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Posted in: Osaka Cultural Affairs Department official arrested over child prostitution See in context

“Although I did meet up with a girl at a hotel, we did not engage in any sexual activity.” Why even bother with the lame excuse or is this a miss translation from Japanese? Anyway he can enjoy explaining that to his wife and hopefully his new boyfriend in prison.

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Posted in: Convenience stores use plastic sheets for social distancing See in context

Seems like a good idea but I wonder If the virus would stay on the plastic sheet for the next customer? Also maybe they should instruct their staff to wear gloves too.

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Posted in: The desperate lengths that chikan perverts will go to See in context

There seems to be a large amount of sexual perversion crimes in Japan. Does it stem from social attitudes from a bygone era I wonder. Looking at Japanese adult entertainment gives some insight into the psyche as well.

And as for the lame excuses I read like "she was my type" and "I don't remember" would be instant straight jacket material in other countries.

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Posted in: Australia asks people to isolate more even as coronavirus spread slows See in context

With such low infection/mortality rates there seems to be a lot of misplaced fear going around.

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