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Posted in: Can embracing Japanese culture make you forget your own? See in context

There's a poem called 'Search For My Mother Tongue' that is basically this article in poem format. I'd recommend you take a look at it, author, it's rather good, and I know from the article you'll relate to it as much as I did.

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Posted in: Young people easily get sucked into Aum Shinrikyo spinoff Aleph See in context

His Thetan level is just through the roof.

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Posted in: Facebook cracks down on insincere 'Likes' See in context

I'm eating a Virtual Bagel right now.

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Posted in: Only 36% of Japanese high school students feel they 'have worth as a person,' survey shows See in context

This is exactly why I became a teacher. I remember back in Uni, my friends would babble on about their visits to Japan like it was some kind of paradise on Earth, and I'd snort at them. Despite its positive points, I view Japan as my great dystopia to be slain. Not by myself obviously, I just do what I can by eating away at my own hours. Changing as a person and growing as a person are one and the same. If there's ever to be any change, it'll start with the people still growing.

tl;dr A sudden and wholly unnecessary Philosophy on life from someone you don't even know.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro employee arrested for taking upskirt photos See in context

There is a limitless amount of pornography online (limitless in that you'd die of old age before you'd seen it all with the rate it's added to), of any and every kind.

Why does this even happen?

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 3-year-old daughter after he loses at video game See in context

Aside from being totally disgusted I'm worried this man's problems might run much deeper if he can lose a video game to a three year old. Either that or she's a pro.

...That'd be pretty cool.

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

Thick, powerful, a pulsing shade of red, will get you from A to B like nothing you've ever felt before... Toyota.

Still, this is absolutely first class advertising.

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Posted in: Hold the mayo: Police nab man for throwing mayonnaise at schoolgirls in Sapporo See in context

Oh God, that's funny. I shouldn't laugh, I really shouldn't.

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Posted in: Freed activists get hero's welcome in Hong Kong See in context

Hong Kong throws a parade for activists stirring up political tension. Japan holds an anti-Nuclear power protest. Stay classy, HK.

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Posted in: Chinese mob ravages Japanese restaurant during protest; later finds out it is Chinese-owned See in context

Though, before calling these rioters idiots, we should all remember the ones pulling the strings. Wow, that even looks cheesy written down. But there was a large police presence throughout these riots, and little was done to stop them. Chinese media is largely state controlled and any politician worth his salt can rile up a crowd by barking words like 'justice.' A riot is usually made up of a group of confused people being pushed by the back row, after all. I become increasingly worried China is dictating more and more, and with less subtlety by the year, how the Chinese public think, the opposite of how Government should function (though, come to think of it, that is pretty much the literal definition of the word).

All in all, I'm secretly hoping some day soon the Chinese ruling body will invite the broken and battered foreign journalists, exiled peoples and missing 'criminals' back to China, ask them to roll the cameras and, on live broadcast, do a set of perfectly synchronised jazz hands while announcing "Surprise! We just made the biggest George Orwell reference ever!"

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Posted in: Who needs a license? Self-driving cars coming our way See in context

God, I love living in the future.

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Posted in: Taking Hello Kitty love to the extreme See in context

I'd love if whoever owns that car actually hates Hello Kitty, and just uses it as a conversation piece.

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Posted in: Chinese media slam Japan over isle dispute See in context

Sorry, I can't read past "Chinese media" without laughing. It's like America's reports on what FOX news said the other day.

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Posted in: Chinese mob ravages Japanese restaurant during protest; later finds out it is Chinese-owned See in context

When I laugh at this article, I like to think it's less of me picking sides, and more of me chuckling despairingly at general human idiocy, something that hardly ever fails to provide a level of morbid entertainment.

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Posted in: Japanese woman reporter shot dead in Syria's Aleppo See in context

Rest in peace. Can guarantee, as a war reporter, that there probably weren't many other ways she'd have wanted to die. Not that that mitigates how sad these deaths are, but there it is.

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Posted in: More bullying victims turning to police to file criminal charges See in context

A survey? Yep, that should do the trick.

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Posted in: Britain congratulates itself for job well done See in context

As an Englishman I can say for certain that 'British patriotism' is pretty much an oxymoron. Except right now.

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Posted in: 60-year-old man attempts to shoot acquaintance with harpoon gun See in context

I grin at thee, thou grinning whale!

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Posted in: Ungraceful media See in context

Unfortunately, it's amazing how many people decide their vote, all around the world, through information solely from those trash talk ads. I've met a lot of Americans who voted Obama without knowing any of his policy, and a lot of Brits who voted Conservative and Liberal Democrat simply because the Labour party was in power at the start of the recession, again, even though they had little to no idea what the Tories or Lib Dems stood for, apart from, as is the classic way of doing politics here in England, "Something other than what the current party supports."

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Posted in: Hot dog See in context

Sat at work. Hungry as hell. Dinner hour shrinking off into the distance.

Giant hot-dog not helping matters.

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Posted in: China's Yu quits badminton after scandal See in context

@smithinjapan I see what you mean. But I think once you've shown such blatant disregard for the spirit of the sport you really lose any right to be considered a potential winner.

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Posted in: China's Yu quits badminton after scandal See in context

This sounds exactly like the apology the Chinese government asked her to make.

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Posted in: Australian drug trafficker's mother begs Malaysia for mercy See in context

Even if guilty, the death penalty is too extreme a punishment. Hell, even if she'd commited the mass murder of 300 people I still wouldn't stoop to the death penalty. Even if she'd killed a family member. Looking up at these comments though, I wonder if I have too much of a Utopian view on the world and its peoples.

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Posted in: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels See in context

I guess the rebels must be winning if the West is starting to help them.

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Posted in: Snoop Dogg reincarnated as Snoop Lion See in context

Ah, like all hip-hop stars his pilgrimage to his spiritual sanctuary has led to a mighty rebirth, I have absolutely no doubt his music will now be a profound reach into the very darkest and lightest part of the human soul.


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Posted in: 'Resident Evil' restaurant opens in Tokyo See in context

Firearms and hot dance moves, is there a better combination? Well, Barry and hot dance moves maybe...

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Posted in: Securities watchdog calls for action against Nomura See in context

What's the odds Watanabe and Shibata both end up somewhere else in the company, or at a partner's? LOL, law for the rich.

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Posted in: 8 women badminton players disqualified for 'throwing' matches See in context

Most of the time it's both teams trying to win. If only one had been gunning for a loss it would have been unfair, but since both the teams were doing their best to lose it led to one of the funniest matches I'd ever seen, I even slipped on the Benny Hill theme at one point and sped the match up slightly on my Sky+.

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Posted in: The truth about lying See in context

A real pleasurable read, thanks for that. To mash up a quote from the opera adaptation of Voltaire's Candide: "It's such a shame to live in this dishonest world, all I can do is pass it on."

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