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Posted in: Why doesn't the United States appoint career diplomats as ambassadors, as many other countries do? See in context

Unlike past do-nothing professional diplomats washing up Japan's shores, with the arrival of new U.S. ambassador, Japan is on the threshold of fundamentally transforming so it can better align itself with a one-Japan-for-all-native-Japanese societal direction. It will prove to be much better place for all those who are born, raised and most importantly schooled in the Japanese education system. For the non-Japanese interlopers, not so much.

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Posted in: Japan envoy pick Emanuel says he did nothing improper over Chicago teen shooting See in context

Mr. Emanuel is the correct choice for Japan. He will be instrumental in guiding the country's leadership as together they will achieve the international goal of fundamentally changing that nation's society.

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Posted in: More guns, pandemic stress created perfect conditions for homicide spike in 2020 See in context

This article has so many holes in it you could drive a Mac truck through it.

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Posted in: Biden picks Emanuel for Japan ambassador; Burns for China See in context

An outstanding decision by President Biden. Amb. Emanuel will go there and push Japanese leaders institute among other things open borders and open immigration; things that that country is lagging far behind compared to other nations around the world.

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Posted in: Entire Australian state goes into lockdown as virus surges See in context

Japan's leadership needs to follow the Australian model of containment in order to eradicate this deadly virus.

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Posted in: Olympic exodus begins in Tokyo See in context

Many, many thanks to all the elite athletes who made this Olympics worth waiting a year for to watch; especially my nation that won the total medal count hands down with 113. USA, the undisputed champion of this Summer Olympiad!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics draw to a close See in context

A fabulous two-week event of showcasing the world's elite athletes. Wished it could have continued longer, but all good things must eventually come to an end. Congratulations to the IOC and the Japanese government's outstanding leadership for staging such a fabulous multi-faceted sporting event. It was indeed well worth waiting the extra year to see it.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. to win softball gold See in context

As expected, America still leads the rest of the other nation's in the total medal count.

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Posted in: U.S. swim team shines with 6 medals; Ohashi wins women's 400 individual medley gold See in context

As expected, we are starting to distance ourselves from the rest of the competing nations in the total medal count.

U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!! U-S-A!!!

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Posted in: How will the state of emergency affect Tokyo Olympics? See in context

The Japanese need to adhere to the dictums of the politicians they voted for to lead them. Don't go outside at anytime (day or night) now that the SoE is in effect. And definitely do not venture out at any time during the Summer Olympics. Everyone there must do their part to protect all the athletes from getting the deadly Covid virus that is ravaging Tokyo. Everyone living in that city must quit being selfish so the rest of the planet can enjoy watching our world class athletes who are vying to be declared the best of the best. Remember, we are all in this together.

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Posted in: Will Suga's Olympic gamble pay off? See in context

What gamble? Japan agreed to host this Olympics back in 2013. That country is honoring this commitment by having the Games there. PM Suga has proven to the world to be a trustworthy politician. The nation will benefit from his-word-is-his-honor resolve to host the Olympics. Leaders of other governments around the globe recognize this will reward Japan in the future.

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Posted in: Suga vows safe Olympics after decision to ban spectators at most venues See in context

The nation is honoring the contractual obligation it made to the IOC back in 2013 when Tokyo was selected to be the host city of the current Summer Olympics.. The ordinary people of that nation are very fortunate to have such an intellectually superior group of political men and women leading them. The entire world now awaits the start of the Summer Games!!!

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency lasting through Olympics See in context

It now falls on the Japanese people to do their part and adhere to the dictums of those who rule over them: don't go outside and mingle with others in public settings. To do so will result in a tidal wave of new super spreader-related Covid cases that will end up causing great misery and death among Japan's population. If people must defy their government, then wear a minimum of five masks (or more) when they step outside. Better yet, stay indoors this summer and stay safe.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach arrives in Japan for Tokyo Olympics See in context

The Japanese boo-birds are conveniently forgetting when their compatriots were hugging, crying and high-fiving each other when Tokyo won the right to bring the Games to that city in 2013. Not only is it the biggest sporting event of the year, it is also the responsibility of Japan to honor its contractual agreement with the IOC to host The Olympics. The Japanese need to now listen to their intellectually superior political and medical leaders, follow the science, join the rest of the world and watch all these sporting events on TV from the comfort of the living roooms. Bring on the Tokyo Summer Games!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo may extend coronavirus restrictions into Olympics period See in context

If restrictions are extended, it is a good thing. The Japanese government and those running the event says it will be a safe Olympics. That is the first (and only) priority. The Japanese population needs to accept the decisions made by their intellectual superiors on this issue. Bring on the Summer Games!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

This news was reported on all the legacy networks last night. They were correct in referring to the governor as a "key cornerstone of Japanese politics". All of America this morning is praying for her speedy recovery.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 236 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 868 See in context

Congratulations, Japan on the low reporting numbers. The Japanese are finally understanding and adhering to what their intellectual superiors (politicians, medical/scientific experts) have been telling them. The world applauds that country's people for finally getting with the program and doing what's necessary to combat and defeat this deadly virus.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 337 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,418 See in context

The numbers continue to head down. Very great news for those wanting to see the Olympics go on as planned. Bring on the Tokyo summer games!!!

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Posted in: Half of Japanese people think Olympics will be held this summer: poll See in context

As I predicted months ago, the number of Covid cases in Tokyo are dropping. Time for the Japanese to enjoy the athletic spectacle that is the Olympics with the rest of the wold.. Japan lobbied very hard to get selected. Now is the time to do the right thing: step up and finish what they started. Bring on the Summer Games!!!

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

This is great news for those of us around the world who root for/follow our nations' athletes as they compete on the competition fields of battle. Bring on the Tokyo Olyimpics!!!

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Posted in: IOC veteran Pound says Tokyo Olympics 'a go' See in context

the IOC ultimately retains "the power to cancel the Games."

Well said, Mr. Pound. Alll the "online petitions" will not deter the IOC from having a safe and successful summer Olympiad. The world thanks you and the IOC for your forward thinking on this issue. It is great to see the adults in the room letting everyone know who's in control. Bring on the Tokyo Olympics!!

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Posted in: Japan gives preliminary OK to Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines See in context

"Everyone here got a bunch of vaccinations as a child. . . . Anyone suffering debilitating effects as a result of childhood vaccines? No."

Except, everything being touted right now by the career politicians and medical "experts" aren't "vaccines" in the traditional sense of the term; the U.S.-created versions (Moderna, Pfizer) that Japan seems so keen to get its mitts on are still just experimental drugs that have not been approved by the American government regulatory agency -- the FDA -- except in Pfizer's case which it OK'd (not "approved" as the Fake News article posted on this site a few weeks ago claimed) only for "emergency medical use". Everything being produced by the U.S. Is far from being a one-size-fits-all "vaccine". But, if people are willing to become human guinea pigs for Big Pharma -- that is exempt from any and all liabilities linked to any "severe reactions" that result from what they create/distribute, btw -- then so be it. Let the recipient beware.

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Posted in: Japan gives preliminary OK to Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines See in context

The Japanese need to gravitate to AstraZeneca. Even though it has a 70 percent effective rate, it is better than nothing.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,010 new coronavirus cases; record high 712 in Hokkaido See in context

Looks like last Sunday's non-physical distancing protest against the Olympics continues to take its toll on Covid-19 ravaged Tokyo.

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Posted in: 280 sports doctors apply for 200 spots needed for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Heh, more doctors applying to help out than spots available. This is great news for the 10's of millions of us around the world who are looking forward to watching the Summer Olympiad. Bring on the Tokyo Olympics!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 925 new coronavirus cases; record 578 in Aichi See in context

More than a few hundred of the reported cases are undoubtedly linked to the super spreader event that took place Sunday to protest the Summer Olympics.

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Posted in: If a person dies immediately after inoculation, it is only natural that the bereaved family would want to know the truth. Medical institutions need to try to provide careful explanations. See in context

America approves the Pfizer vaccine for 12 year-olds.

"America" did not approve anything. According to Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, "Parents and guardians can rest assured that the agency undertook a rigorous and thorough review of all available data, as we have with all of our COVID-19 vaccine emergency use authorizations."

The FDA only OK'd emergency use authorization, not approval. There is a difference.

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Posted in: If a person dies immediately after inoculation, it is only natural that the bereaved family would want to know the truth. Medical institutions need to try to provide careful explanations. See in context


No where in my post did I write about the strawman word "with". I was addressing/explaining the difference between the words "from" and "of" as reported in the media. Hope you learned something today.

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Posted in: If a person dies immediately after inoculation, it is only natural that the bereaved family would want to know the truth. Medical institutions need to try to provide careful explanations. See in context

*Absolutely. But it is also true that they should provide an autopsy as well if the person is suspected to have died from covid.*

Understand that there is a big difference between dying "from" covid (people with other contributing comorbidity health issues such as obesity, body organ failures, etc., who also had covid in their systems at the time of their death) and dying "of" covid (having the disease being the only reason for their deaths). Be watchful of falling into the trap of such weasel wording used by the media (both print and broadcast).

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

Isn't Tokyo now under a SoE? If so, why wasn't that non-physical distancing crowd not arrested by those police officers for violating the government mandate of not going outside during the ramped up Covid outbreak as decreed by their government leaders? The world media is rightfully calling this event a disgraceful breakdown of social order that will undoubtedly lead to more death and misery in that country.

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