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In the Philippines, still today, elementary and high school students clean their schools and do the gardening. No janitors. We also clean the streets in front of our houses or small stores. Big businesses don't do it though. We must have gotten this from the Japanese during WWII when they occupied Philippines for 4 years. But Japanese are exceptionally clean, polite and hard working people. I wish Filipinos are like that.

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To divulge a state security information to another state is treason. But to have a bill that takes away the citizen's democratic rights is another. Japanese or not, this should not be allowed. Though, on the surface, this issue in Japan is not the same as the heated issue in United States, the right to bear arm. In a way, it is. Both takes away a citizen's democratic rights. For more than twenty years, I grew under a martial law. I could not help see telltale of repression in both countries, going to happen, if people would not stand up for their inherent rights.

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You mean to tell me Japanese people actually protest and speak out publicly against things, which contradicts the stereotype of "all" Japanese as being an unthinking mass of brainwashed sheeple afraid to go against the grain?

You are not Asian, right? Most of them are not really that way. Their culture is very very different to the west but they are not what the western thinks. Most Asian act slow... very slow, especially in politics. I don't know why. I have lived in both hemisphere and I can say that Asians are more into spirituality while the Western are into applications, "practical" stuff.

My apologies if I have not explain myself clearly.

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