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Psyops, it has always been called climate change. And I think you might find the argument has moved on from "is it happening or not" to "are we causing it or not".

Then again, it could all be a scam...like smoking causing cancer.

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That means the most likely solution will have to come through technology.

That does worry me.

I've always got by during my last few decades of life. A job has always come, the rent has always been paid, things seem to have slotted in to place. I guess as I head towards my retirement, based on "luck" having got me through so far, I can forget about needing a pension and healthcare and instead rely on winning the lottery. Winning the lottery will save me.

That is in effect what the "technology will save us" crowd are saying. Health technology never did arrive to save my uncle from lung cancer, much to his dismay. I have serious doubts it will come to save us from AGW, and the damage we do to the world in the meantime is likely to be many times more expensive than adopting a low carbon lifestyle now.

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Indeed, there appears to be both bitterness (Trenton) and "hollier-than-thou"-ness (from just about every post that followed).

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