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Weisbach, the documents discovered by Yoshimi Y, Professor of Faculty of Commerce, Chu-o University, had meanings Totally opposite to the Asahi NP article reported on Jan. 11 1992, which has been proven by Nariaki NAKAYAMA, a lawmaker of The Representative House, at the National Diet on May 8 this year. Several footage which aired his question and testimony are uploaded with English subtitle or narration on YouTube. Today's Yomiuri NP, which has the largest number of publications in Japan, says parts of that Asahi article report misleadingly on the Comfort Issue.

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They were noticed on the general election of the House of Representatives at the end of the last year ,a few of them Supported candidates of DPJ, the former Government party uphold by the two large organizations of Korean residents, with raising the flags of South & N Korea and repeating to shout "Mang say-" cheering in Hangul.

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Japanese media underlying of Sina and SK except San-Kei are also unhappy with Japanese textbooks.

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