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Terry Tibbs comments

Posted in: Teacher who sat for anthem deserved pay cut: Japan court See in context

I made a new acronym. TANIM. Terrible ancient-minded imperialistic nationalism.

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Posted in: Here’s why you’ll never want to hit a hole-in-one in Japan See in context

Absolutely absurd. It should be that the person lucky enough to score a hole-in-one should be rewarded by his peers not the other way around!

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Posted in: Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet See in context

Do not like conflict but I am a sucker for military aircraft. This looks amazing.

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Posted in: Boat washed ashore in Oregon may be from Japan tsunami See in context

Moderator the article says in 2012, a massive, 20 metre long dock... Shouldn't it be in 2011? Could be wrong though. Cheers for continuing the free news service nevertheless.

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Posted in: M5.6 earthquake rocks Kanto region See in context

Felt it 7 stories up in the Mitaka area. Few small items knocked over nothing serious. Emergency kit by the front door ready though!

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Posted in: Nagano onsen welcomes foreigners with tattoos, as long as they patch ’em up See in context

Funny thing is I have my whole shoulder and arm done full color and I Just got back from an onsen tour of the Izu peninsula. Not a single problem with my tattoo. Chatted to locals countless times in numerous onsens all over Japan. I guess it helps that I speak Japanese and also could just depend on how you conduct yourself and interact with people. Perhaps if I had a face or a neck tattoo the circumstances may have been different.

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Posted in: Mickey men: All-male trips to Tokyo Disneyland popular See in context

Love theme parks good on them! Would have chosen Fuji kyu or Nagashima onsen over Disney though!

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Posted in: Contaminated water leaks from container at Fukushima plant See in context

I wonder if anyone has made a proper website dedicated to showing a visual timeline of errors and mishaps at the Fukushima daichi plant? If so it must be getting pretty long now!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd claims Japanese whalers attacked its vessels See in context

Both the Sea Shepherd and the Japanese whalers can sink to the bottom of the Antarctic ocean for all I care. Since I arrived in 2010, every year it's the same old BS from both parties.

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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context

@ Saketown nailed it! I studied Japanese in Kyoto for half a year and there were heaps of Chinese students who loved Japan I know there are lots that do. Just the crummy Chinese and Japanese governments popping off at the mouth.

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Posted in: Teacher faces charges for giving colleague pastry laced with powerful sedative See in context

She was better off kicking her in the minge.

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Posted in: M5.5 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami warning issued See in context

Wow its amazing how eastern Japan and Tokyo usually get a shaking and here in Kansai regular quakes that are felt are scarce.

Let us all pray this does not occur when they are in the process of removing the fuel rods from the number 4 reactor in a couple of weeks. Any above average shake whilst craning them out could make any water leaks over the past few months look silly. Soil liquefaction either directly under the crane itself or elsewhere near the number four reactor building could also spell big trouble. The building of number four reactor is also structurally unsound and experts both in Japan and worldwide agree that it is unable to withstand another large quake and tsunami event. I do not believe in scaremongering but these are the facts and there are many other issues at the plant. Got my passport and gear at the ready!

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Posted in: What would it take to convince you that seafood, rice and other food products from Fukushima Prefecture are safe to consume? See in context

What would it take to convince you that seafood, rice and other food products from Fukushima Prefecture are safe to consume?

The answer to your question JT is nothing. I simply will not knowingly ingest any food from Fukushima be it from the land or sea.


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Posted in: Windy city See in context

Same every year! Trying to protect themselves on a typhoon with mere umbrellas!!

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Posted in: Motegi, TEPCO chief pledge action on Fukushima water leak See in context

Most of the water is thought to have seeped into the ground, but some may have entered the sea through a rainwater gutter, it said.

Why do they keep saying "seeped into the ground" as if that were the end of it. The radioactive water that has seeped into the ground has not vanished. It has joined the other radioactive groundwater flowing out to sea, or it will next time there's a nice storm.

Farmboy totally agree! Due to high ocean surface temperatures the JMA said this morning that typhoons that may hurl toward Japan will be traveling with more force and velocity on a more northward track than previous years. Here's hoping one doesn't thrash it's way up tier the plant!

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Posted in: Shimane school board bows to outcry, drops curbs on anti-war comic See in context

Excellent. No amount of whitewashing campaigns can stop descendants of the race which was responsible for instigating the war, from speaking the truth so future generations can learn and live in harmony.

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Posted in: Even if Japan called in experts from overseas to help deal with the Fukushima nuclear crisis, realistically, what could they do that has not already been attempted? See in context

Well that would be the point of bring in foreign experts wouldn't it? Maybe nothing, but maybe they could provide solutions TEPCO and the Japanese Government don't have.

Exactly. Have to at least open your ears to advice and possible solutions from everyone who is knowledgable.

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Posted in: Go Tokyo See in context

I must agree with an above post the logo looks great! It would be awesome if Japan can have these games as it would help the economy but "it would be most regrettable" if they don't spend money on getting people out of temporary houses and fixing Fukushima Daiichi first.

Even if they do approve the Tokyo bid, eventually the media worldwide will place more of a spotlight on Fukushima Daiichi leaks and problems and the effects it may have on athletes. Either way I believe it's a win win situation because you have the athletes etc concerned about radiation if they win, and Japanese government old boys will throw a tantrum and finally realize that they need to focus more on stabilizing the nuclear issue before it gets out of hand.

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog says TEPCO failed to properly monitor tanks See in context

Does anyone have a second home in Hawaii they are willing to sell or lease out?

Such a beautiful place will be one of the first places worldwide to cop the flow of radiation from a large outpour at Fukushima if they don't do something soon ( which seems highly unlikely as the elements of nature are against them).

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Posted in: Radioactive water from Fukushima plant may have reached sea See in context

@Farmboy funny post but I think he or she is referring to the tiny little separate issue of contaminated groundwater flowing into the pacific over the containment wall at a rate of over 300 tonnes per day.

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Posted in: TEPCO starts pumping out toxic groundwater from Fukushima plant See in context

Then Tepco should dig more holes. way more holes.

And then jump into them never again to resurface!

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Posted in: Gov't says Fukushima plant leaking 300 tons of toxic water into sea daily See in context

Abe can call for "swift and steady measures" all he wants until the cows come home but its futile. Whatever arises from their actions will be too little too late. In part this slow government response regarding the groundwater three weeks from a disaster will be thanks to the japanese public who have swept the disaster under the rug without taking proactive steps and raising their voice against the government to spur action. It's extremely frustrating because this is no longer Japan's problem but the entire globes.

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Posted in: 87 fans treated after storm hits outdoor concert See in context

It's just a bit of rain! Bloody panic over here over a bit of drizzle!

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Posted in: Abe win may mean big reforms will lose out See in context

Ignorance is bliss and Abe is a happy pig in a pile of garbage! People here are too easily led astray and old right-wing nationalist populace that will not perish persists to pull all strings. Japan is doomed.

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Posted in: Kan sues Abe for defamation over Fukushima comments See in context

Kan not being Prime Minister and Abe being the Prime Minister signifies that Japan is doomed. The people are sheep plain and simple and are that easy to convince its ridiculous. Kan deserves retribution and although I personally think most Japanese politicians are useless wastes of air, Kan's voice needs to be heard.

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Posted in: Korean group working to subvert Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid See in context

I noticed during my time in Korea and even more so in Japan, it's almost always a group of men who galavant about spouting verbal crap and not so women in society. I'm sure there are plenty of xenophobic Asian women out there but I'm quite sure the insecure men far outweigh them. Back on topic though, aside from Japan not deserving hosting the Olympics in my opinion, how pathetic do you have to be to protest like a bunch of four year olds to hamper their bid? I'm sure the IOC will make up their minds by themselves. (whether or not Abe will offer the committee bribes beside the point!)

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Posted in: Ex-yakuza member arrested for murder committed 16 years ago See in context

Statute of limitations was abolished in murder cases in 2010.

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Posted in: TEPCO admits radioactive cesium in water flowing into Fukushima plant See in context

"It is regrettable" that TEPCO is handling the whole situation at all.

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Posted in: Follow the leader See in context

The person behind Abe looks as if he is impregnating him!

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Posted in: Japan offers nuclear help to Saudi Arabia to free up oil See in context

This headline made me chuckle. You have to be kidding me right? What an absolute joke.

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