authorized the man to be arrested?

Was he detained or released?

Who is responsible for the problems the man was having?

Is the man mentally ill.

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Posted in: 2 remote Hokkaido towns seek to host nuclear waste storage site See in context

You guys need to do a bit research. Those materials can be safely stored deep underground in bedrock with substantial concrete to cap it off. There is essentially no harm at the surface at all, ok .000000009 chance of some random proton making it through all that material hitting the last brain cell you have left and killing you. Think about our core and think about our sun then think about how deep we can drill. Now think about how many vacant islands there are in the pacific.

There are many ways this can be safe, just like covid, hurricanes, climent "intentionally misspelled" change all of it is just the same. The media is always looking for drama. They think its there job is to entertain you with an exciting story. They are stupid worse than that the media thinks they are smarted than you. Wake Up!

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Posted in: A-bomb survivor keeps up fight for nuclear disarmament See in context

I am saddened to see comments like "Evil America". I ask that those people judge the situation at the end of WWII. If American was truly evil they would have killed or enslaved all of Japan, they had the power. Remember what the Japanese politicians did and said they would do. Now look back and see what the US has done for Japan. I never hear any negative comments about the Japanese in the US. We really do love you guys and we want the best for you. We were sick about having to drop those bombs we did not want to do it. We work very hard to protect the world form that kind of situation ever happening again.

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