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Prove it. Prove that it would have cost one, and I'm not talking in the "Proof of god is all around us" lack of proof type way, I want concrete proof

According to the moderators, you don't have to prove anything on this site.

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Posted in: Facebook, Twitter remove Trump post over coronavirus misinformation See in context

A day late and and a few billion $ short and 160,000 lives.

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Posted in: Negligence probed in deadly Beirut blast amid public anger See in context

No way and no way. First Lebanon. Then a huge famous mall in the UAE. And then a huge warehouse inferno in IRAQ. NO FREAKING WAY.

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"I don't know what weapons will be used to fight World War III, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

” —Albert Einstein” ―

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TikTok from Facebook? Well that takes care of any concerns about privacy and disinformation!

I wonder if we used engineering talent and capital to develop clean renewable energy instead of mindless video apps if we wouldn't be better off.

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Posted in: Negligence probed in deadly Beirut blast amid public anger See in context

Poor tragic Lebanon. My heart goes out to them as they confront this latest catastrophe.

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Posted in: Biden won't go to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination See in context

Biden and the Dems adhering to sound medical advice without argument and no drama. Gee, now that strikes me as super presidential behavior. Real leadership in action.

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We should have seen all the problems with re-starting baseball coming, with all the bats they have.

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The nature of the shock wave clearly shows this was a single device precision explosion that was not ammonium nitrate. The only explosions on record that happen with such precision they send out perfect spheres of that size are nuclear weapons. A large amount of conventional high explosive put together in one big bomb could likely do this also, but this was clearly not fertilizer, which needs fuel added to it before it can explode at all, let alone like this.

There were Israeli warplanes heard in the area prior to this also. What if someone from Israel was sent in to start a fireworks cache to set a precedent, and then in the middle of that mayhem, Israel nuked the place? If anything like this happens again, well, things did not magically change overnight, we are likely looking at a new war tactic. Something is not right about this, if this is legit we need ZERO REPEATS EVER AGAIN to prove it.

The damage posted on PressTV does not look like 2.7 kilotons either, it looks more like 20 KT.

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Kiyoshi Tanimoto -This is your life-

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Trump also said the sale of TikTok's US business would have to result in a significant payout to the U.S. Treasury for initiating it.

Except it's not like that at all, and what Trump is really saying here is that foreign companies who want to operate in the US need to pay some upfront cost to do so. And if they sell to remain here, they owe the government a portion of the sale because we have a base of consumers. Trump takes an already dubious practice in real estate to a worse extreme that turns it into extortion. And let's just call it that. Trump is looking to extort foreign companies, threatening bans and forcing sells, and trying to take a piece of it. This is ***** masked as nationalism.

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Almost 30 Million in U.S. Didn’t Have Enough to Eat Last Week

Trash Piling Up Over NYC After Sanitation Department’s Budget Slashed By Over $100 Million

Map of renters to be Evicted by state

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Posted in: Massive blast rips through Beirut, killing 78 and injuring thousands See in context

I don't know what to make of this, however, there are rumors there was a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate that blew up, Those rumors are BUNK. Ammonium nitrate needs an oxidizer added before it will explode. Something else did this. There are other reports that there was a large cache of "confiscated explosives" in the area, and that is what went off. The explosion was probably 5 kilotons or so and it lacked the atomic fireball so I really beg to question what on earth could blow up like that. However, since there was an ongoing fire before the blast, it might not have been Israel but that does not make the blast any less baffling. It seems like an impossible event.

The characteristics of the blast damage don't match a nuke, it looks like damage from a slow detonation or an explosion. However, I'd like to see confirmation there is no radioactive fallout after a blast of that magnitude, it seems impossible.

Best comment so far comes from Ayrman Mohyeldin, leader of the Arab Joint List in Israel and the anti-Netanyahu: "Tonight people in Beirut are going to sleep in shattered homes, during a deadly pandemic, with a collapsing economy led by corrupt politicians, surrounded by countries that have attacked & threatened them and a world that has abandoned them and their refugees. They deserve better."

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Posted in: 2 dogs test positive for coronavirus, marking Japan's 1st reported pet infections See in context

Cats are REALLY good at this social distance stuff.

Dogs not so much.

Please, everyone, take good care of your pets. There is a very, very low chance of a pet infecting a human. I can see ignorant people turning their poor housecats out into the cold. We're more likely to infect them, than the other way around. We need accurate reporting, so that uninformed people don't abandon their pets.

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Posted in: Mexico nabs 'El Marro,' fuel theft king blamed for surge in drug violence See in context

Since when do the good guys always win? Cartels have been running Mexico for years.

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Posted in: Japan funds save Lithuania museum on diplomat who saved Jews See in context

What a treasure of little known history. And what a noble gift.

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Posted in: Democrats, White House still at impasse over coronavirus bill See in context

The Congress has already passed bills to continue supporting Americans impacted by the pandemic. Republicans waited until the last minute to even begin looking for a solution. Why would anyone reelect any of these idiots? A big part of effective governing is planning for what will, or could, happen. Republicans haven't done that in years. The current Republican party is useless.

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Posted in: Biden eyes major U.S. foreign policy shifts if he wins See in context

halting efforts to oppose the Paris Climate Accord

On climate policy, the choice is never clearer. The contrast between Biden and Trump is not even arguable. If our country is to once again take the lead on saving planet earth, it must get rid of Trump and elect Biden who clearly understands the problem and what needs to be done.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson postpones planned easing of coronavirus lockdown after rise in infections See in context

Just like America, Europeans and Brits are reaping what they sowed by not doing what is necessary. The only way to deal with the virus is to do what they did in New Zealand: lock up the borders, then go hard for six weeks and shut the place down until communal spread of the virus dies out. Then, keep the borders locked up and only allow one's own citizens and a few essential workers to enter the country, but stick them in strict quarantine for a period and test them twice for convid-19 towards either end of that period. In New Zealand, they are enjoying sports events in packed stadiums, going to symphony orchestra concerts in packed concert halls and generally carrying on life as normal while watching the total chaos elsewhere in the world. Mind you, one needs REAL leadership like their prime minister Jacinda Ardern, instead of incompetent clowns such as Boris Johnson and Donald J. Trump running the show. The Kiwis have shown the rest of the world how to deal with the virus.

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Posted in: Hong Kong delays election for a year, citing pandemic See in context

Thank you to China for providing such a timely reminder that delaying elections is what autocratic regimes do.

So this is where Trump got his idea. From the Chinese Communist government.

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Posted in: Portland protests relatively calm after federal agents' drawdown See in context

Moms, Dads, Veterans and Lawyers = 1

Chad and Trump = 0

Gestapo - beaten by average citizens with no weapons. A model we need to keep in mind when they come to a city near you.

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Posted in: Trump to order Chinese firm to divest TikTok: reports See in context

He is retaliating for the use of Tik Tok by teenagers to prank his Tulsa rally.

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Posted in: Court overturns Boston Marathon bomber's death sentence See in context

Life imprisonment with no chance of parole is a far worse punishment than death.

Anyway, judicial executions are expensive (more expensive than life imprisonment), demonstrably ineffective, and barbaric.

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Posted in: 'Deal with it,' Epstein told Maxwell in unsealed emails See in context

Dershowitz’s party prospects just got a lot dimmer.

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Posted in: Trudeau says he didn't offer charity preferential treatment See in context

Canadian Conservatives can't get enough of this story, I fear for their sanity when it comes to an end.

An empty suit who's good at feigned empathy, lip service, and small time lining of his own pockets. We should be so lucky.

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Posted in: At Lewis funeral, Obama calls for renewing Voting Rights Act See in context

Barack Obama was able to become President because he was standing on the shoulder of giants who had sacrificed so much for future generations: John Lewis continued to be one of the greatest of those giants until his final breath.

He was a fierce fighter to the very end, but his fight did not require weapons - it required an unwavering fealty to justice, to equality, to our nation's soul, and to our commonality above all else. What a gift he was to this nation, and we truly must rededicate ourselves to keeping his torch brightly lit. Rest in eternal peace, humble soldier!

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Posted in: Trump floats idea of election delay See in context

We voted during the Civil War, The Great Depression, and WWII. We can vote this year too.

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Posted in: Student arrests in Hong Kong deepen 'white terror' fears See in context

Until China can support free speech, we need to begin boycotting all Chinese imports. We can vote with our $$$. 

The end of Hong Kong as a world treasure begins.

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Posted in: U.S. to withdraw about 12,000 troops from Germany but nearly half to stay in Europe See in context

Much of Trump's approach to foreign policy seems to consist of punishing our friends and encouraging our enemies.

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Posted in: As virus aid talks stalemate, Trump scorns help for cities See in context

House Democrats passed their second Recovery act back in May -- it contains $75 Billion for Testing and Tracing, $100 Billion to re-open the schools, a continuation of $600 unemployment checks through January 2021, increased funding for Food Assistance (SNAP) as well as many other appropriate spending items.

Trump and Senate Republicans have been sitting on the Democratic legislation for two months and are now trying to jam unpalatable spending items through because they have created a PANIC situation.

Yet this is not mentioned in this article.

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