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Posted in: Chiba police admit stalking murders could have been prevented See in context

If the police admits stalking murders could have been prevented even under the present regulation and stalking law, then they should explain why they ask for changes in stalking law for more effective stalking prevention.

Also, police should receive special courses where the meaning of word "prevention" will be explained to them until they are capable to understand that prevention is a part of law enforcement's job.

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Not my type of girls and entertainment but I am glad to see they look pretty and mostly healthier than the skeleton supermodels and hopefully can encourage young girls to have healthier idols and look and be healthy instead of falling sick in anorexia.

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Posted in: Police to look into tightening stalker laws See in context

Nothing wrong with the present law. It's not the law but the lazy, incompetent police who are sitting on fence instead of taking the stalking reports and appeals for help seriously in due time and swinging into action.

If they blame the law it means they only want their hand freed for more arbitrarily taken actions according to their own choice and abuse people of their own choices.

If they don't take the complaints and the asks for help seriously today, when they already have all the means to make thing better and safer, what would guarantee they will use the new law properly?

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Posted in: Policeman in schoolgirl uniform arrested for flashing See in context

Apart from the sick police officer , it is not a good idea to step in an elevator together with another, especially unknown person. If he follows me, I step out.

I am not a schoolgirl and can defend myself, yet I never travel in an elevator with another unknown person, just two of us.

At public places like dept. store it is O.K. to travel in the elevator in group, like ten of us, but if I see a suspicious looking person who can freak out or just an ill looking one, coughing or something like that, I let the elevator go and I wait just one minute and take the other one.

Women reaction yet can vary on a wide scale. Once I eyewitnessed a similar case from a distance, not in Japan. A lovely sexy girl was insulted in a similar way the guy even reached under her mini skirt. Not so badly mini.

She turned to the guy, looked at him with tearful eyes filled with love and desire, stepped to the guy who, caught by surprise, became totally confused. She lovingly embraced his neck, and delivered three astonishingly quick, terribly powerful kicks into his balls with her knee. The guy collapsed with grace and later were attended by the ambulance car, the girl walked away calmly, couldn't even be bothered to turn back.

I think self defense courses for women will gain popularity in Japan too.

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Posted in: Recordings made of interrogations in 97% of major criminal cases See in context

Nuts. They only record a small part of the interrogation with the already softened suspect, obviously.

Suspect's lawyer: Well, we have many eye witnesses who saw you water-boarding the suspect.

Police: Lies, we have many eye witnesses who didn't see us water-boarding the suspect. And go watch the videos, can you find any that shows torture. Now, you are arrested for defamation, you will be interrogated soon.

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Posted in: TEPCO workers quitting due to threats, sense of despair See in context

What position did they hold at TEPCO?

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Posted in: Boy in China sells kidney to buy iPhone See in context

iPhone for a kidney, we still must be living in a golden age. It's only a short time away and organ robbery will become a worldwide business, controlled by crime syndicates. It is already, in some countries criminals in emergency ambulance cars hunt for victims, grab them into the car, perform a surgery without anesthetic and then throw them out the street and get off with the organs. Only in some countries, it is not worldwide, not yet.... Not mentioning the unnecessary causeless organ removal surgeries, amputations that is going in reputed hospitals to harvest and sell the organs to rich patients.

And in best hospitals they are selling and transplant any organs, the cancerous, the failed or the sick..whatever. So, you have died for your money? Prove it!! Good.

More than half of the transplanted organs are practically nonfunctional, anyhow, even at the time of harvesting, and those who accept them and let other people robbed for their body and those who accept organs carved out from the dead are just ghouls and the ugliest and worst evils and criminals and deserve they fate.

Christiaan Neethling Barnard had to be an evil man or the worst monster I have ever known as he opened the door to the most evil thing in the world. Well, I don't believe in demons and evils , I only used the world evil to describe his action.

Poor little boy.

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Posted in: Police officer found dead in apparent suicide in Okinawa See in context

This is a very serious warning sign together with the many other cases when police officers committed suicide with their service weapons. Raises the question what kind of filtering they have if they can a give badge to unfit people together with fire arms into their hands.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit in face with beer glass in Tokyo bar See in context

Munya Times thinks there is a trend among women for this type of behavior!??

No, I just pointed out the biological changes in women recently, scientifically proved and not only in Japan. These are continuous changes and possibly not trend, but consequently it will trigger different behavior pattern not only among women but also and more importantly between the two sex.

Methinks, unless the Maya calendar is true and a new age would start in 12/21/12 ( a better if possible), aggression will escalate and travel around our globe in circles and the growing aggression will affect and eventually will rise within the female population, specifically supported by the above mentioned biological changes that the females are going through.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit in face with beer glass in Tokyo bar See in context

Women today are not much different from men. Their body is getting more boyish, narrow pelvis, masculine buildup and body language, they aggressions are rising, they're getting tough even without any specific reasons, meanwhile boys, specifically in Japan are more and more girlish.

But these two are still the old generation. I see the schoolgirls and boys in the street going in groups, hear their voices. The girls are very loud, with strong boyish voice and tone, the are very pushy and aggressive. Boys are more or less the same but less aggressive, rather idiotic.

It takes only ten years till they grow into adults and there will be more of these cases and not just in bars.

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Posted in: Woman dumped child in baby hatch so she could study abroad; another used it for babysitting See in context

.........said there were several cases in which one or both parents “acted irresponsibly” in abandoning their child,

Yes, exactly, that is why a baby hatch is created to save the babies' life from irresponsible parents and give them a chance to dispose the babies in a hatch instead of killing them. So, no surprise here. The babies have survived, it is just good. That is why a hatch is created. Don't whine about it or the next ones will be killed instead of being disposed in a hatch.

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Posted in: Assistant police inspector put uniform up for auction online See in context

Not just police uniform, recently many employees put confidential company data, design, blueprint, or whatever they can have up on internet sites or selling them directly to anyone who would buy them.

Bankers' and businessman's greed did the job and either the penniless do it for for money or the not so poor for even more money and out of greed greed, they had idols to learn from, it will erode the whole business and the whole economy and security of country.

When law enforcement is in the line, there is not much hope. A certain layer of the society that is privileged by the law and equipped with fire arms now joined the harvesters. And this was not the only breach of the law or crimes that this privileged and high powered layer of the society committed. I read many more from stealing panties to murder. Good one, hello guys, welcome to the club.

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Posted in: Japan down to one nuclear reactor after Niigata shutdown See in context

I don't understand what's happening. Is Japan waking up after a nuclear disaster and realizes that they need to run their NPPs properly at the first place by employing decently paid competent staff and introducing costly safety measures, and now are taking the pain to make them safer, or getting sulky and peevish and give up the whole NPP business if they have to play fair.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga, Amuro, K-pop groups among nominees for MTV Video Music Awards Japan See in context

Namie Amuro is better than Gaga, well I mean she is not a world class singer or performer but at least she is not that boring like Gaga and has a pleasant appearance. Every time I see Gaga's photo , again in the present one she looks like a gargoyle, I have to go to the kitchen and pour some glasses of Jagermeister to cure my stomach.

I think if Namie Amuro had a promotion team that Gaga has, she could be far before her.

What was her song or the best female video that the article mentioned is it on youtube?

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Posted in: Emperor undergoes procedure to remove fluid from his chest See in context

The emperor is just an old man without power, a symbol. I am curious how this country would be under the rule of a real emperor with real power that he doesn't have. A country led by an emperor, a man of goodwill and competence who loves his country, instead of being governed by mad politicians and greedy businessman and arrogant shameless government officials.

He doesn't look a bad man at all and the emperor have so many faithful followers that he could help this country get back her feet again. He or his son or any other emperor or just a good leader, if there were any. Sadly he is just an old man and the country is a train running mad without an engineer.

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Posted in: Japan ready to shoot down N Korean rocket, if necessary See in context


Spot on. We have a saying " a slap in the face has to be delivered and not promised ".

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Posted in: Emperor undergoes procedure to remove fluid from his chest See in context

Aging can be such a stressful time.

We are continuously aging from 20, losing 10 000 neurons in our brain daily, but we just realize it in the last decade of our lives. Stress and unhappiness is another factor that speeds up the aging process and I think the emperor and the empress are one of us with the most stressful life. Kings and emperors always believed to have the best and happiest life. Well, some may have, but the the lowest price for me to set foot in that stressful, rigid place that the palace would be a min. 5 000 000 yen for one time.

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Posted in: Japan ready to shoot down N Korean rocket, if necessary See in context

More exactly, Japan ready to try to shoot down N Korean rocket. Japan is getting clumsier in everything she does and I don't have too much confidence that Japan will be able to protect or defend herself on her own either in politics, economy or in strategics.

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Posted in: Emperor undergoes procedure to remove fluid from his chest See in context

Just happening what I predicted, more exactly foresaw in my early post about the outcome of this surgery, before it happened. I collected a huge pile of thumb downs, it seems people have difficulties to accept realities that old people don't heal they die, even if an emperor and Japanese doctors, even if some of them are not quacks are not almighty and cannot go against nature or make miracles.

It is a nice thing to pray for the emperor but it is just God who created life, aging and death, He has got his own reasons for that and He hits everybody equally, emperor or beggar. If anybody wants good for the emperor it is more effective to change the rules created by humans for fellow humans and simply talk to the IHA to allow him retire. That would be more human and effective than asking God to keep him alive and healthy when it was God who created aging and dying for all of us.

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Posted in: Ceramic frying pan See in context


I agreed, otherwise if you try to stay away from aluminum, you'd better stay away from restaurants and from consuming obento. Most of them are made in aluminum pans by cooks roughly scraping the surface with their cooking ladle while frying the food.

I believe ceramic coating makes even aluminum pans safe until you accidentally knock it, which causes dent in the soft material that would crack the stiff ceramic coating. I think if handled with great care it is safe and last long, although iron or copper bottoms would be better, and possibly more expensive.

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Posted in: Ceramic frying pan See in context

It seems to be an aluminum frying pan with ceramic coating, is it like that? Ceramic is very promising as sadly the Teflon coatings are becoming toxic after a short period of use and getting dark and might peel.

Whether the ceramic coating provides the same non-stick surface or not, and if it is solid ceramic or coating is not clear from the article. I wish I knew. I also find it somewhat overpriced, 5,040 yen for a really small sized 20 cm frying pan is a bit too expensive. Otherwise, it looks good.

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Posted in: Hosono takes to street to seek support for tsunami debris disposal See in context


I see. Thanks for clarifying your point. I think I mistook the word "blending". I've got it now.

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Posted in: Hosono takes to street to seek support for tsunami debris disposal See in context

I quite agree with @kurisupisu logic and points except one.

Blending radioactive debris (why?) and then incinerating it will still produce the same emissions into the environment!

Not really, sadly. It won't produce the same amount of emission, it will produce much more. These modern incinerators are high tech, highly effective stuffs and they burn by highly concentrating the intake, thus emitting a more dangerous concentration of even higher radioactive pollution into the air.

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

I don't think it is AKB specific. There's are many negative comments in other threads, and on different discussion boards on different sites too. My guess is that people hope for favorable changes by publicly expressing disapproval about things they personally find wrong or irritating. Maybe they take discussion boards for complaint boards. DDD

And obviously posters like to use discussion boards for their own personal purpose.

Meanwhile, sober, impartial, informative, intelligent and high level posters are often deterred by reading others' uncivil or hatred comments. Some comments are really grisly.

I consider myself a very mediocre poster, or even less. I try to be impartial as much as I can, but I often realize how easily I jump on things that irritate me, while taking good things for absolutely natural that I deserve DDDD.

Sometimes I post when I don't even have any really smart thoughts of mine to say and I understand how difficult it is to see the world from so many different angles. It is much easier to complain than to make sense.

If it is going on like this, one day I will complain even about myself.

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals against life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

It's not only the murder, but his previous records of stalking and abusing women, the way he lured the girl, the way he killed, tortured and planned out the horrific decomposition of the corpse, the way he eluded the police, all his fugitive life, his extraordinary skill in killing, hiding, faking documents, his narcissistic sanctimoniously role playing of the penitent remorseful unfortunate sufferer and trying to picture himself as victim would give worry if he should be free again.

While I disapprove prison punishments in general, as a punishment and don't expect any favorable outcome of it, I agree that a rabid instinct guided deformed creatures like he is, cannot be allowed to walk freely.

YubaruMar. 16, 2012 - 07:26AM JST

It is not about stomping on individual's rights, its about lawyers skill and Ichihashi's supporters who provide monetary support for him for lawyers and about tricky courtroom technique. Please note that innocent and honest citizens also have their individual rights that should not be stomped on by expensive, skillful advocate lawyers who could and would manage to acquit even a mass murderer is they are paid generously.

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Posted in: Sharp to replace top executive amid losses See in context

Sharp is one of the nicest example of a deadly Japanese illness, called "amakudari".

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Posted in: Sharp to replace top executive amid losses See in context

Replace with who? Is Okuda better? They are all from the same gang, they are just shifting to take the rest of the money.

Never seen any other company with the bunch of incompetent and shameless looters like sharp. Never seen any other petty-minded pilferers like them. A pencil maker climbed too high and wanted to make big money, brought in a new generation of raiders with superiority complex.

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Posted in: Japanese consumer confidence slips in February See in context

Reasons and solutions.

Strong yen, loss of confidence in politicians, future and economy. Not saving money for shopping, but for surviving. Degrading product quality, shamelessly overpriced products, cheating traders, shops and dept. stores. Useless customer and unlikely expensive and bad repair services, products made for short life in poor quality to force consumers to buy new and new endlessly.


As the yen is strong, more and more people buy directly and cheaply from abroad, not only from amazon but there are many other sites and in most cases you can buy directly from the shops in any countries through the internet. I cannot even recall when I entered a Japanese shop, or ordered from Amazon. I by directly from either the makers or from their brand shop, or from any other shops or dept. stores from the USA to Germany, France or anywhere. Clothes, cosmetics, medication, whatever.

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Posted in: 5 injured after motorbike hits bus, then pedestrians on sidewalk See in context

The reckless way the motorcyclists and cyclist ride is a walking nightmare. The police does nothing, and will do nothing until they hit a few police officers. When a nice number, say a dozen of police officers go to hospital, the police will crack down on them in one week. But nothing will happen until the pain hits home.

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Posted in: Japan automakers are back, a year after disaster See in context

Yes they are back for business, but what price they payed for that coming back ??? Look at the quality. Otherwise, I expect another big blow to their business, the gas price. Who can afford a car today, the young doesn't buy at all.

Not just the disaster, gas prices (while the yen is record high), mandatory insurance, voluntary insurance, tax, mandatory parking lot, service prices, (they overcharge wherever they can), "shaken", mandatory vehicle inspection, selling 500 000 yen extras in every cars, expensive highway toll, only to waste gas and time driving at a neck-breaking 80-100 Km/h speed on bumpy highways, paying the customary fine twice a year during the police "safety weeks" ticketing campaign, and spending long hours in traffic jam.

There is not really too much to do with the disaster. They are back now, but car business will deep-dive again here, even if the makers have tricked their ways out temporarily, by changing subcontractors to cheaper ones and saving business with degrading quality. It will backfire soon.

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