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No amount of planning could really prepare anyone for a crisis such as the one that happened.

Well actually that could. The height of the anti-tsunami wall could have been heightened - it was known to be too low. There have been reports a few months ago advising a shutdown of Fukushima. The government could not shut it down, because of the % of electricity it generates for the country, but it could have demanded measures to be taken for emergency situations like these while expanding the permission to operate. Tepco could have installed emergency equipment for situations like these with our without government conditions.

What exactly should he have done?

And after the disaster, Tepco could have contacted the Americans and the French for their robots, that would have spared a lot of the lives and health of the F50/F400. They could have allowed independent measurements of radiation. The Tepco topman could have gone to the plant himself to have a firsthand observation. He could have bought the best equipment for his employees that the world has to offer. He could have made sure that the F50/F400 have adequate food and drink.

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A prime minister in my native Netherlands would not resign if such a disaster occurred. But if consequently he gave repeated reassuring information, which turns out to be unfounded, he would be honor obligated to resign. I am confident that the same applies to many west european countries.

Kan, draw your own conclusions.

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