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Posted in: What virus? At GOP's convention, pandemic is largely ignored See in context

“It was awful. Health and economic impacts were tragic,"

These people are living in a fantasy world, and are allowing this virus to thrive and morph, putting the entire world at risk of something bigger and more dangerous. Now, the virus affects younger people, and the reports of people being infected q second time are beginning to grow.

How old are these kids?!

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Posted in: Japan keeps mask-wearing cool in summer See in context

Agreed with Vic. M

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Posted in: Socially distanced Santas gear up to save Christmas See in context

I like it. Keep the spirit alive. I feel bad for the kids who’s world is changing around them and they can’t understand

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Posted in: Remains dug up from Osaka mass grave suggest epidemic in 1800s See in context

That’s a big find with interesting timing

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Posted in: KFC tells customers to hold off on the 'Finger Lickin' for now See in context

This is great though!

The ad then ends with the tagline "That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now".

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Posted in: KFC tells customers to hold off on the 'Finger Lickin' for now See in context

Funny. They should keep the motto to remind everyone of the good times they used to have

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the league will allow spectators to clap inside stadiums from Sept 7.

Seriously? That was a thing?

I hope that makes it into the coronavirus museums. Oh, and please include the music player’s masks they invented. These things must be documented in order to preserve the “we did our best, before saying shoganai” image.

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

Larry Lacky

mine also went straight to savings. if your job hasn’t been affected and you don’t live a debt ridden life, I don’t see what’s so unbelievable about being able to save an extra chunk of cash.

the head of a household receives the total amount of the cash handouts for family members transferred to his or her bank account.

i don’t think this is the best system. I realize it simplifies the process for the government, but I’m sure some people in need can’t access they’re money depending on their relationship with the “head in the household”.

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Posted in: Do you think climate change could be a driver of infectious diseases by bringing long-dormant viruses back to life? See in context

I’d really like to hear the thoughts of the one who gave a thumbs down to my comment.

Because ancient microbes are in fact frozen in time in there.

Or is it just that JT infection of someone always having to disagree?

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Posted in: Do you think climate change could be a driver of infectious diseases by bringing long-dormant viruses back to life? See in context

Absolutely. There is more than just water in all that melting ice!

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Posted in: Mystery odor haunts Kanagawa Prefecture, worries seismologist See in context

grain of salt or not, this is very unsettling.

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Posted in: Mask-wearing during labor to prevent infection stirs debate See in context

HOLY MOLY!!! Who makes these rules! Obviously not anyone who’s given birth recently, especially in japan where natural, no pain killing birth is the norm.

I gave birth 18 months ago, and unlike what most moms say, oh! I DID NOT forget the pain.

I think I would have died if I wore a mask.

If they are worried about false negatives, test 3 times. Heck, test 30 times. Anyone would be happier with that than with wearing a mask during LABOUR!!!

What’s next? Marathon runners and gymnasts wearing masks at the Olympics?

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Posted in: Tokyo sunset See in context

Where is this observation deck?

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Posted in: Make fluffy omelettes in the microwave with this handy kitchen gadget See in context

Japan. King of the useless and useful kitchens tools.

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Posted in: Medical staff, elderly should get COVID vaccination first: task force See in context

The elderly should not have priority over pregnant women and emergency workers

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Posted in: Mayor of town in Kochi Prefecture resigns over groping incident See in context

Onishi admitted to groping and committing other indecent acts against the woman

in this kind of situation, I think defining “other indecent acts” is necessary.

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Posted in: Make-it-yourself crêpe mixture, plus three tasty sweet and savoury recipe ideas See in context

@vanessa Carlisle

400g. It’s written by the name

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Posted in: Osaka burglar arrested because he couldn’t find a mask during shortage See in context

This is funny

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Posted in: Japan criticized for weak response to bulk carrier fuel leak off Mauritius See in context

It seems japan doesn’t have much respect for oceans. Between this slow response, the plan to dump nuclear waste, over fishing.....

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Posted in: How has the coronavirus affected your mental health? See in context

Happy to hear it hasn’t affected everyone negatively. My family is largely unaffected.

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Posted in: Japanese company creates face masks for musicians See in context


how about all that infected air coming out of the bottom of that sax?

this is just a mask that screams: “I conform, I swear!”

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Posted in: Man convicted of causing blast in Sapporo gets suspended sentence See in context

The cans Tsujimoto emptied were part of the unused inventory in the office.

Maybe he’ll think twice before wasting next time

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context


Better safe than sorry.

In that case, leave the Japanese at the door too

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Posted in: Japan ramps up aid to Mauritius after fuel spill See in context

The aid should have been ramped up BEFORE the ship tore in half, spilling all of its’ contents!

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 102-year-old aunt See in context

The victim, who had lost consciousness, was taken to hospital and was in a stable condition on Monday, 

that’s one tough cookie!

60 year old taking care of 102 year old ...


just because it’s not done in your country, it doesn’t make it wrong, bad or “sad”.

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Posted in: Asian cities virus-proof public transit with smart shelters, thermal scanners See in context

Temperature checks are quite useless. This is a waste, better wait until we have more advance wait to scan for Covid

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context

I get so frustrated when I’m line at the bakery. Someone buys 10 buns. They wrap each of them in a plastic bag which they meticulously close with plastic tape. Then in a box (also closed with tape. And lined with parchment paper no doubt), then all placed in a large plastic bag. Oh, which is closed with, you guessed it, plastic tape.

The bakery is definitely at fault for continuing to offer this ridiculous “service”, but more so I judge the customer just standing there like a blind ghost

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context


i haven’t read all the comments, so perhaps it’s already been suggested, but we have 2 large tuppers to collect all the garbage scraps. They may still smell in the summer, but I sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top and it lightens the skunk when I need to open it. Then I dump them all into the garbage just as I’m about to throw it out.

I hate wasting plastic bags, and I don’t like to handle little iffy bags of leaking fish guts either. The tuppers are just a million times better.

If you’re more of a go big or go home type of person, you can make a worm bin too. We have one and it eats about 1/2 our scraps, but I realize this wouldn’t be the most popular idea for various reasons

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Posted in: Woman holding baby hit by truck on crossing; driver arrested See in context

El Rata

it may seem like there are so many accidents involving trucks, but they spend so much time on the road, you just can’t compare with your single skill of driving a car.

i presume you have travelled all over the world and studied truck drivers and accident statistics?

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Posted in: Is breastfeeding safe during the coronavirus pandemic? See in context

Appalled to hear that japan recommended formula for the most important time to be exclusively breastfeeding

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