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Posted in: University of Tokyo to double number of female professors by FY2027 See in context

But even if the university reaches its target for female faculty members, it will still lag behind global standards.

There are approximately 10,062 female teachers and 8,734 male teachers at Harvard.

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Posted in: U.N. climate talks poised for deal creating disaster fund See in context

Negotiators say they have struck a potential breakthrough deal on the thorniest issue of United Nations climate talks in Egypt: the creation of a fund for compensating poor nations that are victims of extreme weather worsened by rich countries’ carbon pollution.

A worthless fund to give away our money, while China escapes.

A breakthrough at the UN would be stopping the war in Ukraine, and all other wars. Another UN handout scheme is not a breakthrough in anything.

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Posted in: With Twitter in chaos, some ways to protect your account See in context

And the beatings will continue until morale improves.

Elon's new nickname is - " Space Karen "

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Posted in: COP27 climate talks hurtle toward overtime; countries mull EU offer of fund See in context

Sounds like a bunch of people who aren't really serious about climate change and more interested in shutting down industries while redistributing wealth . I forget what they are called....

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Posted in: Ukraine says half energy system crippled; Kyiv facing possible 'shutdown' See in context

Russia continues to dig its own grave. These attacks only strengthen the resolve of the Ukrainians and should provoke the Western democracies to step up their supplies of weapons to Ukraine. As for U.S. General Milley, has he ever had dinner with Putin, a la General Flynn?

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Posted in: Taylor Swift hits out at 'excruciating' Ticketmaster tour chaos See in context

"Ticket Master is cancelling..."

Is there any way we can cancel Ticketmaster? Permanently?

There is no need for the scam that is Ticketmaster anymore. Artist and venues can sell the tickets directly without the “ middleman “ Ticketmaster getting involved and charging ridiculous fees for doing nothing.

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Posted in: Pelosi to step down as top Democrat after Republicans take House See in context

A skilled politician, mother and wife who has contributed greatly to American democracy. She has withstood partisan attacks and always kept her eye on the target while herding the Democratic caucus into unity on issues of major importance. And she isn't finished yet. Thank you Nancy Pelosi.

My favorite memory of Pelosi is when she ripped up Trump's State of the Union speech behind his back.

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Posted in: 3 convicted in absentia for 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine See in context

This is part of Russia's Big Lie, about the "poor Ukrainian separatists" when it was really the Russian army all along, organizing, funding arming, training and even in later portions fighting for them.

This is their justification for the 2022 full invasion, that Ukraine tried to defend itself from the covert invasion of 2014.

Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said evidence presented by prosecutors in the trial — which lasted more than two years — proved that the Boeing 777 was brought down by a Buk missile fired by pro-Moscow Ukrainian fighters on July 17, 2014. The crash scattered wreckage and bodies over farmland and fields of sunflowers.

I didn't know that was even seriously contested by anyone. The main line of defense from Russia and DPR was that the Buk rocket was launched by the Ukrainian forces (a pretty transparent lie).

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Posted in: Russian missiles pound Ukraine power supply; fighting rages in east See in context

The Russian war criminals just keep up their barbarian acts of terrorism and won't quit until they are obliterated and chased from Ukraine. We have an obligation as free and democratic people to protect Ukraine from the blood soaked claws of the Russian bear and not only send military weapons, training, intelligence etc. but when Ukraine finally pushes the barbarian __ back to Russia we need to help rebuild Ukraine and get their economy back on its feet. Putin made the biggest military blunder since WWII by invading Ukraine and we must extend the biggest humanitarian and assistance package since WWII to Ukraine once Russia is defeated.

Ukrainian air defense today eliminated an unusual Russian cruise missile.


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Posted in: Xi spat with Trudeau lays bare China's frayed ties with Canada See in context

How is it that the global tyrant Xi can so accurately reflect the tone of the Canadian public better than the Canadian media?

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Posted in: Fears of war spillover ease after NATO says missile on Poland was Ukrainian stray See in context

The Russian Defense Ministry said none of its missiles had struck closer than 35 km (20 miles) from the Polish border, and that photos of the wreckage in Poland showed elements of a Ukrainian S-300 air defense missile.

According to the published photos, researched by military experts, the remains of the rocket belong to the Ukrainian-owned S300 AD rocket. Surely, we will wait for the result of the actual material based investigation but the the important PRIMARY conclusion has been drawn.

As we have learned from other cases of the S300 application, the system does not work flawlessly during the shot - that has been confirmed many times by videos, taken by Russians in Russian cities close to the border with Ukraine. Obviously, the same mishap might have happened to the Ukrainian-owned S300 during its shot at the Russian missile.

However, here comes the MOST IMPORTANT FACT:

If Russians did not go to war, if during the war they were not attempting to eliminate Ukraine at all costs, mostly humane, as an independent state, if the Russian MoD was not ordering barrages of deadly rockets upon the Ukrainian infrastructure and the Ukrainian people, then NO Ukrainian S300 rocket - or any rocket for this matter - would have been shot in any direction!

This is what we must remember: who triggered this bloody madness on the 24th of February !!!

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Posted in: World population hits 8 billion, creating many challenges See in context

"Population is not the problem, the way we consume is the problem — let’s change our consumption patterns,” he said.

Population is not the problem? What a ridiculous statement. Changing consumption patterns to what? How little water will a human want to access in order to allow more humans to exist? How little nature do we want to have? Earth is a small planet with limited resources. Population growth easily has the ability to use up those resources.

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Posted in: Biden says missile that killed two in Poland may not have come from Russia See in context

Even though this is likely Russian incompetence rather than an overt attack on a NATO country by Russia, a strong response is called for. Just one more example of the criminals running Russia.

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Posted in: Russia bans entry to 100 Canadians including Jim Carrey See in context

What a hardship! I know people are just clamouring to get into Russia and to be denied this opportunity must be heartbreakingly disappointing.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy, visiting Kherson, vows to drive Russia from all of Ukraine See in context

It is unbelievable. It is a miracle! Ukrainians are incredibly brave, courageous people. Their soldiers are lions! Hopefully this leads to a reversal of Russia's fortune in the past. Hopefully this leads to Putin's downfall.

Zelenskiy visits Kherson while the city is in easy shelling distance of the Russians; Putin hides in the basement of the Kremlin. What a contrast in character!

I wonder if Putin skipped the G-20 out of fear that the locks on his office door would be changed in his absence.

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Posted in: Google pays $392 mil in landmark U.S. privacy case See in context

Alphabet has over $117,000,000,000.00 (117 billion) cash on hand.

For those who don't know: Alphabet is Google's parent company.

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Posted in: Democrats defy 'red wave' forecasts to keep Senate control; eye Georgia See in context

It was a disaster for the Republican Party. Absolute disaster. Some of them were saying beforehand that they expected a 70 seat majority in the House and that they were going to _astrate both Biden's Presidency and Democratic dreams. Well, the Republican majority is minuscule. Also, among the 200-some Republicans in the House of Representatives, there will be some with open minds who will occasionally support Democrat legislation - two sides will talk. But there will be very few of them - maybe 10-15 among the Republican caucus. This election was a humiliation for the party's members. And they still have Donald Trump "hanging over their heads."

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Posted in: Foreign ministry gave ¥9.55 mil to Unification Church-linked NGO See in context

Title is misleading: LDP gave 9.55 mil. yen tax money to Unification Church.

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Posted in: Kishida sacks justice minister to curtail damage, but leadership questioned See in context

Seems almost deliberate. I guess Kishida is too soft for the ultra-right wing elements of the junta.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy: Russians destroyed Kherson infrastructure, Donetsk battles are 'hell' See in context

I'm impressed with the speed Ukraine is moving to get humanitarian aid into the city. The trucks with supplies are right behind the special forces units moving into the city and ahead of the reinforcements coming up behind.

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Posted in: Gov't decides to investigate Unification Church See in context

Without the protection of their LDP Godfather their racket is being crushed.

Why the **** do so many countries give “churches” tax exemption if they are being run like businesses?

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Posted in: Nearly 60% in Japan unaware of relaxed COVID-19 mask guidelines: survey See in context

Wearing a mask remains the norm in Japan, despite 72.7 percent saying they are in favor of dropping the practice.

72.7 percent in favor of dropping the practice and still most people wear them out of fear of being judged. ****

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Posted in: A nation waits: U.S. election workers toil to count thousands of votes See in context

While Trump has not officially launched a third White House campaign, the former president has strongly suggested he will do so and is planning a "special announcement" at his Florida club on Tuesday.

Trump is finished, he cannot escape responsibility for this debacle and his many other serious blunders and personal short-comings (to put it mildly). It will be DeSantis for Team Red in 2024. DeSantis can clearly appeal to the establishment wing, the MAGA sorts and to independent voters of all ethnicities based on his crushing victory in Florida and will be a tough nut to crack for Team Blue.

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Posted in: Ukrainian troops met with joy in Kherson as Russia abandons biggest prize See in context

Russia’s Withdrawal From Kherson Is Utterly Humiliating.

Now would be a good time to pull Russian troops out of all of Ukraine.

"Not a single unit of military equipment or weapons have been left on the right (western) bank. All Russian servicemen crossed to the left bank," it added, saying that Russia had not suffered any loss of personnel or equipment.

Fantasy fiction at its worst. The people writing propaganda for the Russian ministry of defense have a long long way to go before they come even close to the greats of Russian literature. People like Tolstoy and Chekov.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russians will take one week to withdraw from Kherson See in context

Now is not the time to start believing Russians. In fact, that time will probably never come. Now is the time to support Ukrainian resolve and increase the weapons needed to drive out and keep out the Russians. Ukraine is right to be wary of any Russian statements. The world knows that Russia only lies.

Russians know exactly what they are doing and what they have done. Hopefully these criminals will be put on trial once the war is over.

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Posted in: GOP nudges closer to House win; Senate could hinge on runoff See in context

Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker will meet in a Dec 6 runoff in Georgia after neither reached the general election majority required under state law, ensuring an expensive, bitter fight that could still determine which party controls the Senate going forward.

Georgia has ranked-choice voting, but in an expensive disguise.

Yeah!!!!! Another month of elections!!!!!! :-/

Remember in 2010 when Al Franken's election was contested and didn't get certified till the summer, then Ted Kennedy died and Scott Brown replaced him...

It seems like we've been in a 24/7 never ending election for the past 2 decades.

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Posted in: COP27: Polluters must pay for climate change, poor nations tell rich See in context

Is COP27 about climate change or about wealth redistribution…seems to be the latter.

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Posted in: Ukraine denies Western pressure to soften stance on talks with Russia See in context

The West’s biggest current enemy (Putin’s Russia) is on the ropes as a result of Ukraine's manpower and a small percentage of the West's military budget. For the West this is a bargain that will not be squandered by giving in to Putin’s farcical talks of peace. Putin can and will be driven out of Ukraine and only then will the world be able to entertain the mechanics of an ongoing future peace. Any other scenario would only delay another inevitable conflict with a stronger Russia. War is brutal and unfair but Putin has unwittingly served up to the West an incredible opportunity to defang him at relatively minimal cost. His nukes are in play under any scenario and cannot be used as an excuse to allow his war crimes to continue.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russia forces pillage, occupy Kherson homes ahead of battle See in context

Ukrainian officials said the Russians had dismantled 1.5 km of power lines, and electricity probably would not return until Ukrainian forces recapture the area.

Ukrainians have shown they can live without electricity. What they can’t live with are Russians. Their hatred of Russians will live forever.

After 22 years of Putinism, the Kremlin hasn't restored Russia. A mafia state like Russia's can only destroy and steal, never rebuild.

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Posted in: At COP27, climate change framed as battle for survival See in context

How many tons of GHGs were put into the air by the people attending the conference?

I think that it's hypocritical that (supposed) climate activists are attending.

And don't start with offsets to air travel. The GHGs still got spewed out.

“Climate change will never stop without our intervention," ……so for the first time in the earths 4.5 billion year history, humans will stop climate change…..I have a bridge to sell you.


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