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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

How come the antivaxxer crowd is so active this week? you don't vaccinate, you can't do some things, in the same way that if you want to drink you can't drive, even if you think alcohol makes you drive better, waiting is fine you are just accepting to be treated as not vaccinated until you do (if you ever do).

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Posted in: Are COVID-19 boosters ethical, with half the world waiting for a first shot? See in context

Ethics are a hugely difficult thing to decide, specially on world scale problems, but nobody can negate that vaccines being used for minimum gains as boosters instead of giving immunity to those that need them is wrong, not to mention that those countries can become nests for new variants.

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Posted in: CDC panel grapples with who needs booster shot of COVID vaccine See in context

As usual if the politicians are trying to act against the scientists recommendations I would be much more on the side of the scientists. There are people on urgent need of those shots, give them to those people first and if there is anything left over then boost anybody else.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening ‘massacre’ at vaccination site in Tokyo See in context

Weirdoes and crazy people keep getting in the way of the vaccination efforts, this one just went overboard, If he tried to sabotage vaccines as the rest of the loons do (with disinformation and obvious lies) he would have suffered no consequences at all, this site is proof of that, look at any article about COVID and vaccines and you will find people lying openly just to fool people into feeling anxious and reject vaccination without any of them getting even a warning, much less facing consequences of their immoral actions.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 537 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,245 See in context

I really wish I was naive enough to believe these numbers, but with the low number of tests being done in the city these reports become almost almost useless.

Hopefully COVID is getting under control, but if this is true its more in spite of the government and not thanks to it.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

I understand it is dangerous to set a precedent for the future, but if the case is so clear as this one there is nothing to gain with letting go a criminal because of technicalities, exceptions should be done to punish someone so clearly guilty.

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Posted in: For past Olympics, we found fake ticketing sites. But with almost no fans at venues for the Tokyo Games, and many public viewing events canceled, it's possible that cybercrimes are proliferating around counterfeit websites claiming to be providing TV broadcasts or livestreams of the Games. See in context

I think fake tickets are still being sold to naive people, I am sure some people are paying huge amounts of money to be part of the privileged VIPs seeing the games only to find out later they were fooled out of their money.

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Posted in: Jolie-Pitt divorce judge disqualified by appeals court See in context

How is this news? even if it is classified as "entertainment" this really seems as morbid interest in completely personal matters.

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Posted in: Beach volleyball match canceled after Czech player tests positive for COVID See in context

This is ridiculous. That’s why canceling the game was the best option given the fear mongering and hysteria

You know what is ridiculous? a person that thinks the advice of the experts is "fear mongering" and "hysteria" just because personally don't want to believe the science. How self centered people have to be to think their opinions are more important than professional recommendations?

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Posted in: Algerian judoka to be sent home after refusing potential bout with Israeli See in context

To be completely fair this kind of anti-sport attitudes are completely inside of what should be expected from these games, full of misogyny, drugs, scandals.

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Posted in: Meghan, Prince Harry to develop new Netflix animated series See in context

Seems like a boring generic thing, at least they will not be destroying some other franchise that could actually be interesting.

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Posted in: There wasn't any consideration. If there'd only been one example of 'you're being asked to move, could you please possibly cooperate? Instead, it was pretty much'we're having the Olympics, you need to get out.' See in context

Even one time can be a hard experience, but twice? that must be gut wrenching, specially now that is for the covid games.

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Posted in: Kono says local gov'ts need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch See in context

why not do the opposite? tell the people in charge of supply to improve it so vaccinations can be done at even greater speed.

Was not supposedly the lack of doctors and nurses the thing that was limiting the distribution? this makes it obvious it was just a lie.

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Posted in: Bach says anti-virus rules working ahead of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Bach said measures taken to deal with these positive cases mean "the risk for the other residents of the Olympic Village, and the risk for the Japanese people is zero".

That is a plain lie, which means everything else he says can also be considered the same, the risk is never zero.

How about getting a well recognized expert to say the measures are adequate? Bach has no authority on the topic and an obvious conflict of interest so his judgements are irrelevant.

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Posted in: Male host club employee arrested for attempted murder of colleague See in context

I do not understand why such places are allowed to do business!

I don't understand how they are able to do business, with all the bad name they have still women that visit them.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 716 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,881 See in context

numbers going up even with all the efforts to not detect them, bad news for the Olympic Games.

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Posted in: Voting under way in Tokyo metropolitan assembly election See in context

Lets see if all complains and anger about the actions of the government make people vote differently this time...

yeah sure.

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Posted in: Britney Spears' father to stay on as guardian, U.S. court rules See in context

Way too much attention for this mostly personal situation. People just love to be in the middle of it without any reason. Maybe it is because the Kardashians have not been on the news lately, just get a new hobby away from celebrities.

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Posted in: Chinese people vexed by Communist Party's image among Japanese See in context

You know what would quickly improve the image? a fully transparent probe into the pandemic origins with lots of responsible people identified and punished.

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Posted in: Delta variant exploits low vaccine rates, easing of rules See in context

You gotta love when the resident antivaxxers give up trying to defend their conspiracies and just end up attacking people debunking them.

Doc why don't you go to the families of children that have died from COVID and say to them they were not at risk? if they become aggressive you can also call them fear mongers, that will surely solve things.

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Posted in: North Korean leader Kim 'emaciated'; citizens heartbroken: state TV See in context

He still looks chubby, just compare him with how the people that escape his country look when rescued in the other Korea.

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Posted in: Universal civil registration and vital statistics are critical for truth, trust and COVID recovery in Asia-Pacific See in context

Come on, there are countries around where people are still trying to make a living without getting shot by criminals or extorted by the authorities, the efforts are good and everything, but saying how good and useful is to have everybody registered in a safe system is not going to solve the urgent problem.

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Posted in: 3 Springboks positive for virus as Lions tour set to begin See in context

I bet somebody really important assured everybody the tour was completely safe and that all preventive measures were being followed to assure the health of all participants.


Still, may all the players recover completely without any lasting problem, they are not at fault of trying to secure their way of living.

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Posted in: 70-year-old man arrested for keeping wife’s corpse at home for 2 years See in context

That must have been really hard, living with the corpse of someone you loved for two years!

I wonder what made him report it now.

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Posted in: Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning or at night after you return home? See in context

I check everything, but never reply unless it is a real emergency, I think the last one was like 8 years ago.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing ¥4.1 million from elderly woman’s house See in context

Bad cop, but luckily also dumb, I bet he never even noticed the street camera.

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Posted in: Australia battles several clusters in new pandemic phase See in context

I keep hearing a pattern here, countries that have "been relatively successful in containing the pandemic" and fail to vaccinate people on time.

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Posted in: Firm led by former Japanese minister linked to Myanmar military See in context

Whops, I guess this was not supposed to be released to the public.

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Posted in: IOC president Bach to arrive in Japan on July 9 See in context

I hope he gets the welcome he deserves.

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' game’s release date announced See in context

Meh, I will wait until a good free game comes out in the android play store.

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