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If only Sony and Nintendo could harness this!! Hopefully soon

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Double dipping.. 1st a pre tax hike, then the tax hike comes in. A bonus hike to around rugby world cup and olympics. The every day person is getting bent over a barrel!

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If there is a short supply of workers, up the pay. To attract the best, you need to pay the best!

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Posted in: Number of foreign visitors to Japan rises 7.5% to 2.69 mil in January See in context

People are kind and the streets are clean in Japan. Above all, the prices of food, drink and accommodation are reasonable. There are low-cost airlines to Japan. These factors contribute to the steady increase of tourists in Japan.

This is why I love to travel back to Japan. I just hope Japan doesn't sell its soul in the process. Somedays I hear more Chinese spoken then Japanese.

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Sure, It's like when a coach comes out amd says 'i have the support of the board' and then gets sacked.


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That's why we are travelling to Japan. Top of 2° today where we are.

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