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Posted in: Egyptian actress questioned over revealing dress at gala See in context

This persecution is disgusting. If you saw what she was wearing that was so offensive to the religious extremists who permeate and control the governments in the Middle East, you would otherwise laugh. But this is no laughing matter in a supposedly relatively modern Muslim country. What are the prosecutors going to press on with, cutting off her legs as punishment?

Too bad we are not all living in the twenty-first century rather than before the age of enlightenment.

Sad, very sad

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers to change more event starting times to beat heat See in context

Marathons are not typically held during the summer. They are, however, held during the "cooler" months in places with hot climates, meaning that there are marathons all the time in weather warmer than what it most likely will be in Tokyo. Marathons in the tropics typically begin at 4am or even 3am, in the dark. It's still hot, but it is better than when the sun comes out. Because this race is the Olympics, they want spectators, and that means a start at a more reasonable (to non-runners) hour. They also want to be able to run fast, which means that they can't run in the dark. But it also means that the athletes should all be running for less than 3 hours, which means that 6-7 is not an unreasonable time to begin.

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Posted in: Japan's justice system under scrutiny over Ghosn's continued detention See in context

In Japan, once someone is arrested by prosecutors, most of the time it means the end of his carrier. Prosecutors control media by leaking various information to them to form a public image of a criminal. In addition, if he denies, usually he could be detained more than a year until the court judgement of the first instance. Since the conviction rate is more than 99 % in Japan, admitting a crime and seeking a bailout and suspended jail term is a better way as a defense strategy.

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Posted in: Trump urges Mexico to send migrants home after border melee See in context

Trump called this right. Foreign nationals DO NOT have the right to demand entry to this country, riot or sneak in if refused, use children who are not their own as chattel when entering, make demands about how they are being treated when they get caught, and complain about conditions when they find work under the table, against the law. This country is already unstable and volatile enough, we have our own staggering problems right now that we need to solve, and cannot take all comers, especially not those who demonstrate complete disregard for the law before they even enter. This is exactly the sort of issue that could swing the 2020 election away from the Dems, we must have secure borders.

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Posted in: U.S. shuts border post as migrants try to cross from Mexico See in context

Good. Maybe Mexico will try harder to stop the next horde if they know that they'll get stuck with them.

Send them back. Our schools are already overcrowded and under funded.

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Posted in: Senior Saudi prince says CIA cannot be trusted on Khashoggi conclusion See in context

Khashoggi for Man of the Year.

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Posted in: 1 teen dead, 2 others injured after Alabama mall shooting See in context

It wouldn’t be a normal day in America without a shooting. Let’s all give thanks for guns. As American as turkey and pumpkin pie.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

I think working to 65 is bad enough but 70! Where is quality of life here? Those that have worked all their years are entitled to look forward to retirement at an age when they can enjoy it.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn and another top exec sends shockwaves through Nissan See in context

I think his pose in that “photo shoot” tells us all we need to know about Mr Ghosn.

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Posted in: U.S. imposes sanctions for Khashoggi killing See in context

The people who are indicted and who killed Khashoggi were probably following orders. They will be dealt with harshly while the order givers go on as if nothing happened.

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Posted in: CNN sues Trump, demanding return of Acosta to White House See in context

Imagine if Nixon had tried to ban Dan Rather for asking tough questions. Didn’t happen. And Rather was a hell of a lot more contentious than Acosta.

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Posted in: Democrats pick up governorships but lose Florida, Ohio See in context

To all the DEMOCRATIC minorities who ran, whether you lost or won, thank you, your day is coming, keep fighting for justice and your RIGHTFUL PLACE AT THE TABLE!

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Posted in: Democrats take House control; Republicans expand Senate majority See in context

2 years down, 2 to go. I'm a long distance runner.

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Posted in: Growing caravan of migrants pushes deeper into Mexico See in context

Republicans control the House, Senate, White House, and many State legislatures.

Where is the wall with Mexico that Mexico was supposed to pay for?

Where is their proposal for immigration reform?

Where is Trump's "much better and cheaper" national health care plan?

Why is our deficit and national debt ballooning when our economy is booming?

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Posted in: Canada makes final preparations before cannabis becomes legal See in context

Good on you Canada. U.S. states that have legalized marijuana have decreased incarcerations, increased tourism and growing tax revenues. This is in contrast to Jeff Session's desire to fill his pal's privatized prisons with those afflicted with 'the reefer madness'.

I don't even smoke weed anymore but it's another logical reason to move to Canada. Canada has moved forward while the US has moved back to the 1930s.

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Posted in: China launches anti-halal campaign in Xinjiang See in context

Was a time I was hoping China was heading in the right direction ... Whether Communist or Capitalist, unchecked power just can't tolerate dissent or nonconformity of any kind.

Horrible cruelty inflicted on tens of millions of people in different parts of the world by a very small number of power-crazy people in possession of power who want to hold on to possessed power and increase it as much as they can.

Assad, Xi, Putin, el-Sisi, Maduro, Duterte, al-Bashir, King Salman,...

There are 49 dictatorships in the world.

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Posted in: Trump says next summit with N Korea's Kim to come after November U.S. elections See in context

The great love affair between the murderous dictator Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump is something only seen in fairy tales. I hope they live happily ever somewhere in North Korea.

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Posted in: Kavanaugh impartiality to be tested in blue state lawsuits See in context

In reality it's all about the right of the wealthy to place their boots on our necks and keep them there. Kavanaugh isn't anyone's champion; he's a drunken shill for the one percent.

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Posted in: Senate confirms Kavanaugh for Supreme Court by vote of 50-48 See in context

When Trump claims that the Kavanaugh confirmation is a great victory for America, what he really means is that it is a great victory for himself and his half of the country over the half of the country that opposed Kavanaugh. If the president is happily gloating about helping to cleave this nation in two, he is not a President of the United States. He is a chieftain of a tribe.  

A divided nation is ultimately, inevitably, a weaker nation. Apparently, this is what Trump wants. It also happens to be what Putin wants. Trump is a traitor to the U.S.A.

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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

Don’t let the "noren" hit you on the way out!

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Posted in: Israel vs Iran: Netanyahu lobs nuclear claim — again See in context

Psst. The worlds largest secret nuclear storage facility is in........Israel.

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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh rejects 'false accusations' See in context

How happy is Judge Kavanaugh to have an admitted sexual predator showering praise on him this morning? LOL

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Posted in: U.S. warns Russia over missile defense for Syria See in context

So Bolton gives tRump the 100 year war in the ME that McCain could only dream of. Maybe walrus-boy should have considered Iran's ties to Iraq and Syria when he helped pimp Dubya's Excellent Iraqi Adventure.

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Posted in: Trump blasts GOP spending plan that lacks money for wall See in context

Is the Mexican goverment still going to pay for this wall because that is what you said at least 1000 times Mr. Trump.

Cultists don't understand that 99% of illegal immigration comes from overstayed visas and have entered legitimately through airports... 

But hey, facts and trumpenwallspeak don't jive.

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Posted in: ¥6.7 bil in virtual currency hacked in Japan See in context

Huh. Fools and their PRETEND money are soon parted, too.

Who knew?

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Posted in: Don't rip Britain apart, May appeals to fellow EU leaders on Brexit See in context

Good grief, people. We already know that public sentiment on Brexit was manipulated by Russian propaganda. It was a non-binding referendum...just declare the whole thing null and void, and be done with it. Hold snap elections to re-form the government, and move on.

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Posted in: Slain golfer, suspect lived contrasting lives in Iowa city See in context

Hard times in Iowa, especially for athletic young women.

Notice that this guy appears to be standard-issue white male, and I'm betting nobody in the GOP is going to generalize from him about the horrible invasion of violent anti-social young white males that are putting all of us at risk.

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Posted in: Leaders of two Koreas meet for high-stakes summit See in context

If Benedict Bonespurs would stay out of the mix and let Moon work his magic- then there is a good chance that peace will be further assured.

Few Americans understand why N.K. is so anti U.S. Back in 1950, MacArthur was carpet bombing the north and this resulted in massive civilian casualties Few families were spared.They never forgot this atrocity.

N.K. knows what happens to those who drop their arms and cooperate with the U.S.- Libya being an example. No future in that so it will be some time before he lets the nukes go.

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Posted in: Russia, Turkey, Iran fail to agree on ceasefire for Syria's Idlib See in context

The province is the last stronghold of the jihadists, and most of the civilians are their hostages. WHY do we not want the Syrian government to take over the province and end this civil war?

It reminds me of the Sri Lankan civil war. When the government had the last pocket of Tamil Tigers surrounded, the west went nuts and pitched a fit when the government went in and ended the war. Its like the west did not want the war to end. They wanted the killing to continue.

Assad is a dictator, but he is a secular dictator who rules over a multi-confessional country of Alawites, Sunnis, Christians, and Druze. If the rebels win, there will be true genocide in Syria.

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Posted in: Trump turns up the heat in trade conflict with China See in context

Does this mean red MAGA hats will cost more?

This is going to hit the Trumpumkins right in their Walmart!

He's so dumb he doesn't realize it is American consumers who are going to foot the bill.

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