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WolfpackMay. 04, 2012 - 08:13AM JST

It is worse. They are not parading for gay rights, they already have everything, they propagate homosexuality itself and it is power demonstration.

They also try to prove to themselves that they are healthy and normal people and refer to nature and to the world of animals where homosexuality often occurs. But in the world of animals homosexuality is extremely rare and most of the homosexual and lesbian behavior, mostly occurs among the socializing species like dogs, dolphins etc, is simply the display of dominance and not real homosexuality. Similarly in our human world gays started using their homosexuality for displaying and gaining dominance.

Since human history started power and interest groups and organizations use different tools and theories to gain power, influence, and control. Religion, philosophy, theories etc. see the Freemasons, the religious sects, scientist church etc. etc. All of them use different tools.

This newcomer interest and power group basic fundamental and moral and intellectual foundational base and cohesive force is homosexuality.

The homosexual groups are becoming stronger and more influential in politics and business. I know countries where whole party members are all homosexual, they run on elections. They don't call them homosexual party openly in public, though.

This is a game for power and control. Many of their followers and members are not homosexual, they only join for their career and like homosexuals back in the history enjoyed men secretly, now these so called career homosexuals steal time and opportunity to enjoy women in secret. Meanwhile many of the poor, unfortunate, aggressive, arrogant, zealous, brainwashed real homosexuals in the rapidly growing gay society are simply used by the big boys in the game.

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Arthur DumbolovMay. 03, 2012 - 09:35PM JST

Truly, different nations has different standards for beauty.

I think all nation and all humans have the same standard for beauty deep inside. This doesn't only apply for women but for men, art, animals etc. There were many experiments, they traveled around the world with photos and pictures of beautiful things in the collection and the surveyed people all had chosen the same photos regardless of their geographical locations, culture and ethnic belonging.

This here is not about beauty it is about business and the aggressive control of public taste.

As of beauty. Women, or at least the greatest majority of the women are not beautiful. They are sexy, lovely, pretty, attractive, charming, irresistible, inviting, appealing, delightful, enchanting heart breaking, fascinating, glamorous, but it is still not beauty.

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zurcroniumMay. 02, 2012 - 08:15PM JST

You are perfectly right from your point but your post is generalizing an one sided.

As I said some breed of dogs should be banned forever, together with some kind of irresponsible pet owners. The latter is unfortunately impossible.

But the other side is. Dogs, especially if they are properly chosen and trained are our greatest friends. They guard the house from burgles, they guide the blind and serve and assist the handicapped. In many countries, if the proper breed is chosen and trained well, they guard children at home and our kids can have big walks in the city or anywhere safe, in my country dogs regularly goes with the kids. They guard your house and garden from other animals and bad people, when I walk in the forest my dog guards me by voluntarily patrolling around me in a 100 meters area (I didn't even ask her to do it) and prevented me from running into a bear twice as she stopped and pointed out the bear from a great distance .

Dogs help our life in millions ways and it is not just accidental that humans tamed and trained these kind and loving, trusted friends. Some evil businessman breeds them for killing, fight and death. That's plain wrong.

A well trained dog can understand more than 500 words, they understand people more than we understand them.

They have heart and soul. They are emphatic and passionate. When my dog(s) became old and I called her for a daily walk, one day she didn't rise, looked at me with eyes I will never forget and signaled that she will not come with me any more. She said goodby to me and gave up soon. The other one saved my wife's life when she was attacked by five guys in the night in the subway passage and deterred and chased them away without a single bite. She was fast as lightning. Then when the guys escaped she went to my wife to cheer her up, and when she got old and got paralyzed and suffered in terrible pain, my wife broke up crying, she somehow managed to get herself together and with her last power she dragged herself along the floor with her front legs to my wife and pushed her nose to her and tried to comfort a and solace her with the last spark of her life.

We should always distinguish killer dogs, killer breeders, and killer owners owners from our friends. It is all upon us.

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A new generation has grown up with new explanation.

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Braces. Use them.

Oh, please don't say that, don't spoil the show, what would these girls would be without crooked teeth? Who would ever notice them.

This is a great business opportunity for the body care and hygiene industry. Sale of diapers will soar as all the audience has to attend the show wearing diapers, unless they want to pee their pants laughing when 48 snaggletooth girls smile at them at the same time.

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TYB48. snaggletooth girls ... hahh where can I hide from them???? Any unoccupied nuclear shelter for rent??

Dictionary definition for snaggletooth. "a person with a protruding, sharp, or crooked tooth. Usually found in the wilderness feasting on household pets. Sample sentence: That is is snaggletooth. I saw her eat a cat and nothing was left but bones. Fur and blood was flying like no other!" (urbandictionary)

Well, well, I've got a bad feeling about it, I think I guess what the next will be. Normally they start high and then go to lower regions, both in quality and bodily.

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Spot on like many other posters. But why just kids???? Don't we adults deserve the same respect from the gay community to leave us alone?????

There is no moderator ever born who would be capable of keeping discussion on JT on-topic. This thread is not about if it is good or natural or acceptable to be homosexual, it is about whether it is good and acceptable that gays going out ostentatiously parading in public by showing off their homosexuality,. And now, the homosexual posters or those who claim they are homosexual, are coming and exploring this thread to tell us that homosexuality is good, natural etc. disregarding the fact that ,I and many other posters clearly expressed we don't care, we don't wanna hear. Not just the street, they use all public opportunities to propagate themselves. They are getting dominant and too loud and became an embarrassment.

Who cares about your sexual life? Keep for for yourself.

Gay parade is a public nuisance, tasteless, embarrassing and unpleasant, yet goes on under police protection in all countries and in Japan too, for gay societies became strong and dominant enough to get the approval of the law enforcement. It is not about gay rights anymore, that should be fought for in the legislation, this is about dominance. and they try to make us feel shame if we tare say we don't like it. They are growing agressive.

As I said in the high school we had many gay fellows in the class in the our company, one of my best friend was a gay, he was a charming guy, I had my girlfriend he had his boyfriend no problem. But they were different, they were normal people like others, didn't want to force their private matters, sexual orientation, sexual life down our throats. We liked them, we accepted them but since they are parading and propagating themselves and their unhealthy and queer drive so shamelessly and disregarding I had enough of these people, I won't accept any gay in my companionship any more and will do my best to awake others about what a disagreeable thing is going on here.

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This dog family not necessarily attack, as I said there are many good and reliable among them, it is just the risk what is high, because medication, disease, causes instability, aging might change them to worse and can make them aggressive especially they very easily become dangerous in the hands of inexperienced owners.

So, they not necessarily attack and not so many of them, but if they attack they will go for killing. Also, dogs senses many things we don't, such as smell, ect, their eyes see differently and so on. Dogs never attack without reason but in many cases we just don't understand their reason and thus we cannot avoid the attack in time.

cleoMay. 02, 2012 - 03:34PM JST

If that is what you meant to say, then I agree with you.

Yes. Different way of explaining but O.K. I actually, rather tried to highlight and explain the emotional and instinctive sensation and the reaction that goes on in the dog than the occurrences and other factors, but you are correct.

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But, nobody believes that, right?

I believe and I know, small dogs you have mentioned above are hysterical, frustrated and aggressive and crazy, they tend to attack, but they don't kill. They, in many or most cases don't even bite, just want to chase you while big dogs have a lot of self confidence, they are calm, don't get overexcited and more tolerant as they have no reason to be worried or be afraid.

The so called killer dogs, by collective name in common use the bandog (originated around 1250-1300 in Middle England) family, don't bite, they kill. They go for killing, they know where to bite to kill, they aim critical areas and they tear. They are terribly fast and powerful and silent in most cases by their basic nature like Tosa, so as not to reveal the pain or the injury during the fight as a painful voice might signal weakness and encourage the enemy. They kill and die silently. These dogs are bred for human entertainment and gambling dog fights, they have no place in our everyday civil life. They might be good an reliable dogs but the risk is too great.

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Lilac And LavenderMay. 02, 2012 - 01:34PM JST

Homosexualty is not only about you but about the environment where we all live together, the society, about other people, about children who can be influenced by your road and right seeking and parades, and as @tokyokawasaki wrote who are asking question and in general, about all those people who might be effected in a way or other.

Certainly, I don't only mean homosexuality but all other human activities or public display of any contents that can have any, good or bad, effect on other people.

As of nature and all your other points, I think I gave the answer in many of previous posts, if you should be interested in that, (possibly not :-D ) please read them.

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There might be something with my grammar or you misunderstood what I wrote.

I wrote.

Dogs in general tend to attack people who are terrified and are afraid of them.

Sorry if I couldn't express myself clearly, if it needs to be clarified I meant:

Dogs in general tend to attack those people who are terrified and are afraid of them. In that post of mine I explained why it happens. That's what my all post was about.

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and my seven year old daughter is horrified of all large dogs

I am sorry for your daughter, I know what she went trough. If it can be a little help let me tell you something about it.

Dogs in general tend to attack people who are terrified and are afraid of them. It is because fear and horror is accompanied by hatred, naturally. What scares us we hate. But the stronger feeling the fear suppresses the hatred and we don't sense it right then. The dogs do. Hatred and love both build contact. Hatred is a contact too, and the person in fear build contact with the dog without realizing it, but the dog clearly senses it and will react. Contact cannot be terminated by one, only by both of the players. The dog will not. And will attack for his own safety or out of rage.

I hope your daughter will develop love for dogs and the horror will go away. If she learns about dogs, understands them and learns to safely and firmly deal with them the horror will go and she will gain lots of self confidence and will come out as a winner. I wish her good luck.

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Some breeds should be banned forever. I am a dog owner, I have and train dogs from my very early childhood, I was attacked by dogs but I have never been bitten by a dog, I love dogs but I say, Tosa, Canary Island, pit bull, and all kind of bandogs has no place in the world of humans. They are bred for fight and death, they are potential danger and even if they are nice and docile any disease, like cancer etc, and even aging might change their behavior significantly and can turn them into a deadly weapon. It is a sample of human cruelty to breed killer dog on purpose. Bad for the fellow humans and bad for the unfortunate dogs.

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tokyokawasakiMay. 01, 2012 - 05:30PM JST

I have no problem with gays, and I agree they deserve the same rights as everyone else. However, I personally do not like them on parade in public wearing 'Blue Oyster Bar' clothes and acting in a way that makes me feel very uneasy..

Daddy, why are those men dressed and acting like that? Says my 8 year old daughter... Difficult question to answer.

No it is so simple to answer.

Tell her, I mean to young children:

They are the men who want lovely little children like you to live without a mother. A mother who kisses you goodnight, who heals you when you are hurt, who gave you life; cause only women can give life and birth and women are life, without a mother who will cry together with you when you are sad and will love you forever even when you hurt her, with a beautiful love that only women can give. They can have no children, men cannot give birth and life yet they don't like and avoid women. They came to parade to make little children like you believe that it is right, and to garner attention and gain sympathy.

Tell her; "What do you think?" If your child answers, you won the game forever.

But when they are over the age of around 12 and start becoming a man or a woman they will not ask any questions and you will have to freeze and discover a sensitive moment of their lives , grab it and don't let it slip out of your hand or allow others to grab it, and take your chance and tell them why people are homosexuals or lesbians, explain the cause and the way in and out.

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I didn't intend to make the firs section of my post bold, something went wrong here with the characters or decoding, I will fix it sorry.

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Reading many posts about this topic, not just here I see two problems. A./ There is no such thing as gay rights or homosexual rights or sexual rights. They are equally humans and all their requests such as ---- see tmarieApr. 30, 2012 - 05:48PM JST ---- should fall under human the right issue, as "gay rights" is discriminative, and them gays should fairly put up with general human rights without requesting things that the societies, families, religions etc, not prepared to safely handle. Adapting themselves to societies general rules and behaviors, they should not be humiliated , discriminated, be denied of human rights and of course not be privileged.

B/. I see that beyond searching for equal or specific rights many homosexuals starts expressing false values such as arguing and trying to prove that homosexuality, is natural, normal, and as good as hetero etc.

No, basically and generally it is not. They want us to accept their being homosexuals we want the to accept that it is only good for them and let the others out of this thing. They need to learn to live a happy life accepting the fact we heteros and they are not the same, they are different and homosexuality can only be tolerated and accepted, but not welcomed the same way as the hetero.

Exactly as the article puts it.

Sayaka Kato, a spokeswoman for the organization. "I'm afraid Japan has yet to have a culture of accepting diversity."

Yes it is diversity, and such as it can only be accepted, tolerated but not welcomed, popularized by parades or taken as normal, natural, or good. Hetero is the way of life, the maintenance of species, girls are for men and men are for girls, and no one should be feel embarrassed, discriminative or called prejudiced against homosexuality for thinking and seeing life in a proper way.

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"AliasisMay. 01, 2012 - 12:42PM JST

People don't "become homosexual" if they are straight,

But I wrote

he became homosexual but not really, just did it, as he was influenced.

and as a consequence he got confused and messed up his life.

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I'll bet, though, that you don't mind it when women are wearing only short shorts and tank tops, do you?

Yes, I do. I wrote it many times, that's what my point is all about, let's not move around in circles.

and we have witness it in literally hundreds of animals (both animals that are evidently gay and uninterested in the opposite gender, and animals that are evidently bisexual are don't mind getting it on with either gender). So obviously, it's not unnatural.

Just because something happens spontaneously in great numbers it does mean it is natural and even if it is natural, we know it too well that natural doesn't guarantee that it is safe or good. Herbs are natural too, but they might even kill. Again, depends and for whom.

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lucabrasiMay. 01, 2012 - 11:38AM JST

What do you mean by "bad effect"? Are you suggesting that being gay is somehow "worse" than being straight?

Depends on for whom. If it is an inherent sexual orientation from early childhood , which comes deeply from inside and sincerely, it possibly is good and acceptable for that man. But not necessary for the other man who he picks, wants to love and wants to get for himself, especially if the other is straight. Some homosexuals (also lesbians)accept it and tries to be happy with it till the end of their lives, some asks a question, "why is this happening to me, is anything wrong, is there any other way, am I really?

When I was young in the high-school we had many homosexual fellows. We were very good friends and I and the others being hetero caused no problem. We had parties, there were lots of sexy girls we had great times and are homosexual friends came with their boyfriends.

One of our friends was hetero guy but very clumsy with girls, I believe he was a virgin, and was roped in and influenced out of schools and our parties by an elderly homosexual. He was 16 or 17, he became homosexual but not really, just did it, as he was influenced. A year later he was a broken man, dropped out the school, was totally disoriented, confused and was keeping asking himself the above question and never found the answer. I am sure if he met that homosexual, a priest, a few years later, after some lovely nights with lovely girls, he could have been able to see things clearer and make up his mind what he wants and what not, what he is and what not, and could have found the answer to his question in a natural way. His life was eventually ruined.

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Elderly parents don't always produce healthy children, the kids are often lovely, sensitive and intelligent, but often not very healthy. Of course this is not a general rule and shouldn't be a deterrent, just a risk factor.

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@Thomas Anderson

To look at them and look for them are two different things. I never look for them but I look at them as anything else that is brought to me either online in the news or in the street and in general. I am against everything that is tasteless and wrong. And I am against any bad, disgusting or tasteless thing regardless what it is, either commercial, entertainment's performance, design, street parade or whatever.

Do I have to go out and parade for readers or street walkers rights to to be spared from news or public events that has a bad effect on me, or are you suggesting me not to read news just because homosexuals are in the mood to parade? Well, I might be disgusting, but I never expose myself that way and go out the street to parade. Once someone hits the public, net, media, street events whatever , they gonna take the critics. I never criticize anybody walking in the street until they expose themselves to the public and parade.

Well, are they really discriminated? There are millions of them, they get many supports from artists, millionaires, politicians, they are well organized and many of their organizations are powerful and their cohesion is based upon their sexual orientation, their homosexuality, (that is unusual in a way) they gained influence in many fields of life, business, politics, they have no reason to complain, pretend the discriminated, oppressed martyr . They are not that minority as they state.

Yet, if they want to fight for even more rights, they could do it with more taste and more civilized. Right???

One more time, I have no problem with people being homosexuals, but I have a lot with the way they give air to it. They could do it with manners if they wanted. And obviously I don't want to see either heteros, BDSM, lesbians, or anybody else parading in the streets and showing off things of what should be a private matter such an unpleasant way. It is not against homosexuals.

And is this a way to fight discrimination? This is parading, attention seeking and tasteless whoever does it out of whatever motives, as I expressed it clearly in my post.

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correction = What's ..... and I'm

Sorry something seems to went wrong with my FF page encoding.

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Whasきs to be enraged. She is playing clumsy. Stupidity, clumsiness, tastelessness is a basic fundamental of the Japanese commercials, too. The Koreans do just the same, in their ways and Iたm sure there was no any intentional insult toward the Japanese in the commercial.

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I have no interest in other people sexual orientation and sexual life, either homo or hetero, please don't give it to me, don't bring it to the streets in parades. Otherwise, I don't mind other people being homosexual. Although, I personally cannot perceive or understand how someone could be attracted by the same sex, I have no difficulties accepting this phenomenon.

Yet, I have objection of them making their sexual orientation a social event or a movement by referring to human or sexual rights. Especially when they sexual orientation is obviously opposite.

I had many homosexual colleagues and friends, they were good people and they were righteously proud of their human, artistic, and scientific achievements but not of their sexual orientation. Cause they had sense.

Upon this, what can be the next? Lesbians can make parades, heteros will make too, and then the sado-mazo and eventually anybody the horror movie lovers, the milk drinkers, the alcoholics, the smokers, whoever. itás not about sexual rights it is a bout a lets make it big theory. Yes???!!!!!!

Those guys in the picture are excessively repulsive and stomach stirringly disgusting, but not because they are homosexuals, because they are posing and behaving the way they do, disgustingly. Sexual orientation is not a mark of a human, and in no way refers to human values. Those guys are terribly disgusting but because of what they are, and because of what they do and the way they are posing and they clothing.

Even if they were heteros I would say the same about them.

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Whatever the transport ministry regulation is, and even if the driver had 3 days off before the trip, driving alone hundreds of kilometers in the night from 10 pm to next morning is a high risk adventure, especially on a highway where in the dark night the driver has to focus on the painted white broken line in the headlight more intensively that will throw him into short 3-5 seconds hypnosis at least 80 times all in the night . At around 5 am comes the most critical period for driving as the human body gets the most tired and sleepy especially at dawn.

Stuff the ministry and their regulations, it is irresponsible to let one man to do that driving all the night alone. It normally needs hundreds of people to die until the ministry will change the regulation to something better that makes sense.

Instead, employers should use their common sense. Drivers and employees in general not allowed to use their common sense unless they wanna lose their job. A bus drive cannot tell his employer, " this is dangerous I am not sure I can make it safe" . Then he can look for a new job and will get the same there, too.

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amendment.....Will give order to their HR to find better and younger drivers

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Again, as usual stingy employers saved on the relief driver and lost a bus, will pay tremendous compensation to the family of the deceased and next time will do the same and change nothing.

Will give order to their HR find better and younger employer drivers for lower salary to bring back the loss. The HR will ask more stupid questions and employ the biggest liar, "boku wa itsumo gambarimasu" and after the next accident they will say the wouldn't step down out of worry that the company will get in the hands of irresponsible executives.

The law will not deliver any punishments and things will go on like that until the family of the victims take the law into their hands and beat them up for good. Then comes the "shikata ga nai' and will provide relief drivers.

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There can be many reasons and causes why someone wants to kill their own child, but they way they do it, the extent of cruelty and their resourcefulness in abuse and sadism is truly astonishing.

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Wholesaler Daikanebunki allegedly repackaged and sold 358 boxes of cucumbers grown in Fukushima.

Money talks. For 100 yen he would even eat it.

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She looks what she is, 34 but it is remarkable she can still sell herself on the Japanese market at her age. Not a bad news anyway, people might start appreciating others beyond schoolgirls in school uniform and childish things.

Good. Good the way its.

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