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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context

johninnahaMay. 17, 2012 - 12:47PM JST

Yes, you are right and witty, gonna be "through". Fast typing.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context

Same sex marriage is not about love but about the right and privileges that the gays can acquire trough marriage. Nothing seems to be enough for them. No one ever cared about them until they started parading in an attempt to draw attention in a sick way in the 20th century. Now they are even aiming Disney Resort. That's it.

They are homosexuals but this is not their worst problem, rather they sick aggressive attention seeking as they feel an irresistible constraint to cause scandal wherever they can. Gays are growing very aggressive, not enough they are pretending that they live in natural and healthy relationship, and can get married , they are aiming even Disney.

I have never liked their sick and aggressive attention seeking behavior, but as they invade even Disney, they are nothing more than noxious pests in my view. Go home guys, love your same sex partner blue, keep it for yourself and don't infect the healthy society. Leave at least Disney alone.

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Posted in: Indonesian organizers fight to save Lady Gaga gig See in context

VirtuosoMay. 16, 2012 - 07:26PM JST

That is correct. It doesn't make me happy.

AliasisMay. 16, 2012 - 08:42PM JST

Thank for your advice but I will whine when I am in a mood to whine. O.K.? I do not whine because she is famous as you put it, but because she is popping up everywhere and because I saw her performing and I saw better days. Otherwise she seems to have hard time recently in many countries, I might not be the only one who whines, but no problem her aggressive team will push her through whatever it takes. As for her social activities, she does what her promotion team team orders her to do and will stop when she will be told to do so.

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Posted in: Indonesian organizers fight to save Lady Gaga gig See in context

I knew many great female singers who could sing good enough to step on the stage without stripping, without creating scandal or dress like a patient from the happy home. They are is history.

Again I would never care what this voiceless little monster does if she and her giant promotion team didn't rob many young talents from their chances by squeezing them out of the entertainment industry with this street roller giant multimillion dollar Gaga promotion project. Gaga yearly income yen 7 000 000 000 JPY, for this garbage and great talents are begging to studios to record and publish their albums.

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Posted in: Manufacturers fear summer meltdown due to power cuts See in context


Yes, it would and will if Japan wants to survive. There is always a good solution and a second alternative for everything and Japan will take her chances when the pain hits home, or die. They will not die, they are not stupid, just overly argumentative, Japan will always reborn, it is just that some people love to take the longer way home.

Our argument is theoretical, doesn't matter who wins, eventually the Japanese will do what I said, and will switch off their gadgets and start working.

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Posted in: Manufacturers fear summer meltdown due to power cuts See in context

zichiMay. 15, 2012 - 02:42PM JST

Americans consume 4.5 times the energy of Japanese?

It is not about how how much energy the Americans consume, it is about how much energy the Japanese can produce, and how much it will cost the consumers, and about how many millions of superfluous power consumption gadgets, waiting in standby mode 24/7, can be simply switched off in general to save energy for more important things. :-D

Do you want a long list?

Millions of illuminated street vendors with working cooler/heater, millions of TVs etc. in standby mode, millions of street lamps forgotten on at daylight or switching on a good half an hour before darkness, illuminated highways, eyes stabbing brightness in convenience stores, and so on and so on. Parking lot automatic computerized gates that considering the purchase price, maintenance, and power consumption cost more than paying a part time pensioner parking lot attendant, by saving money and giving work to people that could make them possible to spend more and stimulate the economy. many of the high power consumption gadget could be replaced by human workforce for cheaper for the benefit of all of us. less power consumption, higher employment rate , better economy.

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Posted in: Manufacturers fear summer meltdown due to power cuts See in context

Everything runs on electricity so unnecessarily. Motor operated automatic entrance doors use electricity everywhere and are in standby mode all day, big tenement houses entrance doors with microchip controlled touch sensors or electric relay locks, when a few decades ago it was no problem to manually open them with our keys, garage doors and TVs and simply everything are on remote control all day and night to save the owner of the exhausting maneuver of standing up take a few steps and switch on or off the TV set .

Everything and everywhere illuminated unnecessarily powerfully. In homes and dept stores and especially in convenience stores the illumination is extremely high and disturbingly bright. For a 4x4 meter apartment room a 120 W bulb would be enough and everywhere they use over 200W or bathrooms toilet seats are heated and are in standby mode all day etc. etc. and so many other useless and unreasonable electricity consummation. If only the stupid and excessive things could be shut down and people would be willing to do something manually, that could relieve at least two power plants in japan.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Kuraray See in context

What's the point? What actually want they sell or tell to TV viewers for the big money that a TV commercial costs?

"Mirabakesso. "It is short for "Mirai ni bakeru shin-sozai"

A very short form indeed -DD. Maybe they should have payed a bit more and make the commercial a few seconds longer that could have given them time enough to tell what was in their mind.

O.K. No problem I will go and buy some chemicals, fibers and other materials. Another commercial that I can't resist.

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Posted in: Parents awarded Y12 mil after child injured smashing milk bottles together at school See in context

Terrible accident all my sympathy for the kid and the parents, meanwhile I must say:

Kids do stupid things sometimes and even if a teacher were present, they probably couldn't have prevented the outcome.

So true and in this case either the kid never displayed any unusual or silly unreasonable behavior, in which case the above quote stands, or , yes he was known for that, in which case it's the parents negligence and responsibility of not notifying the school for necessary precaution and preparedness.

growing trend of what are called "Monster Parents" These types of parents are known for harassing school faculty and staff with unreasonable complaints like their children's poor grades when they should instead be focusing on the child's own work habits.

Yes, it is true in general, although I don't clearly understand whether it applies to this case.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context


This is not about breast cancer but about bras and ice pack. I know Paget disease well I didn't want to give so much details as it is just one variation of the Paget disease that is not restricted to breast.

But the point is about the bras and my point is , whatever the reason is for breast cancer, the body has its own immune reaction and healing capability that can be suppressed by tight bras or by ice packed cooling bras. This is the point and this is about the danger of ice-packing the bra. Precaution is needed.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

Ice pack cooling the breasts? The worst and the most dangerous ever.

The main reason behind breast cancer in both, men and women is the reduced flow of lymph fluid, provided through lymph vessels, that cleans the breast tissues from the accumulated toxic materials that partially a leftover from hormone activity.

Pressure from tight bras, lying and sleeping in prone position for prolonged time and excessive cooling that reduces the flow might trigger breast cancer that very often starts with the itching feeling in the nipples accompanied with skin irritation symptoms that normally sends sufferer to the dermatologists, who will mistreat it ointments.

All I can say these bras should be taken out of circulation as soon as possible and the health ministry should be notified and requested taking steps in the right direction.

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Posted in: Do you support torture as an interrogation method if the objective is to prevent a terrorist attack or capture criminals? See in context

I said no, but I also disapprove terrorist torturing captive civilians and military persons. Also the information they can gain through torturing is insufficient and max, 40% reliable.

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Posted in: S Korea cracks down on human flesh capsules from China See in context

From the article..

.......human flesh capsules from China ...... flesh of dead babies

I am not surprised at all, this is not the first and single case in the history when Chinese used the flesh of the dead babies and allowed it to enter the human food chain in a way or other, to politely formulate the sentence, which might be less known to the wide public.

Anyway, I will do my best to avoid all food that is imported from China especially gyoza and other food or minced meat when its substance and its shape is impossible to identify.

BTW. If anybody could tell why Japan needs to import any kind of food from China when they could get it from any other countries at any time and even not for very expensive.

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Posted in: Woman bites off bag snatcher's finger in Sapporo See in context

Tosa obaasan Huhhh OMG.

Well, a bit of scary but I am glad she was able to get her property back without being wounded by the snatcher. Probably her hard earn money. On the positive side it's good to see victims fight back.

Bite wound gets infected, the story is not over yet.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga arrives in Japan for 3 concerts See in context

From the article part of her "The Born This Way Ball" tour which will see her perform

Even a deaf can recognize that the "The Born This Way " song is the copy, in best case the redo of Madonna's big hit song, the Express Yourself.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga teacup fetches Y6.011 mil in Japan auction See in context

From the article:

The teacup was one of a number of items being sold to raise money for those affected by Japan's worst post-war calamity, and was the second most expensive lot.

If Gaga wants to give away charity to Japan, she should have auctioned her teacup abroad and not in Japan.

The money it fetched is a Japanese money, where is the help? The disaster took all the Japanese money away. The cup only could be sold because kind-hearted Japanese wanted to help other fellow Japanese. Sanctimonious attention and publicity seeker.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga teacup fetches Y6.011 mil in Japan auction See in context

What does she need to do? Go out there witht a broom & shovel?

Just sing. ( and earn what it worth)

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Posted in: Nuclear-free Japan braces for summer power shortages See in context

smithinjapanMay. 07, 2012 - 04:25PM JST

You'd think they've had air-conditioning here for all of time, .....

No, I am not it's not like that. Actually I don't use. I think most people especially in big cities grew accustomed to air-conditioners to the extent, they can't live without it. Also, I think that leaving a room where the air-conditioner is set to extreme low, - as most people use them - and going to a hot street air is more harmful than staying in a warm room without air-conditioner.

The other things what you wrote about avoiding heat stroke should be printed out everywhere.

Oh BTW There are some things, (what they are called?,) a unit that have some built in rechargeable battery that provides power supply for a few minutes for the Pc until the installed softpack safely shuts down the applications an logs off. PCs don't like sudden power failure. Actually, I expect sudden blackouts, too.

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Posted in: Nuclear-free Japan braces for summer power shortages See in context

Recently heat kills more people than cold. In the summer heat of nearly 40, for many people it will be hard to survive even for the healthy young ones who can get heatstroke without using air conditioner.

I think the TV should start broadcasting short educational programs on how to do in summer heat or public and government institution giving away flyers.

Another question how it will affect the industrial output. I count on sudden power failures, blackouts, melting freezes and rotten foods in supermarkets and restaurants.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Calpis history See in context

Calpis is good and tasty but incredibly sweat and is not a baby drink for toddlers in diaper.

I basically against using children for boosting sales (kids see this commercial will kick up a fuss for their parents to buy them Calpis and they will do it in order to mute them) and I find this business tactic unfair and even dangerous.

Sweet drinks are not very good for our health, white sugar is called silent poison. I myself like and drink Calpis and other sweet drinks, but I know the limit and can control myself. Kids, especially so young cannot and will not, and knowing how the majority of parents care about their kids here I have every reason to worry.

A big thumb down, and this commercial should be banned. It equally poses the same health hazard as smoking. Young children more and more often overweight and suffer from diabetes.

I like Calpis but down wit his commercial.

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Posted in: 8 elderly climbers perish on 3 mountains in Northern Alps See in context

Old people tend to lose their sense of reality of what they are capable to do and what not.

Life is bipolar. In hopeless situations we hope for a miracle cure, when everything is all right we are in fear of losing what we have, the young are in fear of losing their charm and getting old, and the old start planting trees to see them growing up and forget that their days are counted, they would climb high mountains that could even exhaust the young ones. The good old Akio Morita suffered a stroke for he challenged the young tennis players in a heat of 35 Celsius when even the young ones gave up the game, the old run across the street and believe they are fast enough to cross before a car could hit them, old men keep young lovers and are surprised they suffer heart attack during the love game, and so on.

Life is bipolar. When our body is up, our spirit is often down and when our body is down our spirit rising.:-D

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context


Your question escaped me. Blaming? Well, I don't know, not indeed but, huh how could I? Well, things don't always fit in and well, I think they were not victimized for being gays but for what they did or they way the behaved or expressed themselves, I don't wanna bring my judgement on them specifically as not only gays are subject to possible violence but self-esteem or not, human dignity or not, pride or not, in some cases it is better to change course and retreat if it could prevent them being victimized.

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context


Yes and I posted many interesting links about bad violence at gay parades that could have been and should have been avoided. Sad thing in a way as I myself disapprove all kind of violence.

My message was removed as off-topic together wit at least two of your messages and probably together with this present message of mine unless you quick enough to read it.

Try your internet search engine, type "gay parade attack" will give you hundreds of clashes violence. They carry very important information that underlines my worries about the gay parades.

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context


A little and kind help for you to clarify an important point in our posts, if you accept it . The sentence in question that you mentioned in your post of zichiMay. 05, 2012 - 08:23PM JST such as

" as you have mentioned in your post - gay parades resulted in bad violence."

I never stated that!LOL!"

Please kindly note, In my post the whole sentence was written as following:

even despite of law enforcement's effective and professional work achievements - as you have mentioned in your post - gay parades resulted in bad violence.

In that sentence of mine and the - as you have mentioned in your post - refers to the the law enforcement's effective and professional work achievement what you have, yes, did mention in your post of zichiMay. 05, 2012 - 11:55AM JST when you wrote

" The police do a amazing job of crowd control to ensure no one is killed."

Therefor I quoted you to confirm that the police works well to avoid people being killed. I certainly realize that you were considering the size of the crowd at the Luminaire in Kobe City and not the nature of that gathering, but although the gay parade brings only a few thousand gay activists, the crowd of bystanders can be big in size and as the nature of the demonstration is different, certainly police presence and professional work required to prevent accident or violence. I just draw a comparison and I am sorry if it sounded like you have worried about violence at the gay parade. You did not. I certainly didn't intend to put words in your mouth.

Thanks for mentioning this so I could clarify my point.

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context

@zichiMay. 05, 2012 - 11:55AM JST

I offer you an easy solution. Just avoid GAY parades which I think only happen once per year in Tokyo and maybe Osaka too?

Securely staying on topic and and focusing on gay parades what the article is about, by replying to your post and politely thanking the obviously good solution you are offering to me and possibly to all other posters who expressed disapproval in this thread about gays parading in the street it all I can say, that as you can find the news on the net by searching for violence against gay parades, it is undeniable that gay parades caused social disturbances, clashes and widespread disapproval in many countries and even despite of law enforcement's effective and professional work achievements - as you have mentioned in your post - gay parades resulted in bad violence.

Certainly homosexual minorities' fight for their rights to have the world and their own societies accept their diversity as Sayaka Kato, a spokeswoman for the organization mentioned in the article they should display their high valuation and carefully consideration toward the given countries, as well as, their own societies moral, religious, cultural and family values and pay higher respect to the will of the majority.

Every time clashes or even disapprovals occur they should ask themselves the question whether it is worth, or is this the proper way to gain integration or gay parades would just unnecessary create more serious social disturbances?

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Posted in: Transport ministry probe finds evidence of negligence by bus operator See in context

sfjp330May. 05, 2012 - 07:57AM JST

By raising the prices. It is still cheaper than to buy a new bus and pay compensation for the families of the deceased, not mentioning the loss of lives. Or do they think the insurance company will pay and don't mind tragic traffic accidents? For customers even higher bus prices would be cheaper than the bullet train.

It might reduce business, but that is a general economic problem when people cannot afford traveling.

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context

valued_customerMay. 05, 2012 - 09:46AM JST

You have also made a very important point, and although I don't agree with every point of your post, I value it.

Also, as I wrote in my previous posts I specifically don't mind gays fighting for their rights but not by parading down the streets the way they do and being dressed like that . It rather divides the straights and I think is not a good way. They should fight for what they want by generally focusing on human rights as, equal treatment, minority problems etc. instead of highlighting homosexuality and parading with . As I wrote in my previous post it is not about sexuality it is about human rights and rights of minorities . So in most cases you have repeated what I said.

First the above issue should be solved in general and only the after then the question of homosexuality to be inserted into its place in this issue and the solution should be should be mutually beneficial for both parties. Many of them gays' acts and behavior that they display under police protection during the parade would be penalized by the law enforcement as public nuisance if they did it individually in public places.

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Posted in: Transport ministry probe finds evidence of negligence by bus operator See in context

From the article

The ministry said that Rikuentai failed to keep driver's manuals, which contain route and safety information,

The investigation also highlighted that the driver was given only a single route description and had a GPS in the bus, but he was a naturalized Chinese citizen who had very poor order of Japanese and could hardly read manuals including even the short route description written in Japanese

From the article:

However, Rikuentai said that a relief driver is only necessary if the journey is over 670 kilometers. The stated distance of the trip to Tokyo Disneyland was 540 kilometers.

But, the driver missed the Joshin-etsu and took another route the Kan-etsu that added plus 40-50 km distance to the route and due to the detour he had to drive longer distance. Passenger witnesses also said that the driver was busy with the JPS all the time and didn't understand it as a result he made the route longer in kilometers.

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Posted in: Transport ministry probe finds evidence of negligence by bus operator See in context

The ministry report says the bus operator Rikuentai, which is based in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture, has a history of poor management at the company, TBS reported Thursday

What does it mean? The authorities had a record of it and already knew it and didn't do anything, or it only came to light after the accident and the following police raid of the bus operator?"

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Posted in: 2,500 march in gay pride parade in Tokyo See in context


You do not need my reply, you are not talking to me in your post, you are fuming and soliloquizing, you are asking questions from me and answer your own questions immediately. :-DD

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