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Posted in: Abe to become Japan's 7th PM in 6 years after landslide LDP win See in context

Yuri your country is doomed. Suck it up princess. I live here and take the best out of this country but I learned as a foreigner its futile to even suggest what you think because our opinion does not matter. I'l just sit back and watch you sheep jump off the cliff one by one and eat my popcorn because as someone just stated, its best to have your eggs in multiple baskets in this country and abroad.

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Posted in: This is how the revolution will start in Japan - with 'Good morning' See in context

Excellent story. I had a similar experience with an old man in Kyoto a few months ago. Smiling can open doors your life you would have never thought existed and simple morning greetings can make all the difference to someone's day.

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Posted in: Cartoon bird warns Fukushima children of radiation See in context

Absolutely appalling. Wasting tax payers money on futile attempts to keep the children safe by gargling water and washing their hands.

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Posted in: Japan 'stole' our islands, Chinese foreign minister tells U.N. See in context

Useless... I say a janken tournament or that Jenga game to settle. Or better yet, AKB48 naked in a shallow pool of jelly versus a Chinese team of models. They would have to eat the jelly off... ok I'm just glad it's Friday.

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Posted in: U.S. concerned over anti-Japan protests in China See in context

Ripping off the flag is childish however I believe it's a fundamental rule that flying a country's flag in another country especially when the country has not apoligised for past occurrences, is just plain rude. Perhaps have the Chinese flag above it just to show some respect that you are in their country. We had an instance back home in Aus where a German-Australian would only fly a German flag on his porch which was situated next to a WW2 cemetery. In the end he put up the Aus flag above the German flag and even the war vets were happy. Of course this is a bunch of hyperactive apes protesting and doing things without thinking hampering any potential progress for solidification of stability between the two countries.

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Posted in: Japanese nationalists set sail for disputed islands See in context

Always the same pathetic news.

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I'm sure if they had have fled then Japan would be doomed. They should release ALL the footage unedited as Naoto Kan openly suggested.

Yesterday evening there was a shallow "low scale 5" earthquake measured right next to Fukushima plant yet the JMA have released data claiming that the immediate surrounding areas were shindo scale 1-2 earthquakes including the location of the Daichi power plant. They continuously lie to the people.

Check the link below.


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Posted in: Interpol issues arrest notice for Sea Shepherd founder Watson See in context

so easily*

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Posted in: Interpol issues arrest notice for Sea Shepherd founder Watson See in context

Yubaru , Japan have already come out and openly stated that they sought the extradition of Watson after consulting Germany so he had good reason to fear it.. Don't like Watson at all but I don't like the way countries can extradite people from other countries do easily either.

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Kan is a hero.

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Posted in: Casio electronic dictionary See in context

Sorry, smart phones will take the cake and eat it so to speak.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats Brazil 2-0 to advance to Olympic soccer semifinals See in context

Excellent work!

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson says Japan after revenge See in context

Robert RooAUG. 01, 2012 - 03:22PM JST Maybe they found a loophole, but that's STILL WITHIN THE LAW. Change the law, close the loophole, and see if Watson finally goes away. Exactly what they should have done at the iwf then they could have stopped all this nonsence from the start but for some reason they will not? Japan should have more honour than to exploit an obvious loophole anyways.

Precisely. Japan found a loophole but they are still operating within the law. Sea shepherd need to resort to diplomatic measures before galavanting around throwing rancid butter and the like. I'm not for whaling nor am I against it but at least (when not inside the Australian EEZ) Japan is still operating inside the law.

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Posted in: Completion of Hamaoka plant tsunami seawall delayed See in context

Cletus It appears that your priorities are completely messed up. The reason why I mentioned the coast line sea wall is because another poster mentioned about "foresight" and how the operators of TEPCO failed to see that. Then, my response was, what about the residents of the coast line? Did they not have the "foresight" to prevent a tsunami disaster? If so, it appears that they took it lightly just as TEPCO did. But the difference here is that residents along the coast line will result in IMMEDIATE fatality as shown throughout history, while the NPP does not as you mentioned evacuation, image, and cleanup. So by simple logic, shouldn't the former have HIGHER standards than that of the latter?

I think what Cletus is saying might not be so much referring to immediate fatalities (which will happen regardless) I think he is referring to the release of more strontium 90 and cesium into the atmosphere close to Tokyo, a city with over 13 million inhabitants (not including Yokohama and surrounds).

I think Japan can and should have some nuclear plants, but this Hamaoka plant and the Oi plant in Fukui sit on top of fault lines and should be decommissioned immediately.

There should be no evacuation, image and clean up regarding a the NNP in Hamaoka because it shouldn't even exist in the first place.

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Posted in: Seismologists warn gov't against restarting nuclear reactors See in context

@ VicMOsaka,

You're hella off topic but...The Tohuku earthquake had an epicenter which was not only 32 km deep, but was situated approximately 70 km off the coast in the ocean. 70 km is quite a fair way offshore and many buildings DID actually receive damage from the quakes. As a qualified builder I can also testify that many houses built after 1997 here are an extremely earthquake resistant masterpiece thanks to the stringent Japanese building standards made law after the Kobe quake, therefore not every building will crumble like in Christchurch, New Zealand. Think about it... Epicenter is 9 and in the immediate 20 km area after, magnitude 8.5 gradually reducing to around a 7 off the nearest coast in Fukushima.

Back on topic, unfortunately money is more of a concern for the politicians to take notice of the seismologists claims, and the general public too mild to uprise and take action to protest against such decisions.

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Posted in: Seafood caught off Fukushima goes on sale for first time since disaster See in context


This is a hectic read indeed.

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Utrack the attack upon Pearl Harbor was from military aircraft flying against military targets. 911 was the use of hijacked civilian airliners against civilian targets.

Yabaru, yes the Americans "took care of us", you really believe that right? The "brave" Americans just blindly fired and killed civilians as often as military. After all they are just *****, the Americans did not believe we were humans. This kept up after the war and into my youth years. Anything done for the Okinawa was an after thought. I mean everything which even includes food and medicine. The Americans who invaded my home were pigs. The Americans that occupied our home were no better. God alone knows how many they killed during and after the war. Jesus may forgive them but I will not. You have no ideal of what it was like to be alive during the American administration. If there is justice they will go to hades.

The Japanese troops were no good as well but that will NEVER excuse the American war criminal.

Yuri, it is very sad for the people of Okinawa being dragged into the war which was started by their mainland Japan. Unfortunately during the spoils of war, many innocent blood is shed and that Im afraid, simply goes with the territory. The Japanese army did just as many things if not worse during their occupation of many countries throughout asia in particular Nanking, China. If you consider yourself a JAPANESE person, then you must understand that it was YOUR country that waged the war against the world in the first place and you must understand that every action has a consequence, plain and simple. I have no grudge against Japanese people as todays population are different in mind and values from those that waged war in the past, and I cannot understand your pain growing up during the occupation by American forces, however you must in the end ultimately realize the only reason America was there in the first place is because it was YOUR COUNTRY that waged war upon them and many other innocent countries throughout the pacific in the first place. Truth hurts and thats the way the cookie crumbles.

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Posted in: One dead, 52 injured in 15 prefectures after typhoon cuts across Honshu See in context

I live in Kyoto and it looks like there is a small possibility we might get a nice little visit. Just can't wait to see the news reports with those twits running around trying to use an umbrella in torrential rain and gale force winds.

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It may very well be a crackpot hypothesis, however there is some data gathered thats suggests a relation between lunar eclipses and the altering of tidal/gravitational forces aiding the triggering of large magnitude earthquakes.

Here are some links which make interesting reading however it is up to you to decide whether it is pure nonsense or not.


Spreadsheet data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Avj6d6nLwrEbdEY4SU1Gb2hpUmNBTXphLVU1cDNQYUE#gid=0


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Absolutely disgraceful. The Japanese trait of the people traditionally not going against the grain of government decisions, prevent and render the road to prosperity and recovery virtually useless.

We have the tax rises, and in the end will have pay for this aid spending. Money which Japan cannot afford to spend as the country is in debt. Politicians continue to line their pockets and many Tohuku people continue to struggle.

Why hasn't this money been churned into the successful allocation of debris and the ongoing nuclear power plant problems? And while decisions such as these are made, more importantly WHY aren't the people using their voices and able power to do something about it? The Japanese people have always been a proud race and place an enormous emphasis on honor. Where is the honor of abandoning your fellow citizens in their time of need?

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Posted in: Ozawa again criticizes Noda over consumption tax bill See in context

@ Minello7: There are are 30 million smokers in Japan. Some smokers consume more than one pack a day but for the heck of it let's say they each buy a pack a day. The cigarette tax here in Japan is one of the lowest in the world. Add 150 yen per pack in tax, multiply that by 30,000,000 , and 356 days in a year, and come back and type in a comment how much money in revenue the government can make in one year. Instead of placing the tax on essential items required to survive, it should at least be considered that cancer sticks be taxed first.

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Posted in: 259 citizens file suit to block restart of reactors in Fukui See in context

sakuralaMAR. 12, 2012 - 04:05PM JST I should also add, that if that plant were to have a meltdown, there is a very good chance that it would pollute the largest lake in Japan. The water from this lake is used for a large chunk or agriculture and manufactoring which if tainted, would have a large-scale affect on Japan's food and economy.

Absolutely. Nearly every prefecture surrounding lake Biwako receives it's water supply from it. Contamination could be catastrophic. Unfortunately there will always be a threat from nuclear plants as this country is the most seismically active in the ring of fire and has many nuclear plants providing energy. A double edged sword as Japan receives 50% of its energy from nuclear power and relies upon it heavily. I believe there is never a better time then now for Japan to begin decommissioning the most "at risk" plants and look for other ways to harness energy. The downside however, is it takes a very long time to fully decommission one plant, let alone many of them and there simply are not alternative energy sources that fulfill its large consumption needs.

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Posted in: China complains to Japan over Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

The Mayor denying that the event never took place is appalling and an absolute disgrace. HOWEVER It is wrong to generalize and use the word "Japan" as this article is only the statement of this nitwit imbecile of a over-nationalistic mayor. (Although I do not doubt there are many in denial)

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Posted in: Do you consider the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd to be eco-terrorists? See in context

They are eco-terrorists tarnishing the reputation of decent, law abiding Australian people abroad. Brandishing a pirate flag, they resort to extreme, unjust measures in their quest to protect the ocean equivalent of a large herd of cows. They are also culturally insensitive of Japan and its traditions regarding whaling, which has spanned hundreds of years. They also draw their main support (not all) from racist, uneducated "believe everything in the media" cowboy Australians mostly from the Byron bay area and use the people power primarily consisting of bogan, beer swindling, pirates to achieve beyond childish stunts such as boarding of vessels in protest and hurling rancid butter at the whaling fleet. I am not for whaling, or against it for that matter, but they have suicide bombed the public perception of Australians who live abroad as a raving pack of lawless lowlife louts.

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....and you DARE to propose what Australians THINK??????

Australia is a free country is it not? Freedom to speak ones own right and thoughts. So, from one Australian to another, lets be tolerant of other peoples beliefs, culture and thought processes regardless of where they come from without looking like a clown dragging down the rest of us. Lets stick to the topic at hand here, boarding the Japanese ship. It is illegal. Japan found a loophole to whale in the legal system and are exploiting it. So what? Boarding another vessel is straight out piracy mate, and its not on. Australia has taken them to court so let justice run its course.

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I am not for whaling or against it either, however it is absolutely outrageous and uncalled for jumping onto the Japanese vessel in protest. Australian government has taken the Japanese whaling commission to court so they so just bloody well leave the whalers alone until justice has taken course. I am an Australian citizen but am disgusted with such ridiculous actions. SS were also refused entry into Fremantle port (Aus) for not taking down their pirate flag when asked to... how pathetic. They should be fortunate that the Japanese didn't shoot them dead in self defense because If I am correct, a vessel is equivalent to ones own premises.

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Whilst I personally believe this man to be a waste of sperm and precious air we breathe, After reading the article, I think this time he has actually conjured up something useful in his nationalistic, scrambled egg for a Nihonjinrin cranium.

This is exactly what Japan has to do in order to counteract China and bolster up the countries defense.

However is this were to happen, China would immediately cease all trade with Japan including much needed rare earths that are a key component in creating electronic goods, microchips and many other goods which, when combined, form the main pillar of Japanese economic growth.

Perhaps China is thinking the same way in relation to the islands. Aside from gas fields and natural resources surrounding them, China see the Senkaku islands as a stepping stone in order to build a base and encircle Taiwan which is most definitely in its sights in the near future.

My view of Ishihara has shifted dramatically after reading this, and truly hope the governing party considers something like this in the near future.

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Absolutely shocking. BABY POWDER. Below the limit or not, no parent is going to fee their baby tainted powder knowingly. On the flip side it is honorable by Meiji to check, announce and recall their produce. If the powder was tainted 200 km from the plant, then this only reinforces my hardened resolve not to consume anything from the tofuku region.unfortunately, I think we have all eaten the radiation in small doses at least.

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As the world increases its security around train holding yards to prevent acts of vandalism and potential terrorism, Japan's train yards remain a walk in the park for graffiti vandals worldwide to exploit and deface at will. I can jump half of the fences (which many have no barbed wire I have observed) into the holding yards here and strap a bomb underneath any train carriage, walk away and no one would be none the wiser.

Japan desperately needs to beef up its security for its transit system quick smart because all the useless finger print scanning, alien card checks and immigration "security checks" are doing absolutely nothing to prevent attacks of vandalism on its train lines.

Japan is known as the "holy grail of asia" for these graffiti vandals and the government needs to save face by beefing up the security before another London bombings style attack happens here in Japan, giving the population something to be concerned about in addition to the economy, Natural disaster recovery, and other important issues THAT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN PREVENT UNLIKE THIS PROBLEM!!!!

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Posted in: LDP leader considers censure motion against Noda over TPP decision See in context

instead of*

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