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Donald J. Trump


The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!

4:04 PM · Mar 25, 2020

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Posted in: Trump hopes to see U.S. economy reopened by Easter; contradicts warnings of public health officials See in context

Trump wants to open everything back up (tomorrow) if possible, and HE SHOULD. What the heck is wrong with the Democrats?


Here's the agenda attached to her coronavirus bill (which proves it's not about coronavirus AT ALL)

Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offsets.

Payment for up to $10, 000 in student loans:

Same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvesting.

Preserving collective bargaining powers for unions.

The expansion of wind and solar tax credits.

Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data.

Post Office Bailout.

Automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas.

Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status.

Money for Planned Parenthood.

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Posted in: U.S. could be next virus epicenter, as India locks down, global recession looms See in context

Fauci is a front man for the CDC only. I think Fauci will be given his walking papers in the next 2 weeks.

Trump’s distrust of experts is why Jared Kushner is now overseeing the pandemic response.

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In an interview with “The View, Biden answered, "We have to take care of the cure that will make the problem worse no matter what." LOL

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Posted in: U.S. could be next virus epicenter, as India locks down, global recession looms See in context

The biggest enemy of our immune systems is stress.

The government of Ohio just essentially closed his entire state. The chief fear monger of the trump administration is without a doubt Anthony Fauci, head of the Allergy and infectious Diseases at the National Institute of health. Fauci is all over the media serving up outright falsehoods to stir up even more panic. He testified to Congress that the death rate for Coronavirus is ten times of the seasonal flu.

A claim WITHOUT any scientific basis on Face the Nation. Fauci did his best to further damage an already tanky economy by stating right now, personally he wouldn’t go to a restaurant.

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Wuhan is still close to dead.

Compare live traffic to 2019 average congestion.

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99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says

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Posted in: U.S. urges Americans to avoid all overseas travel due to coronavirus See in context

Our President is doing his best to keep folks calm but political opponents and most of the media have nothing better to do than to fear monger and exploit the situation for political gain. This should teach some unbelievers a lesson to be self-sufficient for emergency supplies , meds, etc.

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Posted in: U.S. Senate awaits House coronavirus bill; Schumer proposes $750 bil more in emergency spending See in context


Check out THIS TWEET

It is a text video about Coronavirus sent to Trump by Republicans. In the first top heading "Practice good hygiene", watch the way the letters drop out when it changes. All the letters first turn to other letters before vanishing and the two O's turn to Q's. IMPORTANT: The central theme of the message is not Coronavirus, it is "We are all in this together". The two first letter changes are I and F to spell "IF" and then it appears to become an anagram. It is difficult for me to extract the message, but if I post this here and have others go at it, someone, after a couple hours, will put this together. At least on my computer I can frame by frame every letter change out but all I get is gobbledygook which is probably not gobbledy gook, it is an obvious coded message that re emphasizes Q twice, and repeatedly emphasizes "we are all in this together".

Some of the letters have 3 transitions and you can see them happen but I can't for some reason extract them. Maybe it takes a Windows computer. To solve this, you are going to need ALL the letters.

Very strange, this is not a "blurry UFO video", there is definitely something to this.

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Posted in: UK ramps up virus fight: no pubs, 12-week isolation for some See in context

Elect a clown, get a circus. Part 2.

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Posted in: Coronavirus fears shut bars, borders; WHO urges world to ‘test, test, test’ See in context

The WHO is a complete joke, why, because if they have or had any morals in what they do the WHO should have this type event under control. What this is showing is WHO is good at stimulating FEAR and MIND CONTROL. This event is creating more stress on people than the virus itself, I wonder what the suicide rate is at right now? How many people are getting medications for stress, what is the financial stresses for people? Who are the winners here? Yes, it is that easy to control the human in the name of science.

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Posted in: Spain locks down its citizens, while France shuts nightlife; U.S. expands travel ban to UK, Ireland See in context

Wait until the air traffic control folks decide to call in sick, might as well follow the lead of most of Europe and shut the USA down , why wait?

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The resulting slowdown across the globe has undercut the price of oil, intensifying pressure on energy producers and likely reducing business investment.

Trump attempting to use this crisis to stuff federal oil reserves a WORK OF GENIUS

What a GREAT MOVE. Now, I'll be frank with this - despite Trump doing this there are now 67 different types of crude below $30 a barrel, and of those, 9 are below $20 a barrel, including, surprisingy, NW Kansas sweet, which is a premium fuel oil. It is not crap and high sulfer tar at these prices, when it comes to sweet oil (the stuff you want) 7 different types are priced at $25 or less.

Trump's idea: Take advantage of these historic low prices to stuff the national oil reserves that Obama basically sold off and stole. This is an opportunity to get it all back at a fraction of the price. And while doing so, Trump can at least reduce the strain on American oil producers and help save them from doom. The problem? The oil glut is so deep that even stuffing the national reserves, which are by far the largest of any country on earth and at empty after Obama, - THAT MUCH oil taken out of this glut appears to not be enough to compensate for having China not use any oil (literally) and other countries using a lot less as people stay home to avoid getting sick.

Hopefully Trump can manage this situation well enough to save America's oil industry, but any way you cut it, when it is all over, America is going to be sitting on an enormous pile of reserves, and that can only be good.

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The following is fiction:

In June/July, Ft Detrick Maryland got audited. It was determined that due to "procedural errors" viruses were escaping their biolevel 4 facility "through the sanitary system" and on August 4 they got shut down and remain shut down until today, (and probably forever).

Now, one does not shut down ANY facility just because of "procedural errors, " no, those can be fixed quickly. When questioned about the closure, the excuse was then given that "the sanitary system was old and needed to be completely replaced". More patent BS. Take care of whatever and proceed as usual one would think, ****but not in this case

Reading through the meta talk, it is fairly easy to plausibly argue that the "procedural errors" were in fact by an unknown mole who smuggled coronavirus out of that facility, and released it in the United States first.

Then, in late August, we got our First vaping death which low and behold matched the symptoms of Coronavirus PERFECTLY. That was probably patient zero, and it was all scammed under the radar as E-cigarrette mayhem.

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Posted in: House passes aid bill after Trump declares virus national emergency See in context

Doctor provides a much-welcomed positive outlook on coronavirus

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Posted in: Worst day on Wall Street since 1987 as virus fears spread See in context

Banksters are going to make a killing buying stocks at such low prices. And the Italian government announced a 25 billion Euros package to fight the coronavirus. Considering how political parties there always take a big cut, what is really going on is clear : people at the top of the plutocracy engineered the media hysteria to fill their coffers. And to weaken Trump, whose main accomplishment was a growing economy according to opinion polls. And of course Big Pharma completely censors the cure China has found : chloroquine gets rid of the coronavirus in four days.

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There's one thing the Trump administration wants Americans to remember about the coronavirus pandemic: It carries the "Made in China” label.

If that's the case, then it stands to reason that that *orange *** infecting our White House  carries the label "Made in Russia".

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Posted in: WHO declares coronavirus crisis a pandemic See in context

Be VERY CONCERNED folks, not of the virus, but what government control, new quarantines, travel bans, economic crisis, possible forced medications are about to fall upon the population. Keep your eyes and ears wide open and don’t ever give them access to your blood stream.

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Does the fact that the W.H.O. is now sounding the alarm that this is a full blown pandemic and is telling governments they need to fight it throw up a red flag for anyone else? Be afraid, be very afraid. WHOOOOOO Sorry, I mean W.H.O.They ignored it for how long? Over a month in order to get it going but now there still isn’t sufficient panic to generate billions in vaccines. Also, it seems where ever there are sufficient numbers to refer to it as an outbreak; it’s also an area where 5-G has been up and running for a few months…imagine that. I guess the public is smart enough to know there is no vaccine for 5-G flu.

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The latest jolt came from Saudi Arabia, Russia and other oil producers arguing over how much to cut output to prop up prices.

Crude Oil Prices Today

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Investors betting big against catastrophic diseases are watching the World Health Organization closely as insurance bonds tied to whether the organization labels COVID-19 a pandemic are set to mature in June.

That is why the WHO does not declare the coronavirus a pandemic.

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The CDC and other high criminals were denying testing at the local level, while they were set to receive billions that they simply would have stolen. Remember, these same people got several billion for "homeless causes" in California and NOT ONE DAMN THING got done, ZERO "tiny homes" with all prospects for them being priced at $200, 000 and even at that price, none, NOT ONE, got built. No housing, no food programs, no public bathrooms, NOT ONE DAMN THING.

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Posted in: Trump defiant as White House is rebuked for coronavirus 'mess' See in context

Meanwhile critics point to deep CDC cuts

Trump just pissed them off, here's how:

He denied them the cash payout of 8 billion and instead distributed that money to state and local governments. Some will no doubt rob it, but my guess is about half will actually use it as intended, and that's a lot better than throwing a pirate a pallet of gold and telling him to use it for the benefit of society. The pirate leftists would simply steal it and ask for more while they intentionally infect people to "prove they need it." They have done it time and time again with other issues. ****Fool me once!

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Posted in: 21 aboard cruise ship off California test positive for coronavirus See in context

The Grand Princess departed from U.S. soil, went to U.S. soil, RETURNED to U.S. soil, and because it was a cruise ship they started testing people and with only 46 tested, 21 are positive. They are now going to test them all. And we'll be able to forward calculate how many infected there are in the United States that are not yet showing symptoms. So far the math is:

3500 people on board, 21 infected. 21 divided by 3500 is 0.006. 0.006 times 320, 000, 000 = 1, 920, 000 infected in the U.S., with very few showing symptoms because the infections are too fresh, and that's with only a small number of the people on board tested.

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The opposition has dismissed Abe's insistence that a law revision is needed to cope with the pneumonia-causing new coronavirus.

Abe wants to revise the law most likely because the present law was approved by the Noda cabinet back in 2012.

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Posted in: Bloomberg bows out of presidential contest but his money will stay See in context

To Bernie's supporters:

Defeat President Lunatic first, make your case for policy change later.

Or you will have your work cut out for you.

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While the crisis appears to be easing in China, alarming clusters of thousands of cases have turned up in Italy, Iran and South Korea and Japan.

I am happy Iran is not going along with the Covid-19 BS, they are calling it as it is. They know. That said, with 92 deaths the Iranian variant is 16 percent lethal so far. Iran is going to be interesting to watch, because they are trying to independently find ways to stop the virus from being so deadly, and they are brilliant. I believe Iran is going to be a lot more creative when it comes to finding treatments for this than any other nation because they are not subverted and do have substantial talent.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Japan Case by Each Prefecture

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In Iran, a confidant of Iran's supreme leader died from the virus. The Islamic Republic confirmed 1,501 cases and 66 deaths, but many believe the true number is larger. Its reported caseload surged more than 250% in just 24 hours.

Iran is sending out 300, 000 teams to do door to door checks for coronavirus

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Posted in: Virus spreads to more countries as new cases slow in China See in context

And Bill Gates doesn’t miss an opportunity!

He’s calling for manufacturing facilities that can manufacture a new vaccine in a matter of weeks. Governments will need to finance the procurement and distribution of these untested vaccines.


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