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Posted in: Urawa banned from next Emperor's Cup over fan violence See in context

ha ha, Urawa is a sleepy little bedroom town not the Bronx.

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Posted in: In 'law and order' debate, data can be molded to suit moment See in context

You want law and order, a strong economy and your freedom, vote Trump.

You want chaos, a weak economy and loss of your freedom, vote Harris-Biden.

This President has wreaked racial and pandemic mis-management chaos onto America. He is trying to take away the freedom to vote. An absolute disgrace of a man.

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Posted in: Drinking parties, group trips by the elderly and wild partying by youths should be avoided, but families spending time among themselves at travel destinations have a low risk of getting infected or infecting others. See in context

Went to Nagano for a few days. Elderly man on bullet train removed his mask to cough furiously. They’ve returned. He has fever, lethargy and stomach aches. He’s now isolating. Definitely not safe out there.

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Posted in: Vigilance could have prevented 3-year-old child's death by starvation: expert See in context

Since1981, we need more like you. Good work

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Posted in: Japan finds 15 clusters of coronavirus-infected people See in context

If any of you doubt SJs comments, please refer to Aso’s 2012 comments on

the elderly. This is a major incident and the government by seizing an opportunity. The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein has all the info you need. https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2013/jan/22/elderly-hurry-up-die-japanese

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Posted in: Soccer-Liverpool meet Everton, Arsenal face Leeds in FA Cup third round See in context

time we did that lot at Anfield......cmon Everton.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting junior high school girl with intent to commit sexual assault See in context

Japan isn’t as safe for women as the national police statistics suggest. Numerous children and women have told me about the daily harassment on the trains. Some of these stories were truly frightening. Sometimes nobody would help very young girls suffering horrible attacks on trains. A student told me that once when she got off the train, she noticed her bag and skirt were...”dirty”. As a western male, be careful not to assume everything is fine here for women just because you cannot see the violence.

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Posted in: Baby with umbilical cord attached found in convenience store toilet See in context

Childbirth doesn't always require moaning and screaming.... That's the movies innit? My experience was a brief bit of discomfort followed by a baby splashdown into the birthing pool.

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Posted in: 7 injured as car rams into pedestrians in Tokyo See in context

Stove his head in.

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy suffers fractured skull in hit-and-run See in context

Whether he was wearing a helmet is irrelevant. The driver has run into a boy on the crossing and has disappeared. Entering the crosswalk whilst pedestrians are crossing is illegal but happens daily. Police do not enforce the law. I enforce the law by chasing the car on my bike and bellowing at the driver. We need police or laws to change.

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Posted in: High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million See in context

If my kids aren't having sex by 16 I'll be well annoyed.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

The global warming scam.....thick with irony this guy.

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Posted in: Rally for more daycare centers See in context

Parents should be paid to care for their own children. The quality of daycare children attention span, behavior and ability to learn is massively lower compared to the regular kindergarten kid. I run an English school and have consistently seen the deficiencies of daycare children. Parents are the best care providers.

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Posted in: Bus driver arrested over hit-and-run death of 6-year-old boy See in context

These intersections are death traps for little kids.

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl dies after being hit by vehicle in Kanagawa; driver arrested See in context

Always dangerous for pedestrians when crossing an intersection. Drivers are often reckless here.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 2,901 hospitalized due to heat exhaustion in May See in context

Need trees in kanto.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy hit and killed by dump truck; driver arrested See in context

My wife and son were hit by a car last year on a crossing by a woman going thru a red light. Luckily, they weren't seriously harmed. The driver paid compensation but was not arrested or charged. National emergency, sort it out.

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Posted in: No. of traffic accident deaths in Tokyo soars in October See in context

Seat belts, kids, police, sort it.

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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report 9 Japanese have joined Islamic State See in context

Misinformation to justify Japan joining the bombing coalition?

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Posted in: Advantage bee See in context

unusual reaction to bee...

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Posted in: The major cause of heatstroke is abnormal weather, but children’s lifestyle of playing games in air-conditioned indoor settings has likely contributed to the increase. See in context

My kids play hi tempo soccer in this heat. Mostly in the shade but often in full sun. At home we only use fans. I think it's possible for kids to be acclimated as long as they are well prepared.

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Posted in: Wakayama man arrested for attaching underwear to cars of women he doesn’t know See in context

Handy in these humid days

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl hit and killed by car in Osaka; driver arrested See in context

People whiz around narrow streets in cars, oblivious to this kind of danger.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy on bike dies after being hit by truck driven by 83-year-old man See in context

Change the law now

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Posted in: Arsenal's momentum halted by Everton; Fulham wins See in context

Everton are back.

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Posted in: 10 tips on giving birth in Japan See in context

We had our kids with the help of mid wives. Fantastic experiences. Father was there, birth in a pool at a midwife house and one in the bath at home. No epidurals, just warm water and breathing. This article, although accurate for some, isn't the whole story of childbirth in Japan.

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Posted in: Man wanted for attacks on school boys in Saitama See in context

My kids go to the local school in Saitama city. In the last month we have had 2 alerts from the school about weird phone calls asking for kids addresses and also sightings of a strange man around school. Luckily we live very close to the school and there is heavy foot traffic between the school and our house so I don't worrytoomuch

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Posted in: Japan second worst in G8 for employee satisfaction See in context

Panasonic employees surely can vote for who they like in the privacy of the ballot box?

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