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Posted in: Ikea to hike prices by 9% due to supply chain woes See in context

When Ikea can hike my pay 9% I'll buy from them again until they bring their prices down again.

Otherwise I'm just going to buy my crap from some other company that doesn't make their furniture assembly like transcribing a 300 piece puzzle into modern English.

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Posted in: Global herd immunity remains out of reach because of inequitable vaccine distribution See in context

Meanwhile countries are receiving vaccines that are not effective, wasting vaccines they do receive, distributing fake vaccines to the public, etc.—and all because something as crucial as universal healthcare is not a thing in some countries. The corrupt officials who think saving people's lives should come at a price only do it because it doesn't affect them personally. Yet, when the tables turn, they turn the other cheek and ask for what they never gave out when others needed it. The human race puts a price tag on life because they are too cheap to come up with something better.

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Posted in: China seen as top U.S. partner in Asia, Japan more reliable: poll See in context

The US finds Japan more trustworthy because they keep their bases there. What US bases can you find in China? Do people not understand what happens when your country loses a war? Ironically, The US will not cut ties with China - the whole fiasco with trade disputes among privacy concerns means nothing to the 1% here because their only aim is profit. They will continue to use China for their production resources because they want to keep the disparity equal--equal meaning the 1% keep being rich while the rest of us lick the crumbs.

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

So obviously there's going to be a generational gap with music but I'm one of those guys that can like Ikue Asazaki, Home Made Kazoku, Junko Yagami, and I can actually enjoy them.

I can agree with the notion that music typically has a better ring to it when you're actually expressing yourself - however it may be - but it must be genuine. Just trying to rig a bunch of sounds together to repeat the same lyric in the entire song is kind of lazy (to me).

That being said, I personally don't care what or how they make music sound good - if it sounds good, then it's good for you. That's kind of the end of it. I personally don't like listening to Vocaloid. Does that mean nobody else can't find it entertaining? No, perhaps they can. Everyone's tastes are different.

What I would rather stop have happening in the entertainment industry is the cheap theatrics being shoved in everybody's face where they put people in skimpy outfits (if any at all) just to get a fanbase going. Now THAT is CHEAP and LAZY. Any random chick or dude can parade themselves in suggestive clothing and get people's attention - that is in fact the point of wearing those type of outfits in the first place. It's enticing. However, if you're actually passionate about your music, why resort to something so pathetic? It's just sad because not only do you disservice yourself and your supposed talent but your character is questioned.

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Posted in: Facebook to add more account security features next year See in context

Zuckerburg can put as many "security" features as he wants, it doesn't mean anything because they aren't PRIVACY features. The platform still harbors the most insane of things and it still commits to anti-privacy practices. It'll be useful when it's dead and only used as a reference for what not to use the internet for.

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Posted in: Apple targets car production by 2024 and eyes 'next level' battery technology See in context

Wonder how much they'll charge for the wheels, steering wheel, brakes, etc. We all know they won't come included by default.

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Posted in: Unplanned pregnancies occurring among teens, young women during pandemic See in context

I think in another time the higher pregnancy count would've been good news had they led to population growth. Now being the time that it is and knowing the likely cause for these pregnancies in teenagers (children!) no less is just sickening.

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