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I would refer everyone who says "If Hamas did not fire rockets at Israel then there wouldn't be a problem" to my earlier comment. The Palestinians are defending, and have been defending for over 50 years, themselves from a foreign invasion.

As I said before, read something that isn't mainstream media, a real history book perhaps. Then read a few more so you can get a balanced perspective.

The people of Palestine didn't just decide one day to start lobbing rockets at Israel for fun and giggles. It is their only way to defend themselves. Perhaps many poster on here would just roll over and let Israel have their way with their motherland and rape and pillage to their hearts content, but the Palestinian people are too proud for that. Until you've been under the iron fist of occupation, you will never know. This is why a lot of Irish and Catholic N.Irish people support Palestine, they know how it feels and would do the same.

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Posted in: Silent protest held in Tokyo against Gaza bloodshed See in context

I for one fully support the Palestinian cause.

I think that many people need to take some history lessons or at the very least do some research. Israel are the aggressors and the Palestinians are actually defending their country. Since 1948 Israel has been settling in land that is not theirs, they are occupiers and I'm sure many on here would not accept an occupying force in their homeland, wherever that may be. My family is Irish, we know all about being occupied and subjugated by a foreign force against your will.

If you dig even deeper you see that the divvying up of Palestine was actually the fault of Britain (which had governmental mandate in Palestine since the late 20's) and the UN who basically carved up the Arab land as if it were a birthday cake.

The map below illustrates quite clearly how much land has been illegally taken by Israel since 1947. You can see why the Arab League would not accept the original Partition Plan. How many on here would happily give up huge swathes of their homeland to allow the creation of a new country? Since then Israel has squeezed the last remaining Palestinians and Arabs into modern city-sized ghettos.


Please check your history/facts before settling on an opinion. Or to quote Richard Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross.

"I'm gonna tell you something you'd know if you'd ever spent a day in your life: You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is."

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