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Posted in: Gov't eyes punishment for refusal to comply with COVID-19 measures See in context

A state of emergency, under which people are urged to refrain from going outside unnecessarily and restaurants asked to shorten opening hours, took effect in the Tokyo metropolitan area last week and was expanded to other prefectures this week.

Having Suga as Prime Minister of Japan is in itself a state of emergency.

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

Another stark contrast between the BLM protestors and the right wing nut seditionists.

Racial injustice does exist. It is a real problem, that good Americans should seek to solve.

The 2020 election, OTOH, was not "stolen". Multiple local, state and federal election officials have confirmed that it was a free and fair election. Multiple courts have agreed.

So one movement is premised on a truth, and the other is premised on a lie.

An important distinction, IMHO.

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Posted in: Public trust crumbles amid COVID, fake news: survey See in context

When governments lie, the truth becomes a conspiracy theory.

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Posted in: House impeaches Trump after U.S. Capitol siege; his fate in Senate hands See in context

Ten Republicans voted to impeach, including Liz Cheney, the No. 3 House Republican.

What is despicable is that only 10 Republicans had the stones to do the right thing. When history books are written in 100 years, they will tell of the collapse of the Republican ideal.

No American president ever deserved impeachment more. And in this case, I think he deserved it even more the second time around.

Republicans, we see that the oath to the Constitution means nothing to you. You wanted to impeach Bill Clinton for fibbing about his infidelity but then turn around and let insurrection warrant a censure? Give us a break!

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Posted in: U.S. carries out its 1st execution of female inmate since 1953 See in context

From a NYTimes piece on Ms. Montgomery:

"Ms. Montgomery has bipolar disorder, temporal lobe epilepsy, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorder, psychosis, traumatic brain injury and most likely fetal alcohol syndrome... Ms. Shaughnessy so regularly covered her daughter’s mouth with duct tape to keep her quiet, Lisa learned not to cry.

> Lisa’s stepfather, Jack Kleiner, began to sexually assault her when she was around 13...Mr. Kleiner, who was a rampant alcoholic, would bring friends over to rape her, often for hours, often three at once. Ms. Shaughnessy also began to prostitute her daughter to offset bills for plumbing and electric work."

That NYTimes profile is almost impossible to read, the horror palpable. What Ms. Montgomery did was inexcusable, and she should spend the rest of her life in jail. But murdering a women who by all rights spent her days in an inconceivable nightmare is not justice.

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Posted in: Justice Department pursuing seditious conspiracy cases in probe of Capitol riot See in context

I can’t understand why some do not see that this is unprecedented. A president who legitimately lost re-election, incited a crowd of his supporters to, at a minimum, attempt to intimidate Congress and his Vice-President in order to unlawfully stay in office. People died. The Capitol was desecrated. The U.S. looked like a banana republic. And all of that is lost on not an insignificant number of Republicans.

Let’s be grown-ups. This isn’t like anything we’ve seen before. A coup attempt in America. A violent coup attempt, bent on intimidation. To not speak out against it is dishonorable. To justify, deflect, or otherwise excuse it is treason and should disqualify anyone who takes that position from public office.

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Posted in: UK virus breaches 'costing lives' as police seek priority jabs See in context

Patients across the UK who are admitted to intensive care units due to COVID-19 are set to receive new life-saving treatments which can reduce the time spent in hospital by up to 10 days, the government has announced today (Thursday 7 January).

Results from the government-funded REMAP-CAP clinical trial published today showed tocilizumab and sarilumab reduced the relative risk of death by 24%, when administered to patients within 24 hours of entering intensive care.

If the results from the sarilumab trials can be confirmed and there are no other problems, a week's worth of ICU time lopped off of each ICU bed could make a big difference in getting people better and getting the ICU ready for the next patient.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

Trump's "perfect phone call" a year ago got him impeached. His "totally appropriate speech" on 1/6 is going to get him impeached again.

Seriously, this has all the ear marks of a wounded presidents last stand. Remember the Alamo!

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Posted in: U.S. homeland security acting secretary stepping down See in context

Chad Wolf had no problem sending his jackbooted thugs to attack soccer moms in Portland, but he and his gestapo were complete No Shows in DC. Sounds about white.

I look forward to Wolf being deposed under oath for his complicity in the coup attempt.

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Posted in: Republicans face growing corporate backlash after Capitol assault See in context

The only proper response is to impeach, convict, and remove immediately. You could be done by dinner time tomorrow. He literally had his minions attack a co-equal branch of government and his Veep. A whole bunch of them belong to his party, and they could been killed or injured in the coup attempt, but they can’t seem to quit him. What is the hold up?

Cruz and Hawley should be forced to resign as they both were involved in the attack on the Capital which was an attack on our democracy and constitution.

There should special elections to fill their seats with senators who will work for all of their constituents and to preserve democracy.

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Posted in: UK retailers call for police help to enforce mask rules; Johnson says nation in race against time See in context

Chatting face to face is banned in Britain (not a joke) obviously because they want to monitor what EVERYONE is saying and want that done over the internet. No private conversations!

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim takes over party's highest title from late father See in context

Kim baby !! ,

You don't write, you don't call, did you get my Christmas present?

Look me up soon, I'm going to have a bit more time in a couple of weeks.

Don't be a stranger.




Dear Donald,

I don't like loser. Don't call me again!


The Great Leader Kim

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Posted in: Pelosi says House will impeach Trump unless Pence, cabinet force him out See in context

Jason Miller, a senior political adviser to the president, said after speaking with Trump on Saturday that the president plans to spend tens of millions of dollars from his political action committee to help Republicans win back the House and Senate in 2022.

I'll believe that when I see it. Trump doesn't care about politics, or Republicans, conservatism, or the US. All he cares about is himself and his massive ego. If anyone thinks he won't use his PAC money to further enrich himself, they're delusional.

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Posted in: A year after first confirmed death in China, coronavirus source still a puzzle See in context

FACT: when you make baseless accusations against an Asian nation... the response you will generally receive is to distance from you because you are deliberately trying to embarrass and blame.  We don't need that here... what we need is open objective, non-blaming inquiry by researchers to track this virus back to it's source.. which is somewhere in the species chain in Asia... given the first foothold has been consistently isolated to Wuhan... even though actual source vector for the species jump is not yet fully understood.

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

"Impeaching President Donald Trump with 12 days remaining in his presidency would only serve to further divide the country," said White House spokesman Judd Deere.

Impeachment would further divide? How can we be further divided!? Impeach this guy so he can't run for office again in our democracy. We need to put him and his QAnon in a frigging box and lock it up.

No, if he hasn't resigned by Monday, the House needs to move to impeach. Regardless of whether a trial can be held or concluded in the Senate before his last day in office.

Congress CANNOT ALLOW a direct physical & violent attack on a co-equal branch of government by the executive to go unanswered.

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Posted in: Indonesian plane with 62 aboard crashes after take-off See in context

Tragic as this crash surely is, no one should jump to any conclusions as to its cause. The facts available at this early moment are that the plane was an older 737 in use for 27 years, the plane took off in a heavy rainstorm and, as reported in the NY Times, the Indonesian aviation sector "has been plagued by crashes and safety lapses for years".

In time, the true cause of this tragedy likely will be discovered. Until then, everyone should withhold judgment.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

I couldn't believe Trump was back up and tweeting today again. Shut him down forever.

Twitter is months late on this. I completely agree he has earned a ban for life. As have all his relatives. And most of his supporters. No company should transmit lies as a business plan.

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Posted in: Tokyo exhibition on South Korean drama 'Crash Landing on You' opens See in context

We’ve been watching this on Netflix and it’s awesome. It shows you life in North Korea and that ordinary people everywhere are actually the same. There are nice people, evil people, etc. just like anywhere else.

I read in a Japanese review that the life styles, clothes, dialogue, and overall atmosphere of North Korea have been very closely and accurately presented. Excellent series full of drama. Enjoy.

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Posted in: Iran leader bans import of U.S., UK COVID-19 vaccines, demands sanctions end See in context

The leadership of Iran is not rational and should never get access to nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Trump says he will not attend Biden's inauguration See in context

Well, Trump not attending the inauguration on the 20th is such a relief. At the very least, the cameras will not endlessly show shots of him, his wife, and his family. Biden deserves the spotlight. My only concern Trump will do some stupid sophomoric stunt at the same time.

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Posted in: Trump has discussed pardoning himself, source says See in context

Whatever the most destructive, stupidest path is, he'll take it. 

So plan for a self-pardon.

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Posted in: Anxiety mounts over another state of emergency in Tokyo, neighboring areas See in context

These safety measures needs to be nationwide and the Olympics in Japan should be cancelled. I don't see the virus abating in 2021.

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Posted in: Tech platforms block Trump, with Facebook's Zuckerberg saying risk 'too great' See in context

Twitter needs to BAN TRUMP FOR LIFE. Otherwise Twitter is complicit in the attempted takeover of the U.S. Capitol.

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Posted in: Lawmakers openly discuss ousting Trump, possible impeachment See in context

Then lets get started. It needs to be done or he will pardon the traitors.

It should've been done last night. And the Congress needs to move forward with a rapid impeachment and conviction in the Senate regardless of what Pence does. Get EVERY Republican senator on the record once again. Traitors.

Decades from now, finding a red MAGA hat in your dead Uncle or Aunt's attic trunk will be as shameful as finding Nazi memorabilia or a KKK hood.

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures on Thursday night until Feb 7 See in context

Get rid of LDP Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai first!

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Posted in: China's internet erupts in mirth over U.S. Capitol chaos See in context

IT IS OVER. The military has now started ignoring Trump and is only speaking to Pelosi, Pence, Schumer and McConnell. IT IS OVER FOLKS. OVER.

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Posted in: NYSE to delist three Chinese telecoms in dizzying about-face See in context

Any and all Executive Orders and legislation with the signature of Donald J. Trump is hereby revoked and immediately null and void. Signed: President Joseph Biden.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Can we now finally, at long last, charge Trump and the Republican traitors who have aided and abetted him with sedition? Is a violent takeover of the U,S. Capitol not enough?

Fact is that if the rioters trying to stage a coup with the assistance of the President were black, the steps of the Capitol would running with blood.

This President should be impeached tonight and forced out of office at dawn..

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Posted in: WikiLeaks' Assange denied bail by London court over risk he might abscond again See in context

Assange and WikiLeaks bear a great responsibility for the election of Donald Trump!

There are many more actual journalists who are going through worse situations who deserve the world's attention and support.

If the US wants Assange, send back the woman that killed the British motorcyclist and claimed diplomatic immunity. Sounds like a fair exchange.

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Posted in: Biden nominates Judge Merrick Garland for attorney general See in context

Dear Mr. Garland,

Please tear into the trump crime family and syndicate with all the law allows. The RICO Act was meant for such *****.


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