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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

I was not born when this happened, but I feel very sad that it happened and that the war happened at all. So many young men and young women who never got to live their full lives were lost in the war. I am glad that we have more peaceful times and that the Japanese and the US are friends and allies. My young grand-daughter is Japanese-American, and I hope for peaceful, happy times ahead for her and for all of Japan.

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Posted in: DNA at Niigata murder scene links suspect to 2 other homicides See in context

His DNA was found linking him to the crime; is that not enough to find him guilty? IF he continues to deny his involvement, do the police let him go? Is the Japanese justice system effective? I admit that I am a bit astonished by the amount of serious crime in Japan, and I come from the US!

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Posted in: Israel to discuss Egypt's Gaza truce proposal; Hamas says no deal See in context

Hamas started the barrage of rockets into Israel; it suited their purpose whatever that was. Even Abbas questioned the goal of the attacks and asked what they were trying to accomplish. It makes no sense, except that Hamas has been losing control of Gaza, and perhaps this is a way to tighten control. For the record, Israel has INCREASED the flow of goods into Gaza since the rocket attack in their stated goal "to try to decrease the suffering of the people in Gaza". It is Egypt right now that is sick of Hamas and has restricted movement and the flow of goods through the crossings that they control. Most of the time, the crossings from Israel into Gaza are open. I visit Israel often, and have many friends in both Israel and the West Bank. I can assure you that Hamas is not representative of the Palestinian people, and Hamas has a long history of oppressing the people in Gaza. Hamas has been urging people not to take shelter or leave when they are given warnings by the Israeli Defense Forces. They do not care about the people in Gaza.

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills 18 family members, stirring debate over targets See in context

Geneva Convention: It appears that the US, the UK and other European allies are in breach of the convention as well. And, what about the Palestinian extremists who are bombarding Israeli civilians relentlessly? There is a tremendous difference in strategies: The Israelis try to avoid civilian harm by warning people away from areas where there are to be military strikes, and Hamas targets them. Those rockets from Gaza are not going towards military targets, and the people in Israel get no warning. The terrorists target civilians through their suicide attacks in Israel. Israelis get warnings when their sirens go off, fifteen seconds. The corrupt US/European media avoid reporting on the cooperation between most Palestinians, Arab-Israelis, the services that Israeli provides, the fact that Israel supports all religions within Israel. When a wrong is committed by any Israeli, that person or persons are condemned, arrested, and no streets or buildings are named in their honor. They are considered to have violated the laws of humanity. Nope, not a peep. And when Jews are killed it is downplayed by the media, perhaps not mentioned at all. I find it unusual that as many that express such great concern over everything that the Israelis do are not concerned by the thousands of civilians killed in Iraq, in Syria, and in Lebanon, just to mention a few places where the civilians live in such constant danger. It seems to me to be blind hatred of Israel, which is to say anti-Semitism.

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills 18 family members, stirring debate over targets See in context

What can Israel do that is right? Someone here mentioned the King David Hotel bombings---well, that was over sixty years ago. The Israelis left Gaza, every square inch of it, leaving behind businesses for the Palestinians there, and removing by force those Israelis who did not want to leave behind their homes. The Israelis saw that step as a step towards peace and there was goodwill and optimism immediately after among the Israelis who thought that peace would soon be accomplished. And then the terrorist attacks started. Suicide bombers, targeting ONLY civilians in cafes,on buses, in hospitals, at schools. The rocket attacks started and have never totally stopped. Israel provides health care for any and all Palestinians who need it, they award work permits to work in Israel, they attend universities in Israel, they can shop in Israel. The distortions come from the media, but I don't know why. Most of the people who are commenting negatively about Israel here have never been there, or have no idea of the history of Israel and that area of the Middle East. A tiny country in the Middle East in the desert, and tiny minority of people (less than 1% of the world's people), and all this hatred towards them, left over from the Holocaust, I suppose, by people with a similar mindset...it is frankly appalling and sickening.

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Posted in: Israeli strike kills 18 family members, stirring debate over targets See in context

HOW EXACTLY is Israel breaking any rules of war? Israel has the most moral army in the entire world. No other army in the history of the world, certainly not currently, gives civilians warning of the areas that will be targeted. Not the US certainly where thousands of civilians have been killed in Afghanistan by the US and its allies, and casually referred to as "collateral damage" by former Secretary of State Clinton. Notice that the media is not keeping count there, not giving a blow by blow account of the horrible plight of the civilians as Ben Wedeman of CNN is doing, while neglecting to mention the extraordinary efforts of the Israel Defense Forces to spare the lives of civilians in Gaza. The Israeli forces drop leaflets, make radio announcements in Arabic, and make personal phone calls to the homes of Palestinians to warn them from danger. By the way, the rockets from Hamas, a terrorist group, never totally stop, and it was Hamas that ramped the assault up, and finally, finally Israel had to react to protect their own citizens. The corrupt BBC falsely reported that Israel started the escalation. Not true. Let me ask: How long would any other country show such restraint as rockets targeted their civilians---by the way, Hamas gives no warnings to the Israelis at all and all rockets are aimed at civilian targets: homes, hospitals, schools. I am really shocked and sickened by the international media that so obviously hates Israel and has no qualms about lies and lies of omission where they distort the truth. It is a form of evil to lie, distort and discredit good intentions, and to fail to report anything which will show credit for Israel, like the marches of solidarity of both Jews and Arab-Israelis in Israel recently or the efforts that Israelis make to help the Palestinians.

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Posted in: Israeli warplanes pound targets in Gaza; 28 dead so far See in context

Chadwick, respectfully, I am astonished by your comment and your understanding of the situation in Israel. Israel is not reacting to the murders of the three teenage boys. They know who is responsible, and these murderers are Hamas members, however, the Israeli government would not punish all of Gaza collectively. The Israeli military operation is the result of the rockets being fired into Israel to only CIVILIAN areas: schools, homes, and businesses. You may or may not know that the Israeli Defense Forces go to great lengths to try to avoid any Palestinian civilian harm. The measures that they take are radio announcements, dropping leaflets and flares, and even making phone calls in Arabic to neighborhoods. Hamas asks for civilian volunteers as martyrs and they will not leave the area, and at times these civilians are forced to stay and be harmed. These measures are in place in each and every military operation. The mainstream media knows this, but they do not choose to publicize it. There is far too much anti-Semitism in the world, and many people hate Israel, a tiny bit of land in a desert claimed by a tiny minority of people who seek to live there so that they will no longer be murdered in Europe and across the Middle East. The world may well have supported the PLO/Hamas unity. Hamas is a terrorist organization that states that they will kill every last Jewish man, woman and child. They vowed the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Israelis. Yeah, the international community surely supports such an alliance. Just do the research yourself about the history of the establishment of Israel, the history of the region at the time, and the laws and agreements that were made to create Israel. Go to reliable sources and do the research, especially all the offer of peace which not matter how generous the Palestinians reject them.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed on street in Tokyo's Shinjuku area See in context

Why are these people running around armed with knives? Pathetic.

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 16 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

I agree with everyone who commented about the light sentence that this stalker/murderer was given. He stalks this poor woman, murders her in front of her little child, and is given a sentence of only 16 years. He should have been given and he deserves a life sentence. His crime is horrible, indefensible, and he took a mother away from her child. I am shocked at the light sentence.

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Posted in: Woman, 2 granddaughters dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

I am appalled by this vile act by the grandmother. She strangled her little grandchildren, a crime of violence and evil. There can be no justification for such a horrible act of murder.

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Posted in: Teacher tapes up mouth of girl, 7, to stop her spreading germs See in context

As a classroom teacher for over twenty years, I am appalled by the actions of this teacher. He or she should not be working with children. Why were there no extra face masks available? Surely this is not the first time that a child has forgotten a mask. The actions of the teacher were abusive, and he or she should be fired.

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Posted in: 3-yr-old boy, left home alone, falls to death from 11th-floor balcony See in context

I just found out that my daughter-in-law has been leaving my 20 month old grandchild at home alone while she shops. This is for a time period of an hour or two. I am beyond shocked, as that is considered child abuse in the US. Is this common that children are left alone? How common are accidents?

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