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Posted in: Global markets plunge as Britain votes to leave EU See in context

As much as I dislike the way this went, I think njca4 nailed it why so many did vote to leave:

We voted NO to the open-door immigration policy of the EU. Simple.

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Posted in: Some handy phrases so you can speak the Kansai dialect See in context

I don't live in Osaka, but my friend from Osaka uses せやな (same meaning as そうだな) every time I meet him.

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Posted in: Do you think Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should visit Pearl Harbor to reciprocate for President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima? See in context

Japan didn't drop a nuclear weapon on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima are not nearly in the same category. Pearl harbor wasn't obliterated by a nuclear weapon and Obamas visit and speech were related to that- the abolishment of nuclear weapons (despite the irony of the US holding the largest storage of nuclear weapons in the world...).

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Posted in: Cool Biz fashion season begins across Japan See in context

In my office the aircon/heater is fixed at 26C year round. The old ladies complain it's cold year round too. I'd prefer it fixed at 22-23C year round and humidity around 60%. Those who are cold can always put a jacket or cardigan on.

Regarding office wear, just ditch the tie when it's hot. Short sleeve shirts make you skinny-armed guys look like highschool boys (unless you're going for that look?)... and wear an undershirt, especially in summer... nobody wants to see your nipples or hairy armpits!

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Posted in: Anyone for sushi? See in context

It's not a bad sushi chain, but I prefer 梅丘寿司の美登利. Regarding the pronunciation of sushi in English and Japanese, it's pretty much identical. (Su)shi is su like in Susan. You people are overthinking this one I think!

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Posted in: Tobacco firms lose UK court bid to stop standard packaging See in context

@Cleo I couldn't agree more, and although I despise people who selfishly smoke next to other people, especially in restaurants, it's still their freedom to do so unfortunately.

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Posted in: Gap to close 75 stores outside North America, including all 53 Old Navy stores in Japan See in context

GAP stores aren't being closed in Japan according to the article, just the Old Navy stores.

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Posted in: 7-month-old baby killed after mother knocked off bicycle by car See in context

Sad news, but it seems the mother was entirely to blame for her decision to move out into traffic between parked cars.

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Posted in: Consumer prices, household spending fall in March See in context

Until salaries are increased, I don't really see how this is unexpected.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 3 people outside Tochigi convenience store See in context

Nice job on the truck driver after being stabbed still managed to stop the idiot. The women may have died if it wasn't for his intervention!

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Posted in: Backlash as Japanese police tweet warns women to not ride elevators alone with men See in context

If a person who enters the elevator attempts anything (rape, robbery, assault etc) you should slide your hand over all the floor buttons so it stops at each floor.

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Posted in: Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes See in context

@BuBuBu That's exactly what I was thinking.

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Posted in: Chimp flees Sendai zoo; caught after falling from power pole See in context

Video can be found here: http://nyti.ms/23yD7XQ

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Posted in: Gov't encouraging hot springs to ease tattoo restrictions See in context

I personally wouldn't have any issue sharing an onsen with tattooed Yakuza... the ones I've met never had any issues and were pleasant and even friendly to me.

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Posted in: No electricity required for this elegant natural humidifier See in context

Or you can hang up a wet towel for the same effect and save yourself 7,000yen...

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' sets record pre-sales in UK See in context

This will be the biggest-grossing movie to date.

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Posted in: This high school girl is incredibly popular online, but can you guess what her secret is? See in context

No uncanny valley yet. Spotted that before I even read the article title.

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Posted in: Wearable tech market bursting at the seams: survey See in context

...led by Apple Watch?

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Posted in: Man tells girlfriend to sell her organs to pay him Y1.5 mil See in context


Exactly my point. All the comments here are very one sided. Nobody knows what actually happened.

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Posted in: Man tells girlfriend to sell her organs to pay him Y1.5 mil See in context

Who is to say the woman didn't fabricate some or all "facts" in this story.

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Posted in: Murder victim had pieces of man's skin under her fingernails, police say See in context

I don't know about anyone else, but if I heard a woman screaming for her life, I'd be running in her direction to help not hiding away. It's basic instinct to defend those in difficulty, especially women. The repercussions and questions I would get from the police would be the last thing on my mind at that time. As dsanjo says above, call the police. Nothing bad will come if it and it's why they are there. Hope the killer can be found soon.

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Posted in: Woman, backing car out of garage, hits and kills 2-year-old daughter See in context

Sad news indeed. I'm surprised more incidents like this don't happen though... Japanese seem lost ion the clouds a lot of the time and seem to have terrible spacial awareness. This is something that should be on every driving test!

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Posted in: Japan posts photos of Chinese platforms in East China Sea See in context

...agreement to develop natural resources...

Wait, what? Sticking a lump of metal in the ocean and drilling into the earth is classified as developing natural resources?

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Posted in: Revised law banning child porn possession goes into effect See in context

About damn time!

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Posted in: Man gets 22 years for hit-and-run deaths of 3 women in Otaru See in context

This is really unpleasant to read, but I'm glad he got a decent sentence for it.

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Posted in: Invention most Japanese are proud of is instant ramen See in context

The Japanese were the first to invent (synthesize) Methamphetamine.

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Posted in: 'Back to the Future' hoverboard comes to life from Lexus See in context

Publicity stunt.

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Posted in: The gun control debate: Do you support the right of citizens to own and bear firearms? See in context

No. Why do we even need guns? They have zero purpose in the advancement of human society.

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Posted in: Mega-important debate: Do you shower before work or before bed? See in context

Both. Plus once after the gym. In winter I may skip the morning shower if I didn't sweat at night.

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