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Posted in: Russian prime minister submits resignation to Putin See in context

Medvedev is moving on to his next gig: an on-air contributor for CNN International.

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Posted in: U.S., Iran step back from the brink; region still on edge See in context

Appears the war between the U.S. and Iran that the Code Pink republicans and global leftists were rooting for has ended before it started.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off than you were this time last year? See in context

My 401 K increased nearly 30 precent, a job promotion and two pay raises in 2019 with another one scheduled for next Spring. Yes, this past year has been very, very good to me.

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Posted in: Doctor's report calls 77-year-old Biden 'healthy, vigorous' See in context

Healthy and vigorous?

Uh huh. The democrats are OK that their leading candidate fat shames liberal voters he's trying to court and is constantly confused about what state he's visiting; saying things like how great it is to be back in Ohio when he's actually campaigning in Iowa.

They are quick to say, "Nothing to see here, folks. Move along".

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Posted in: Trump 4th U.S. president to face impeachment as Democrats unveil charges See in context

To the democrats, these are the "crimes" The President committed:

Article 1 – Donald Trump won the 2016 election

Article 2 – See Article 1

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Posted in: U.S. says it will 'protect its interests' at climate conference See in context

Go talk to the world's second biggest emitter of CO2, America -- comment

Uh-huh. Keep believing that falsehood. Actually, India holds that claim to fame.

We've been doing our part to control CO2 emissions since the early 1990s when catalytic converters became a mandatory addition on all automobile engines (domestic and foreign) sold in the U.S.

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Posted in: U.S. House Judiciary panel invites Trump to Dec 4 impeachment hearing See in context

It will be very entertaining to watch this upcoming version of the democrat party clown show. When it moves to the Senate for the trial phase of the proceedings, watch for the Senate to drag it out until a week before the general election next in November -- thus, sidelining the six alt-left senators now running for POTUS -- with President Trump declared not guilty on any and all charges brought up against him.

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Posted in: What’s next in impeachment: A busy December, and on to 2020 See in context

How is it House democrats could control the witness list, control what GOP members could talk about, refuse to allow President Trump’s lawyers to be part of the process, have something like 98% of the media coverage both here and abroad cheering them on like teenage girls at a One Direction concert and still wind up losing ground on Impeachment with us independent voters?

After two weeks of such a one-sided affair, Donald Trump’s fate should look sealed. But thanks to the conga line of hearsay non-witness witnesses who passed the democrats bunker audition, instead of talk around America's kitchen tables and water coolers about how Mr. Trump’s goose is cooked, the Schiff Show Soviet-style impeachment inquiry turned into another turkey (The Mueller Report, Stormy Daniels/CPL, Brett Cavanaugh, etc.) cooked up by the democrats designed to pacify their deranged, lunatic base.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at California backyard party See in context

Yet another multiple people shooting in the heavily gun controlled, liberal utopia of California? Well, that's mighty awkward for the gun-grabbing crowd.

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Posted in: Pelosi says Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to ‘bribery’ See in context

“The bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of a fake investigation into the elections,” Pelosi said. “That’s bribery.” -- article

Except neither of those things ever happened. Pelosi is reading from a prepared script that was written six weeks ago when the democrats thought President Trump would not release the transcript of the phone call. However, he did and since then, it's been learned that 1.) Ukraine did get military assistance from the U.S. -- something that never happened under the eight years of Obama -- and 2.) no investigation by Ukraine was ever conducted.

It's understandable that Pelosi's low info voter base knows none of that because they only get their "news" from the DNC-controllled Media Industrial Complex.

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Posted in: Pelosi says Trump’s Ukraine actions amount to ‘bribery’ See in context

Pelosi is scrambling to find something . . . anything. . . to hang an impeachment charge on President Trump after yesterday's gigantic bomb blew up in the democrats face. The past three years of telling themselves that Orange Man Bad is a traitor, a Russian asset, etc., culminated in Round One of the Schiff Show "impeachment inquiry".

Today was suppose to be a break in place to allow the MSM to report on bombshell after bombshell after bombshell that was to be exposed by the democrats "star witnesses."

Instead, Pelosi had to trot out before the DNC media complex to proclaim yet another pivot (bribery. . . Yeah, that's the ticket) after the democrats failed to advance their impeachment ball a single yard.

Ah, the smell of desperation from the democrat party is palpable.

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Posted in: Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign See in context

The republicans picking apart Schiff's "star witnesses" on live TV was so good that a democrat committee member was reduced to say on the record that "hearsay can be much better evidence than direct" evidence.

Today, the left was shown to have ordered a nothing burger with extra egg on the face. Hold the substance.

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Posted in: Trump impeachment hearings focus on Ukraine pressure campaign See in context

Kent and Taylor are the best the democrats got? These two are nothing more than a pair of disgruntled Deep Staters who are upset that President Trump succeeded in rendering them useless by offering only second and third-hand accounts of the July phone call.

For weeks, the MSM promised their low info viewers that these two were going to provide "overwhelming evidence" to prove once and for all the crimes that the President committed; that they were the ones who would throw the 60-yard bomb into the end zone for a touchdown. Instead, they punted.

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Posted in: Republicans want Hunter Biden, whistleblower to testify in open hearings See in context

Let Schiff conduct his Soviet-style show trial. When the GOP-led Senate takes over the proceedings, they will be able to take their sweet time during their phase; dragging their feet past the democrat Super Tuesday in March before calling for a vote (or, dismiss all charges outright).

That move will sideline the six democrat senators now running for that party's nomination as they will be required to be in the Senate chamber six days a week starting a 10 a.m. each day; thus, preventing them to intermingle with voters out on the campaign trail. What's more, as Senate jurors, they will also be prevented from giving their version of the truth about the trial that they are a part of.

Memo to all the radical liberals: Be careful of what you wish for.

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Posted in: Trump launches black outreach effort for 2020 See in context

The democrat party officially gave up on black and other minority voters after the 2012 campaign by switching tactics to cobble together a LBGTQ bloc that only in their universe was the true majority of American voters.

They should have learned in '16 that that was a losing formula, but instead they are doubling down on their stupidity in the run up to next year's general election.

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Posted in: House Democrats plan 1st formal vote on impeachment inquiry See in context

If this is just a vote for an “impeachment inquiry” and not an official House roll call vote for an "impeachment resolution”, then the so called subpoenas remain what they have been all along: only written requests to appear, even if the House judiciary committee is involved.

Watch for President Trump to tell the democrats to pound sand and let this issue go to SCOTUS where the liberals will lose . . . again.

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Posted in: Obama endorses Trudeau in unprecedented move See in context

Obama is reduced to endorsing political candidates outside America because he knows his coattails are not long enough to secure victories for politicians he has supported in the past (Hillary, governor candidates in Florida, Georgia and several Senate and House democrats).

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Posted in: Democrats subpoena Pentagon, White House budget office in impeachment probe See in context

Notice the democrat/socialists candidates are being overlooked by the stenographers in DNC/MSM. Zero media coverage about about what those who are running for POTUS are going to do to improve Americans lives (health care, infrastructure, even gun control).

Instead, impeachment is that party's sole campaign issue for its rapidly dwindling voter base this election cycle. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: Second whistleblower in Trump-Ukraine scandal comes forward See in context

No matter how many "whistleblowers" the democra/socialists say they have, President Trump should use every on-camera opportunity to say, "We will only cooperate with formal impeachment proceedings that take place after a floor vote in Congress. Not before. You want it? Vote for it."

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Posted in: House Democrats subpoena White House for documents in Trump impeachment probe See in context

President Trump is correct: Pelosi needs to declare a House roll call vote on the democrats/socialists invisible Articles of Impeachment. Let the world see if she can get the 218 votes she needs to make her congressional inquiry legitimate

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Posted in: Trump says he will formally object to impeachment inquiry See in context

Except this is not an impeachment inquiry. That will happen if and when a House roll call vote takes place to commit Congressional member to formally take a stand on this issue.

What this is is a democrat socialist party 2020 campaign strategy designed to codify its far-left lunatic base.

RIP, Democratic Party of JFK and Scoop Jackson.

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

President Trump continues to play our media like a Stradivarius. If he only held press conferences saying reporters should do their jobs and look into shady dealings Daddy Biden orchestrated to help enrich his son with China while he was Obama's VP, the DMIC would never air the pressers. To them, if they don't report it, it didn't happen.

Instead, he interjects the accusations during general gaggles on his way to an event. The MSM will scoff at what he says, but, it still gets airtime/ink nonetheless. This AP article is a perfect example of that.

The President continues to circumvent the anti-Trump media machine and they are too stupid to even realize it.

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Posted in: Sanders cancels U.S. presidential campaign events after heart scare See in context

Get well soon, Bernie. We need him back on the campaign trail ASAP. He is instrumental in reminding sane American voters that socialism is a failure where ever it's been tried.

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Posted in: Trump campaign, RNC raise record $125 million in 3rd quarter See in context

At this rate, President Trump will win at least 50 states next fall.

Make Liberals Cry Again in November 2020

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Posted in: Trump campaign, RNC raise record $125 million in 3rd quarter See in context

An example of how effective the right have been at ramping up fear levels in their always afraid base. -- comment

Perhaps, leftist posters at this site need to re-read AOC's Green New Deal; the manifesto that every democrat/socialist candidate has endorsed.

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Posted in: Trump campaign, RNC raise record $125 million in 3rd quarter See in context

President Trump and the RNC collects a quarterly record amount of donations while the DNC is trying to scam its rapidly dwindling voter base on a platform of outlawing cows, cars, commercial airliners and all things that require fossil fuel while supporting infanticide and free everything for everyone.

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Posted in: Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment See in context

It's the Biden campaign that is in disarray after shrieking to the media to ban Guiliani from TV appearances. According to the MSM, doing anything to help your own political chances is illegal. Time to go arrest Quid-Pro-Joe for trying to influence our 2020 election.

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Posted in: Greta Thunberg: Climate savior or puppet? See in context

If you were able to get through her UN speech, you'll realize she only called upon governments and corporations to cure all climate woes. In that one speech, she viewed individuals who had been doing their part to save the planet as irrelevant.

Those who actually thought that swimming to Australia from Japan instead of flying in a commercial airliner or abandoning air conditioners during in the height of a summer heatwave in the name leaving no carbon footprint were totally dismissed by Greta the Teenage Climate Expert.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents See in context

"The issuance of a subpoena pursuant to an authorized investigation is “an indispensable ingredient of lawmaking.”

Heh, this is not an "authorized investigation". That will happen only after a full House roll call vote is conducted to successfully approve articles of impeachment. Unfortunately for the U.S. leftists, Pelosi and her Gang of Six does not represent the entire Congress.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats subpoena Pompeo for Ukraine documents See in context

Until the democrat socialists pass a House roll call vote on articles of impeachment, no one has to honor a subpoena request. This is just more whistling past the graveyard.

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