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 Tokyo? You gotta be kidding! Tokyo is already one of the most congested cities in the world

You clearly have not been in congested cities yet...

So while I disguise the rush hour in Tokyo and also see it as a danger for a new spread, it's far different from night clubs and live houses, where people are moving much more, and a lot more aerosols are dispersed.

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I really need to learn how to use the quote function...

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2 things come to mind as to why Japan escaped relatively unscathed: people are generally much healthier here and personal/public hygiene is much better. The obesity level here doesn’t even come close to the US/UK levels. And Japan actually spends a lot of money keeping public things clean.

any other possibilities out there?

I think the absence of big events from February has been a big driver to, next to masks and less hugging/handshaking.

In Germany and Austria, a big driver were parties in Ischgl and the carnival as well as thee beer fest in Bavaria: all events with a lot of singing, loud talking and basically spitting in each others mouth. There is a theory that the amount of virus transmitted plays a role on how sick you can get. All this seemed to not happen in Japan: natural social distance, masks, few big events.

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So a normal big travel bag does not fall into this category?

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lets see what the numbers are 2 weeks from now, when the GW pachinko goers, surfers, pic-nickers, etc start getting sick

Surprised it took someone so long to post the obligatory "but wait and see what we have in 2weekz !!!!" Comment

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You don't need to glue your butt to your home. Go outside for a walk with the family, keep distance to others, wear masks, get some take out food from your local izakaya and enjoy the nice weather.

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That is a dim sum place in yurakucho~

Why, if they are social distancing, are they standing in pairs? Are they all partners living in the same house

Ah, the Corona police on patrol?

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Roughly 600.000 + people are planning to travel by air or rail during Golden Week.

Guess we can expect a soaring COVID 19 infections soon after.

Ah, same soar we saw 2 weeks after the initial hanami, and the one 2 weeks after the full bloom hanami.

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March 19, 2020: "The Tokyo 2020 will be held on schedule as planned."

April 7, 2020: Japan declares state of emergency.

Complete and utter ineptitude and denial on show

Jeez, yes we have heard and read it here a thousand times already.

I went to Ginza area to pick something essential up, 80% of businesses closed and notable less ppl.

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Lets wait 1-2 weeks from now and discuss it again.

i agree with you, let's discuss again.

2 weeks ago people were saying the same thing and we are still waiting for piling up dead bodies.

Don't get me wrong, we don't know how it will develop yet, but this panic scattering gets on my nerves.

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