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Many of the "cycling lanes" are just lines that are 20-30cm from the sidewalk (the average handlebar width is 40-42cm wide), and are littered with rainwater drainage grates, uneven surfaces from tree roots or badly repaved areas, and sometimes trash nets. Intersections can be a death trap as you never know if a car is actually going to turn, cause a lot of drivers won't use their turn signals until they're in the midst of turning if at all, and will definitely try to cut you off instead of letting you pass. Many drivers will veer into the cycling lane for some reason even though they have a lot of space towards the inside of the lane, making you pray that they won't clip your handlebars with their side-view mirrors. I understand that there may be some ignorant uber eats cyclists and such, but schoolchildren can't drive and need a safe area to ride their bikes too. Until cycling lanes are a consistent width, I don't care if one whole car lane has to be spilt into two cycling lanes on each side of the street, and drivers are actually being policed for bad driving habits, the sidewalk is the safest place for cyclists if there are no adequate cycling lanes.

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