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Tezbo comments

Posted in: KISS kick off Japan tour See in context

I went to one of their concerts when I was 16 back like in 78 or 79 in Abilene Texas was a big Ace Frely Fan, Spell Check.. LOL

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Posted in: Perception persists that older drivers are dangerous drivers See in context

Just something my father n law who is 79 did, well the other day when the typhoon hit, he left the house around noon, well at around 22:00 he still had not returned and we were getting worried( he cancelled his cell phone recently) so we call the police to see if they can put out a apb, however he returned by taxi, but what had happened was he hit a guard rail, tire blew out, no spare so he walks to a combi, calls a cab returns home, BUT forgot where he left the car! So we check the taxi receipt call them to ask where they picked my father n law up, call the insurance company to have the car towed to a repair garage, My Father n law is fine, but just a story of the elder driving, I mean lucky it was a guard rail and not a person or another car..

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Posted in: Suji's managing partner thrives on uncertainty of restaurant business See in context

Ah Kyu, A man of true words and good expressions, A good Friend, and loyal business person, oh the passion for food, drink and fun is yes Kyu san leading the pack, Nice interview friend and spoken very well...

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Posted in: NZ male model-actor arrested over cocaine possession See in context

I have been here 27 years and have been searched three times, but I usually making moans when they search my private area, that puts a end to that, plus once I said to the patrol men, isn't there far worse crimes going on then searching me, and spoken with a Perfect Japanese Accent, next time they drove by, they saluted me.. LOL(Oh BTW I was waiting for my GF to get off work, she worked a Night Job opps)

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Posted in: Panetta urges calm, but says U.S. takes no sides in Japan-China dispute See in context

and with all the US bases here in Japan, if China did anything in a way to strike Japan, wouldnt the US bases be the prime targets?? DUH.. You think China would leave the US Bases alone and only hit Japanese Bases,, When I was at Yokosuka, the Japanese had a base about 3 minutes walk away, think anything hitting that place would not effect Yoko?

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Posted in: Panetta urges calm, but says U.S. takes no sides in Japan-China dispute See in context

Its funny right under this, there is the article on US and Japan agree on missile defense system.. DUH, I am a poor country boy, but doesnt this seem that the US is leaning on someones fence? LOL

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Posted in: Point of view See in context

I remember in that Movie Crocodile Dundee, when he was asked about the Aborigenies claim to New Zealand territory, he said they don't claim it, they belong to it, who's gonna care after 1000 years? They will be gone and the Land it will still be here! Nice Saying Mate!

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Posted in: Point of view See in context

again where I work, not one Chinese or Korean cared about squat, they are here to make money and return home,, they don't give a rats ass about some rocks, a island.. one Chinese asked me(I am American, Texas Mexican) and know about land being taken, but he asked me, which do I like more Japan or China? I said both, I am a guest to both nations when I visit, though Japan is my home now, I forget the past, and live for the future, I have four LOVELY children half Japaneses/Mexican Americans, and what happened in the past has no effect on their or our lives.. We are happy why can't the world be??

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Posted in: Japan to send letter to China's president, protesting flag incident See in context

Seems not to effect the Chinese that work at our place, Chensan, Yoosan, and Rhoosan,, HEY no problema as long as they are making that JAPANESE YEN!!!

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Posted in: Bodies of mother, daughter found in Tokyo apartment See in context

that is the way it is here, you can live next to someone and never see them, or meet them..

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Posted in: Change of command See in context

I am reading this and notice a Lt. Gen. is taking the post from a outgoing Lt.,, WOOH!! I think JT, misspelled here, I think it is Lt. Gen. Burton, because a Lt(1st or 2nd) could not hold that post..

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Posted in: Japan’s latest culinary trend: canned food cantinas? See in context

Oberst, I liked the C rations better.. LOL

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Posted in: S Korea delays signing of military pact with Japan See in context

They dont need to sign a pact, SHOOT how many S. Koreans are in Japan now alone there is enough to supply any intelligence between each country and If S. Korea doesnt trust Japan, then whats up with all these S. Koreans Groups and Stars coming to Japan to make it BIG??? if you dont trust Japan, then leave or dont come.

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Posted in: Van Halen with David Lee Roth to tour Japan in November See in context

They must be in need for the cash, seems all these old rock bands always make a concert in Japan when low on the flow.. LOL But hey they were good. I grew up to Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Sting, and others but If AC/DC came, I would Go..

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Posted in: Lady Gaga concussed during concert in NZ See in context

I thought she was cussed at but in a con way! HA HA,, but glad to know she is okay(????) and finished the concert, but I agree with all who say concussion would have been more suitable.

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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl dies after car plows into schoolchildren in Osaka See in context

Just now I saw this Dump Truck Plowing down the road and it is raining, he would never been able to stop if a child would have put up his/her hand to make a crossing, Drivers here need to consider time zones, at certain times, there should be speed decrease enforced or Speed Bumps put around school areas..

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

My Mother n Law was wearing a tshirt with a hemp leaf and Local Pickers #13 On it, I just laughed and said to my wife, I need to take a picture and send it home..

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens mega-store in Ginza, with 100 foreign staff See in context

I went to a interview for this job there, it was like 8 people to one person(A very Young Japanese Girl) anyway for some reason, I was dropped??? Been here for 20 years, but I guess Yes Age may have some thing in that area? But in my group, One Girl from Colombia, a dude from Ghana, and me, U.S., and the other five Chinese,

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Posted in: Disaster relief lottery See in context

Yeap Mizuho will win big time, as always. Why is it you are sure to win 300 yen at least with every pack of 10 tickets but see you pay 3000 yen, so the 2700 go to Mizuho..

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Posted in: Job interviews - 'Fools using a foolish method to pick fools' See in context

I go to interviews with a clear mind, I am 48 and ex manager for positions of Maintenance, Facility, Management, however during the interview the person who is giving such, will ask me if I am capable of taking orders from someone younger then me, I say of course, pride is something but it is not suitable for ones wallet.

I served in the Marines, lived here 25 years, speak 3 languages, have many traits, so my resume looks like a book, the reason I am unemployed with a good firm is my last company went Bankrupt, so my position was how was it said? Oh Redundent.. so now I am working part time because no one wants a 48 year old who knows a lot of the Japanese Business since because again they think I am to well trained, experienced..

Its funny,, you have to much training.. or at a interview for Burger King,, why dont you start your own company?? But when you have two children, bills to pay, food to buy.. I just want a decent JOB!!


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Posted in: Battle for control of Asia's seas goes underwater See in context

Excuse me but is there a mistake on the picture and port of stay.. the picture says YOKOHAMA, and the Story says YOKOSUKA??? I was stationed at YOKOSUKA and do not think they have a port suitable for a nuclear sub in YOKOHAMA? Or did it just make a omeagi stop in Yokohama?? LOL Tezbo

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Posted in: Going Gaga See in context

She says she wants to eat sushi and shabu-shabu while he is here.. Good Job JT,, she turns into a he HA HA HA...

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Posted in: Heavy help See in context


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Posted in: Chinese woman goes missing after security inspection at Narita Airport See in context

I bet you can find her at Kaimedo or Kinshicho?? And as bentheredonthat said,, I think Yoshinoya,, but 7/11 pays more.. ha ha, A guy I work with is Chinese and has no visa,, but he's cool, and is a hard worker..

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Posted in: What a scream See in context

meloveulongtime,, I am in tears,, kinda like me too,, but I see Fairies,, kinda like that movie with Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams.. Ha Ha..

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Posted in: Finishing touch See in context

At first glance, I thought that Guru Dude from Aum had escaped(The Red Girl dress/hairstyle) also I think that they change in a toilet or somewhere, because walking out of the house like that,, would really get the neighbors thinking Hence the backpacks behind them??

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Posted in: Bicycle jam See in context

I like the one with the green tires,, Cool!!

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Posted in: Here's hoping See in context

This is a so much BS.. I mean I have lived here in Japan for 24 years and I know many many people, my wife knows many people, my co workers know many people, the point is NO ONE HAS ever mentioned OH I KNOW THIS PERSON WHO WON THE JUMBO!!! and its funny, they shoot the numbers on some date, but they already know the number of winners, HOW???

Then the thing about no showing the winners or exposing them,, they say its dangerous,, COME ON!!! in the US where guns are everywhere(Im from Texas) and you can be sure if someone wanted to make a hit on a EXPOSED WINNER of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, they would, its just there are NO BIG WINNERS!!!

Once my company has some money for our End of the year party JY100,000.-, however we thought to buy this amount in tickets to maybe win more enabling us to make a overseas trip for the company end of the year party, but NOPE we only won GET THIS!!!! J¥50,000

I never buy tickets, hell give me your money and I will return half,, better then this rip off. Tezbo

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Posted in: Light-up See in context

It was not on for 3 hours or what ever, I live in Higashi Azuma, and the sucker is right there smack in front of my house, it was not on for what time,, I rode my bicycle from Ayase station, and looked, looked, looked, it takes me 45 minutes to ride home and the SUCKER was darker then the night,, OH the Moon Was Nice!!! I was Thinking Well here you get from Sta Michi... Down Town!! Tezbo

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Posted in: Infernal affairs: Errant cops struggling to clean up their act See in context

Hey is it only me or is the Title wrong?? Infernal affair,, I thought it was Internal Affair.. Opps Tezbo

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