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I have resided in Japan for now 27 years and well a few years back I put in for permanent visa, but after submitting my application and all the forms required I got a letter saying Denied, okay I had not paid my local taxes due to losing my good paying job due to the company I worked for going bankrupt and I working a local job paying only 980 an hour, with no health insurance and so on and so on, But I did pay like for over 22 years and have been here for 27, so I was like DUH? But I spoke with the immigration last time and now I have paid my taxes and lets see if I can get my P.V. now is 28 years living in Japan..

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at the moment my salary doesn't cover my family of four, and now a increase in tax consumption? What about an increase in consumer salary? or like they did back when, give some kind of bonus to consumers to allow them to feel appreciated! And as FightingViking says, people like US, can't find any kind of stable work.

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Posted in: Teenage girl found dead in apartment; police search for boyfriend See in context

Exactly Ah_so!! Unknown causes, DUH? Bruises and strangulation marks?

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Posted in: Homeless men pelted with eggs by youth gang in Matsuyama See in context

Is it Halloween already?? We use to throw Eggs on Halloween in the States, let them rot for awhile though.. But I am sorry for the homeless, could eat the eggs instead of wearing them.. Hope this kids get caught because first eggs then next motif cocktails.

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