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Posted in: Ohtani free agency sweepstakes off to clandestine start at MLB general manager meetings See in context

The guy blew his pitching arm out, no longer making him a “two-way” baseball player. He wasted his productive years on a team that had zero chance of making the playoffs let alone get a WS ring.

Some team will pick him up, but he is past his prime.

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Posted in: Israeli jets strike Gaza refugee camp, as U.S. fails to win immediate support for pause in fighting See in context

The pro-Hamas supporters need to be constantly reminded who started Oct. 7th. Israel is doing what has to be done: Wipe Hamas terrorists off the face of the Earth.

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Posted in: Japan announces sanctions on Hamas-related individuals, company See in context

Sanctions should also include immediate deportation of those named and in this article along with all family members.

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Posted in: The last new Beatles song, 'Now And Then,' to be released next week See in context

This will be “the last new Beatles song” until the next “last new Beatles song” is released.

You read it here first.

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Posted in: How can Japan best contribute to easing the conflict in the Middle East? See in context

By giving the Middle East conflict a good leaving alone. Japan has no dog in that fight. It needs to keep it that way.

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Posted in: IOC warns countries that block athletes for political reasons risk harming Olympic host bids See in context

The biggest winners have always been the cities that loses out on hosting an Olympics. The cities chosen are doomed financially to build/refurbish sites for something that only lasts one month tops with little hope of ever recouping all the money it spent to appease the IOC. Ask any Japanese if they think hosting the 2020(21) Summer Olympics in Tokyo was money well spent.

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian rally See in context

nandakandamandaToday  10:07 am JST

“Just as long as we do not confuse the flag of Palestine and that of Hamas.”

The Palestine government is run/controlled by Hamas.

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the greatest movie villain of all time? See in context

Heath Ledger, The Joker, “The Dark Knight”

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan again criticizes China in speech and social media post See in context

Remember, Emanuel is the guy who famously said: “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Japan should take his advice with a grain of salt.

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Posted in: Kishida's election strategy in limbo after unimpressive reshuffle See in context

Kishida keeping Taro Kono in his cabinet is a real head scratcher. Everything the guy touches explodes on the launching pad (authorizing the purchase of the wrong types of syringes for use during the Rona pandemic comes to mind). The only government job the guy’s qualified to be in charge of is cleaning the bathrooms in the Diet building.

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Posted in: Trump says he will skip GOP presidential primary debates See in context

Kinda late to the party on this one JT. The rest of the world has known about this decision since the middle of last week. One of the drawbacks of relying a slow as molasses legacy media outlet to release “Breaking News” to pass along to a low info/no info readership.

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Posted in: Japan to mobilize $1 billion to help nations around Ukraine accept refugees See in context

Japan to mobilize $1 billion to help nations around Ukraine accept refugees

Money well spent.

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Posted in: Biden hints at skipping G7 summit in Japan trip due to debt ceiling impasse See in context

I speak for the entire world in hoping/praying the our president reconsiders and goes to the G-7 meeting. His steadfast leadership and guidance is what all nations clamor for.

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Posted in: Moscow Film Festival See in context

Japan should do the right thing and revoke these Putin stooges’ passports. If they love that country so much, let them stay there.

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Posted in: Biden urged to deliver 'historic' arms control speech at G7 summit in Japan See in context

President Biden is an astute, articulate world statesman. He needs to speak on this issue because nations’ leaders hang on his every word.

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Posted in: What is your definition of the word "wokeness?" See in context

Is “wokeness” even a word?

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Posted in: An Easter trend to try: Painting potatoes See in context

What’s next? A story about the Easter bunny delivering painted insects instead of eggs to consume?

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Posted in: U.S. routs Cuba to reach World Baseball Classic final See in context


Your post is wrought with emotion (yelling does not mean you are right). You are welcome to espouse your devotion for Team Japan, but looking at the teams they faced in pool play (China, Australia, the Czech Republic? Seriously?) and the location they played (all home games in surrounded by adoring fans) the WBC organizers set your team up to get trounced once they jumped on a plane to play outside of Japan. The reality is the guys you support will be one-and-done.

Meanwhile, Mexico is a very formidable squad. We learned that in our earlier meeting. But, that was then and this is now. They are worthy to meet the U.S. on Tuesday night. Japan is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb in a run up to the barn burner that will be a Mexico/U.S. final.

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Posted in: U.S. routs Cuba to reach World Baseball Classic final See in context

Team USA is hitting its stride just at the right time. 23 runs scored in the last two games. They should have an easy victory over Mexico in the final.

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Posted in: Turner's grand slam lifts U.S. over Venezuela, into WBC semis See in context

Looking forward to a U,S, vs. Mexico matchup for all the marbles.

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Posted in: Urías leads Mexico into World Baseball Classic semifinal against Japan See in context

Future headline: Japan ends WBC quest with loss to Mexico

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Posted in: Japan beats Italy 9-3 to reach World Baseball Classic semifinals See in context

Really makes no difference if it’s Puerto Rico or Mexico; either team will spank Japan (possibly the Mercy Rule will have to be used) in the semifinals.

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Posted in: Homecoming hero Ohtani helps Japan win WBC opener against China See in context

Australia may just be a dark horse in this tourney. The lads from Down Under beat S. Korea. Not an easy feat to accomplish.

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Posted in: Homecoming hero Ohtani helps Japan win WBC opener against China See in context

Good news: Japan beat its opponent 8-1. Bad news is the opponent was China. Not quite a baseball powerhouse on the global stage.

Of course Japan will advance to the second round. The cards are stacked in their favor. It will be interesting to see how well they do once they finally play outside that country and not surrounded by a stadium packed to the rafters with adoring fans to cheer for them and more importantly the excuses they’ll come up for not bringing the WBC trophy home (foreign players are too big, the grass on the playing was too tall, the sun kept getting in my eyes, etc, etc., etc.).

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Posted in: Biden had cancerous skin lesion removed in February See in context

Recover completely, Mr. Biden. The world depends on your wisdom & guidance.

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Posted in: All presidents avoid reporters, but Biden may achieve a record in his press avoidance See in context

Our president is a very, very busy man. He’s combating our enemies both foreign and domestic. He has no free time to talk to the yapping media.

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Posted in: Coronavirus origins still a mystery 3 years into pandemic See in context

No matter how many times he changes his story, I will always believe what Dr. Fauci says.

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Posted in: 'Night Court' reboot returns favorite but set in modern day See in context

Saw the first episode of this show in mid-January. A very entertaining 1/2 hour. Been watching it ever since.

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Posted in: Biden in Poland says U.S. and allies 'have Ukraine's back' See in context

President Biden’s visit to Eastern Europe was and will always be historic in scale. From the swagger in his step when he walked the streets of Kyiv with co-world leader President Zelenskyy to letting the Polish president that America will always have their back during good times and bad, Mr. Biden’s swing through that part of the golden was Presidents Kennedy-and-Reaganesqued rolled into one.

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Posted in: Japan to give Ukraine $5.5 bil, host online G7 summit plus Zelenskyy See in context

Bravo, Japan because It is also Ukraine’s money.

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