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Posted in: Obama endorses Trudeau in unprecedented move See in context

Obama is reduced to endorsing political candidates outside America because he knows his coattails are not long enough to secure victories for politicians he has supported in the past (Hillary, governor candidates in Florida, Georgia and several Senate and House democrats).

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Posted in: Democrats subpoena Pentagon, White House budget office in impeachment probe See in context

Notice the democrat/socialists candidates are being overlooked by the stenographers in DNC/MSM. Zero media coverage about about what those who are running for POTUS are going to do to improve Americans lives (health care, infrastructure, even gun control).

Instead, impeachment is that party's sole campaign issue for its rapidly dwindling voter base this election cycle. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: Second whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine scandal comes forward See in context

No matter how many "whistleblowers" the democra/socialists say they have, President Trump should use every on-camera opportunity to say, "We will only cooperate with formal impeachment proceedings that take place after a floor vote in Congress. Not before. You want it? Vote for it."

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Posted in: House Democrats subpoena White House for documents in Trump impeachment probe See in context

President Trump is correct: Pelosi needs to declare a House roll call vote on the democrats/socialists invisible Articles of Impeachment. Let the world see if she can get the 218 votes she needs to make her congressional inquiry legitimate

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Posted in: Trump says he will formally object to impeachment inquiry See in context

Except this is not an impeachment inquiry. That will happen if and when a House roll call vote takes place to commit Congressional member to formally take a stand on this issue.

What this is is a democrat socialist party 2020 campaign strategy designed to codify its far-left lunatic base.

RIP, Democratic Party of JFK and Scoop Jackson.

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

President Trump continues to play our media like a Stradivarius. If he only held press conferences saying reporters should do their jobs and look into shady dealings Daddy Biden orchestrated to help enrich his son with China while he was Obama's VP, the DMIC would never air the pressers. To them, if they don't report it, it didn't happen.

Instead, he interjects the accusations during general gaggles on his way to an event. The MSM will scoff at what he says, but, it still gets airtime/ink nonetheless. This AP article is a perfect example of that.

The President continues to circumvent the anti-Trump media machine and they are too stupid to even realize it.

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Posted in: Sanders cancels U.S. presidential campaign events after heart scare See in context

Get well soon, Bernie. We need him back on the campaign trail ASAP. He is instrumental in reminding sane American voters that socialism is a failure where ever it's been tried.

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Posted in: Trump campaign, RNC raise record $125 million in 3rd quarter See in context

At this rate, President Trump will win at least 50 states next fall.

Make Liberals Cry Again in November 2020

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Posted in: Trump campaign, RNC raise record $125 million in 3rd quarter See in context

An example of how effective the right have been at ramping up fear levels in their always afraid base. -- comment

Perhaps, leftist posters at this site need to re-read AOC's Green New Deal; the manifesto that every democrat/socialist candidate has endorsed.

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Posted in: Trump campaign, RNC raise record $125 million in 3rd quarter See in context

President Trump and the RNC collects a quarterly record amount of donations while the DNC is trying to scam its rapidly dwindling voter base on a platform of outlawing cows, cars, commercial airliners and all things that require fossil fuel while supporting infanticide and free everything for everyone.

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Posted in: Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment See in context

It's the Biden campaign that is in disarray after shrieking to the media to ban Guiliani from TV appearances. According to the MSM, doing anything to help your own political chances is illegal. Time to go arrest Quid-Pro-Joe for trying to influence our 2020 election.

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Posted in: Greta Thunberg: Climate savior or puppet? See in context

If you were able to get through her UN speech, you'll realize she only called upon governments and corporations to cure all climate woes. In that one speech, she viewed individuals who had been doing their part to save the planet as irrelevant.

Those who actually thought that swimming to Australia from Japan instead of flying in a commercial airliner or abandoning air conditioners during in the height of a summer heatwave in the name leaving no carbon footprint were totally dismissed by Greta the Teenage Climate Expert.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents See in context

"The issuance of a subpoena pursuant to an authorized investigation is “an indispensable ingredient of lawmaking.”

Heh, this is not an "authorized investigation". That will happen only after a full House roll call vote is conducted to successfully approve articles of impeachment. Unfortunately for the U.S. leftists, Pelosi and her Gang of Six does not represent the entire Congress.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents See in context

Until the democrat socialists pass a House roll call vote on articles of impeachment, no one has to honor a subpoena request. This is just more whistling past the graveyard.

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Posted in: Exasperated Trump's strategy: Flail at Democrats, attack whistleblower, tweet like crazy See in context

In a rare moment of honesty, Rep. Al Green summed the democrat socialists situation the best: If we don't impeach Trump, he will be re-elected.

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Posted in: Exasperated Trump's strategy: Flail at Democrats, attack whistleblower, tweet like crazy See in context

Schiff's embarrassing opening statement was a sure sign that this event will have a shelf life of 10 days tops (as oppose to 2+ years) before the democrat socialists move on to the next "scandal" which they will breathlessly assure their lunatic base is guaranteed to bring down Orange Man Bad.

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Posted in: Exasperated Trump's strategy: Flail at Democrats, attack whistleblower, tweet like crazy See in context

A Deep State plant in the White House who wasn't even involved in listening to the original phone conversation releases a heavily redacted "recollection" of what he/she was told by several anonymous sources.

The democrat socialists have returned to their playbook, aka, The Steele Dossier, in the hopes of getting a different result this time around by replacing Ukraine for Russia. Liberals are so predictable.

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Posted in: Canada's Trudeau pledges lower taxes, cell phone costs as blackface scandal hits him in polls See in context

"By lowering taxes and cutting cellphone bills, our Liberal team will put more than $1,500 per year back in the pockets of hardworking Canadian families."

If he really believes that, then why didn't he do those things during his time as PM instead of now making a campaign promise? Time for Canada to get rid of this idiot.

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Posted in: Trump gets victory in bid to block California tax return law See in context

Chalk up yet another win for President Trump.


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Posted in: Mexico pushes back after top U.S. court favors Trump on shunning migrants See in context

Leftists parrot what their intellectual superiors within the DNC and the MSM spoon feed them and yammer on and on about how violent this country is, but they never can seem to answer one simple question: if America is as bad as they "think" it is, why do millions of illegal invaders want to cut to the head of the line and try to get in here?

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Posted in: Mexico pushes back after top U.S. court favors Trump on shunning migrants See in context

Nothing "restrictive" here. President Trump is merely enforcing the "First Safe Country" asylum rule that is already part of our immigration laws.

I called this one when this topic was put up at this site: That the Supreme Court would strike down Tigar's injunction. What is surprising is how fast they moved and ruled (7-2) on the case. the SC is finally starting to do its job by upholding U.S. law.

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Posted in: Trump ousts hawkish Bolton, dissenter on foreign policy See in context

Now that Bolton has been sent packing, President Trump should choose John Ratcliffe as his replacement. Imagine the good he could do aiding Barr and Durham by supporting the public release of documents revealing all the nefarious shenanigans by the last administration and its embeds who engaged in undermining a major political party candidate; a President-elect, and a President of the United States. His appointment would send shivers down the spines among the conspirators and those in the MSM who supported/enabled them.

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Posted in: Judge reinstates nationwide halt on Trump asylum policy plan See in context

This decision will be eventually overturned by the SC. Until then, the majority of the illegal invaders who seek "asylum" will remain languishing for months in Mexican detention centers since they initially entered that country without proper paperwork.

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Posted in: Trump says he'll work with Congress to stop mass shootings See in context

Red Flag laws are unconstitutional “prior restraint” laws that violate our basic civil rights.

What the gun grabbers don't/can't comprehend is that to take away a person's Second Amendment rights also violates the protections guaranteed in the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution; all predicated on an unnamed source (example: ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, a disgruntled neighbor, etc.) who's secret allegation that someone else “might” do something dangerous to themselves or others at some point in the near or distant future.

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Posted in: Gillibrand says she's ending 2020 presidential bid See in context

The big question is who will Gillibrand's 0-percent voters support now?

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Posted in: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: report See in context

Let's see: alt-left Axios, the Gladys Kravitz of the MSM, used an lone anonymous source and can't even nail down when the conversation took place.

Fake News.

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Posted in: China hits out at 'bullying' U.S. over new tariffs See in context

China knows it's on the ropes. We are their biggest business partner. If we weren't, they would already have begun cajoling other countries (Canada, the EU, etc.) into allowing them to pick their pockets via unfair tariffs. Let the anti-American socialist-based globalist economies to the rescue of their like-minded buddies; the Chicoms.

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Posted in: Billionaire conservative donor David Koch dies at 79 See in context

Koch was an open borders/pro-globalist libertarian. He helped the left more than the right. Liberals should be falling over themselves lamenting his passing.

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Posted in: Trump calls himself 'the chosen one' See in context

President Trump is once again correct; he’s the “Chosen One”: Chosen by American voters in November 2016.

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Posted in: Sanders' criminal justice plan aims to cut prison population See in context

A plan to release convicted felons -- like the guy who is currently serving a 30-year mandatory minimum sentence for killing my son -- back onto our streets. Yeah, that will sway us undecided independents to vote for democrat-socialists.

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