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Posted in: Nissan ordered to pay ¥2.4 bil fine over Ghosn pay scandal See in context

The blame should always stop with the head of the corporation in this sort of problem.

Either Carlos knew and allowed and benefited himself too along with HUGE benefits like company paid for multiple mansion houses, multiple jets, lavish private functions etc etc...

Or he knew nothing about any of this and was grossly incompetent.. Really? Have you ever seen him speak in public? He tries to dominate everyone.

He's guilty no matter what way you put it.

He's even trying to dictate his crimes trial... "Errrr Yea, I'll stand trial but not in Japan cos I think that Japan has rules I don't like"

But he lived there long enough to know what goes on.. He knew the consequences of breaking the law in THAT country... But decided to break it anyway and got caught... Well tough doodoo... As a CEO he'd of said exactly the same thing to anyone of his employees before he got caught... If I'd of stole parts from Nissan he as CEO would use all the power of the law IN THAT COUNTRY where the crime occurred to prosecute... Well now the boots on the other foot... Carlos is to blame in one way or another and he is too scared and feable to face his own fate he created. He let happen and he covered up. Greedy people get caught eventually. One way or another. Just he's too scared to pay the fine.

Not got enough money? Look it up how much he raked in in buckets. Staggering.

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