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Tessa comments

Posted in: Tokyo wedding chapel lets fans marry their VR anime girl crushes See in context

Hey, at least they are marrying somebody/something else.


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Posted in: Carp cover See in context

Awesome photo. I'm loving walking along the waterways and seeing the floating blossoms right now.

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Posted in: United faces public-relations fiasco over dragged passenger See in context

So, according to media reports this man had extra-marital affairs? In that case, half the people I know deserve to be dragged off planes ...

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Posted in: Figure skating star Mao Asada bids farewell See in context

Aw, 26 years old! What an extraordinary life you've lived, Mao-chan! Congratulations on your achievements, and best wishes for your future.

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Posted in: Kyoto 'Silence Taxi' service prohibits drivers from instigating small talk See in context

I would gladly pay extra for a service like this. I don't often use taxis, and when I do it's because I'm dead on my feet, so the last thing I want to have to do is make small talk with a complete stranger.

Now, if only beauty salons offered the same treatment... I swear I get estheticians telling me their vacation plans while they are tweezing hairs from my vulva.

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Posted in: It's like we're told that bakeries are unfit for Japanese culture. I feel offended. Baker and patissier rank high among professions that elementary school girls want to become when they grow up. I won See in context

I don't eat bread, but I do enjoy wandering around bakeries and looking at their offerings. They are a huge and important part of life in Japan, and just about everyone here has their favourite bakery or cake shop. I like looking at Japanese wagashi sweets, too. Why can't the two co-exist side by side?

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Posted in: Japanese tourists in flu masks frighten British supermarket shoppers See in context

I like mask culture in Japan and I hope it catches on. Either that, or better oral hygiene.

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Posted in: Fukushima mothers measure radiation levels in food, water and soil See in context

I don't get it. Isn't this the government's job?

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Posted in: Confessions & Confusions: Raising dual culture children See in context

Um, yeah, the fact that some people write about their adoptive experiences is a sure sign that they are not treating their kids the same as bio kids, no?

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Posted in: How attitudes to fitness are changing in Japan See in context

Good, astute article by Andrew Smith. I hope that real fitness for women catches on, too.

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Posted in: Crown prince turns 57 See in context

Is she really only 15? She looks 35. Poor child.

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Posted in: Nice on ice See in context

Well done Mai! And all of you!

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Posted in: Takanashi sets sights on Olympic ski jumping gold See in context

I love this girl, she's brilliant! And she will get the gold.

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Posted in: Insults fly back and forth online over baby carriages See in context

A few months ago I babysat my infant goddaughter and took her out for the afternoon in her stroller. Did that get really tiring, really quickly! I resolved never, ever criticize a mother lugging one of those things about. I also resolved never to have a baby.

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Posted in: When you drink coffee or tea in Japan, do you prefer the chains like Starbucks, Tully’s, Doutor, etc, or do you prefer the traditional “kissaten?” See in context

I prefer non-smoking places with excellent coffee. Unfortunately it seems you can't have both.

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Posted in: A Tokyo hotel for bookworms See in context

There's one in Kyoto, too. I might check it out.

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Posted in: 3 lessons on simplicity from Japanese moms See in context

Oh, puh-leeze. If having babies is so incredibly simplistic and "joy sparking" then why are people refusing to have them?

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Posted in: We've been invited to open branches and received inquiries from all over the country. See in context

I thought owls were nocturnal? It doesn't seem very kind to keep them awake in the daytime.

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Posted in: Fostering in Japan, Part III: The effect on my family See in context

Wow, just what every kid ordered: a mother who has suicidal thoughts, takes mood-stabilizing drugs, blames her elementary school-aged foster daughter for losing her passport and forgetting to pack a swimsuit on her first trip abroad, and blames it all on institutionalized kids' "different" brains. I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out to be the next Joyce Maynard.

Moderator: Please spew your bile somewhere else.

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Posted in: Young and old See in context

What a great pic!

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Posted in: Becky to appear on special Fuji TV New Year’s program See in context

Oh god, she's back. And I had such high hopes for 2017.

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Posted in: 'Osechi ryori' - The meaning behind Japanese New Year food See in context

I love looking at osechi but I don't like eating it very much.

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Posted in: Humanoid robot Pepper is amusing, but is it practical? See in context

A few years ago I accidentally "broke" a Pepper in a shopping mall in Osaka, by addressing it in English instead of Japanese. Seems things have come a long way since then.

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Posted in: 7 must-read Japan-related books by female authors See in context

Agree with you, Dick. The problem is that few Japanese female writers get translated into other languages. I would love to explore this.

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Posted in: Man arrested after shoving woman on platform against incoming train See in context

Oops. Don't know what happened, but the fact that she lived in Germany may be significant ... she might have told him very bluntly what she thought of his bad manners, thus enraging him.

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Posted in: Sagawa employee caught on YouTube throwing, kicking parcels See in context

I saw a takkyubin man kick and hit the elevator door in my apartment in frustration. I didn't blame him one bit. Do any of you appreciate the kind of time pressure those guys are under? In my opinion delivery companies are little more than burakku kigyo, slavedrivers.

My student's son worked for a parcel delivery firm (not Sagawa, but one of the biggies). According to him one of the biggest problems is that these days, there is rarely anybody at home in the daytime. Where is everybody?

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' actress and author Carrie Fisher dies at 60 See in context

Oh please 2016, just stop it already. :-(

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Posted in: Private detective agency to keep eye on senile seniors See in context

Nope. Through my work I am acquainted with dozens, if not hundreds, of middle-aged sengyo shufu (who have never paid income tax, incidentally) who are hell-bent on ensuring that elder care doesn't interfere with their hobbies and travel plans. Most of them live in the same wards or even neighborhoods as their elderly parents or in-laws, and the rare few who have elders in the inaka are relying on their country cousins to take care of them. They pay perfunctory visits to them every couple of months but usually manage to turn the brief journeys into sightseeing trips, and most of them spend more time at the onsen than at granny's bedside. The reason I know all this is because they have the nerve to brag about how "every day is a holiday."

Oh well, nice work if you can get

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Posted in: Private detective agency to keep eye on senile seniors See in context

Why can't people take care of their own elders? I'm personally shocked at how swiftly the Japanese shove their own parents into nursing care homes, even though they themselves are middle-class, middle-aged couples with no mouths to feed and at least one person who stays at home all day (so-called "professional housewife"). I hear them all the time exchanging tips about how to make the most of the nursing care insurance system - paid for by the younger, hardworking taxpayers like me - and how to avoid as much responsibility as possible for taking care of their parents themselves. It disgusts me.

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