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Posted in: Gov't proposes extra measures to deal with Fukushima water See in context

i have a stupid idea, lets build an ice wall to stop the spread of radioactively heated water, desperate smart idiots

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Posted in: Melon and mayonnaise, anyone? See in context

i had lobster with a melon mayonnaise sauce in a chinese resturant in nyc many years ago and have been looking for it ever since, it was so good

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Posted in: Power harassment exposes dark side of 'kizuna' See in context

sounds like versions of high school dynamics carried into the corperate world. and you have to ask why i never wanted to be an executroid.

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Posted in: City in Shizuoka starts test incineration of tsunami debris See in context

instead of burning debris, they should be looking into recycleing and creative reuse of materials

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Posted in: Scientists report breakthrough in seaweed biofuel See in context

whats wrong with a e coli factory in your town, you have one in your stomach and that usually works out benefically to our species

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