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The sea giveth and she taketh away

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The sea can be a cruel and unforgiving master.

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I'm simply advising caution before jumping to conclusions or making too many layman's assumptions.

Nearly everything in this case seems to hinge on the doctor's subjective professional judgement. When does a necessary touch become an inappropriate grope? How big does the breast have to be before it might interfere with the stethoscope? When is it appropriate to move the breast yourself rather than asking the patient to do it given the time constraints of these mass medical checks at companies? None of us are equiped to answer these question, and neither are the police in all likelihood. This is probably something which should be investigated first in a disciplinary hearing by the medical association. The police can get involved later if actual misconduct is found.


I think it's very relevant. Different doctors will have slightly different ways of doing the same thing. If a doctor does something contrary to your expectations, you're more likely to feel like you've been violated.

Gee, if so, what did they discuss? Their evil plan to frame this doctor even though none of them stand to gain anything from doing so?

An evil conspiracy is not at all what I had in mind.

There's a well known phenomenon where eye-witnesses and victims who share their experiences will have their memories contaminated. Their account will tend to coalesce into 1 consistent narrative rather than 4 separate narratives which might contain all sorts of inconsistencies. The risk is that this single account is given far more credibility than it deserves. This is why police always separate victims/witnesses at the scene.

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I'm not sure there's a big difference between the two. If he annoyed his colleagues to the point that they were happy to push him, perhaps it's also his own fault?

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Just let the prince say what's on his mind. No harm in that.

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Posted in: JAL fires co-pilot jailed in UK for drinking excessive alcohol before flight See in context

A drunk captain should never be allowed to take the wheel. Lucky they caught him in time.

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Posted in: I wish they would treat all single parents equally. It doesn't make any sense that I am ineligible for the tax deduction simply because I was never legally married. See in context


Holy smokes - what a cold and heartless comment.

How so? Do you think it's also cold and heartless to say that smokers should be charged higher life insurance premiums? Because that's equivalent to what we're talking about here.

The statistics show that people who are formally married are more likely to stay together to raise children than partners who are simply cohabiting. The statistics also show us that married parents and their children are less likely to draw on the social welfare system.

Why wouldn't we pay a little more (or charge less) to people who engage in risk mitigating behaviours which reduce the burden on our stretched social welfare system? It's exactly the same reason we charge smokers higher premiums for engaging in risky behaviour. Actuarial science isn't cold and heartless, it just is what it is. The fact that this particular woman was abused by her chosen partner is largely irrelevant to whether all prospective parents should be financially incentivised to get married.


Strangerland is one of the most rational and fact based posters on this site, at least in my opinion. Why feel bad about agreeing with him? I do all the time.

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Feel free to label simple common sense a "western standard."

Are you are suggesting that the millions of Japanese people who have found (and continue to find) a spouse at work lack 'common sense'? Cultural supremacy much?

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The power of the sea is limitless. Her winds and waves can provide energy to millions of landlubbers.

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The sea can be cruel and unforgiving, but also merciful.

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The lure of sunken treasure beneath the waves can drive even a sane man to lose grip of his senses.

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I've thrown my fair share of bottles into the sea. Alas, none have yet yielded a response. Perhaps one will be discovered soon and put a smile on an old man's face before he takes his final voyage.

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I also voted LDP as the others options would have been too chaotic and untested. This result is for the best

When your ship is headed for the rocks, better an untested deckhand to turn the wheel towards safety than a captain who insists on staying the course full speed ahead.

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Posted in: Sailor missing from U.S. warship in Japanese waters identified See in context

The sea shows no mercy when it claims one of its own.

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Posted in: Toxicity levels 100 times safety limit detected again at new fish market site See in context

A foul market is no place for the bounty of the sea.

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The sea recognises no prince. All men are equal in her eyes.

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Posted in: Woman, daughter lost overboard during ferry trip See in context

The sea can be a cruel and unforgiving place.

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