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Umm.. You forgot Mikuni Minatoza For the Amazing Mikuni burger! It’s the one spot that I always go to when I visit Fukui. It’s in Mikuni (Also famous for having in water fireworks). Or goto to Tsuruga fireworks where you can feel the explosions (not good for sensitive people).

What about all the other areas…

Eihei-ji Temple

Tojinbo / Oshima


Echizen Matsushima Aquarium

Green Center

Angel Land

Takeda Waterwheel Melody Park


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good on you make your stand!

To quote another famous person…

”You must do what you feel is right of course”


“Who is not foolish the fool or the fool who followed?”

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let me preface this comment with both “Allegedly” and *sarcasm incoming…

Ha… yep it is sad when the article also doesn’t mention that there are construction notices on the 2 photos with “buildings missing”. It doesn’t mention the fact that to stimulate the economy in though times the construction industry is still booming (comparatively). Nor the fact that many politicians have their fingers in the construction industry pie.

I feel sorry for the people that lost their job due to the downturn of their industry. But guaranteed there is nothing truer in Japan than taxes and the construction industry. Look it’s coming to winter we better dig up the road every year to check if the snow sprinklers work. Can’t we just turn them on? Nope there may be cracks in the pipes… Ok checked… now let’s check the gas quick dig up the road and check the gas pipes… ok gas checked what else can we check… oh we need to check the electricity… but they have overhead power lines… Yep let’s dig up the road just in case… while we are down there let’s check the internet and we might as well check the satellite too. wait it’s almost winter let’s dig up the road to check the water… hang on did we check under the sidewalk? Quick we need to dig it up.

Ikebukuro will bounce back to the skyscrapers of yester year. Although of course it will look different after 6 years. That’s the nature of both town planning and business. Rant over.

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Yes I prefer the Winter Olympics to the summer Olympics. Why wouldn’t you watch it? I wish people would stop trying to spread their political agenda through the medium of sport. I’m watching it to see the athletes who have worked hard try their best at the sport of their choice. Besides for entertainment, you never know what will happen (Steven Bradbury, from Australia).

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