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Posted in: Japanese power firms seek price hikes, adding to household burden See in context

Last month they already increased the average bill by more than 10.000 yen and they want to increase again? And how can a 30+ percent increase only add 2800 yen to the average bill? My calculation is that the average bill will go up by another 12000 yen or so. So an average house will see around 50.000 monthly bills which will be a roughly 100 percent increase compared to last year. Think some people cannot do some simple math. Oh by the way, spot gas prices have declined by almost 70 percent so why do they try to fool us by saying that has is expensive. Bunch of thieves

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Mori harsh on Zelenskyy over war in Ukraine See in context

And how much suffering has he exactly created in his one year of presidency prior to the war Mr Mori? Know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. You're 85 years old, soon be biting the dust, have some manners, dignity, respect and refrain from giving your opinion on every subject.

You and your opinions aren't relevant anymore

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Posted in: Sagawa Express employee arrested for stalking by using info from customer list See in context

Yup, that's the way to serenade a woman, Romeo. Never occured to you that it could creep the hell out of someone by randomly calling them and asking them "do you know who I am" etc?

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Posted in: Japan to scrap current non-digital health insurance cards in 2024 See in context

Yes, great plan. Let's all share our banking details, insurances, driver's license, taxes, employment, passport details and much more under one umbrella. At the same time, let's also encourage the people to share the same number with commercial companies so they can discount coupons or some points. What could go wrong here?

One you do that you basically encourage all cyber criminals to hack into the system because one number gives you access to a person's life. And we all know how good Japan is at cyber security

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Posted in: Japan reopens to tourists with shuttered souvenir shops, hotel staff shortage See in context

I think the Japanese don't watch the news. We're in a recession, air tickets are through the roof and people can't pay their gas/electricity/food bills. Are they really expecting millions of tourists the line up to come to Japan?

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Posted in: Abe damaged Japan's democracy, left legacy of power abuse, critics say See in context

It's so refreshing to read the other side of Abe, and kudos for this journalist to have the courage to speak up and tell the public as it is. Wish he had said it earlier and more often when he was in power.

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Posted in: Japan to launch domestic travel subsidy program on Oct 11 See in context

All this does is inflate the prices of accomodation, hotels and inns will double their prices because the government will foot the bill. So if we get 11.000 yen per person per day, our stay should be free, because how many hotels charge 40.000 yen per night?

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Posted in: What would you like to see the yen-dollar exchange rate stabilize at? See in context

115 yen to the dollar will ease a lot of the pain for the average Taro. It doesn't look like the BOJ will/can increase the rate without hurting the people who took out loans/mortgages

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

This is my experience with J-cops, believe it or not, it's entirely up to you.

Something happened at our place about 9 years ago. My wife called the cops and when they arrived they were more interested in me and my occupation, residence card etc instead of taking my wife's statement. After about 10 minutes I got so pissed of that I kicked them out of my house. After a follow up a couple of weeks later at the local police station to see what they had done with our report, they couldn't find anything in their system. So the cops basically didn't write any documentation about ever visiting us and our experience. Lost my trust in the system right there and then

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy missing in Toyama Prefecture See in context

Kinda strange, how far can a 2 year old kid go in a few minutes at 6.45 when it starts getting dark at that time. A short sprint around the house would easily make you catch up with a toddler as he's probably afraid to wander off too far in the dark

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Posted in: Kishida yet to deliver on promise to create new form of capitalism See in context

Any surprised there on not delivering his promises? The late Abe hadn't delivered on his 3 arrows after 9 years so why do people think Kishida is any different?

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Posted in: 6 members of 2 unrelated families found dead in suspected murder-suicide cases See in context

Parents offing themselves and taking their kids, who didn't want to die,with them. Never understood that, leave alone the kids and off yourself in a quiet place if you want to step out of life

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Posted in: Japan reports 238,735 coronavirus cases; 35,339 in Tokyo See in context

That's a lot of kisses from Tokyo

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Posted in: Japanese soccer team fined ¥20 million because fans’ cheering violated COVID-19 guidelines See in context

You cannot fine a person or institution for not breaking any rules. There is nothing illegal about screaming, yelling, shouting or cheering neither about not wearing a mask. These mandates were only requests or urges but nothing illegal. So good luck collecting that money

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Posted in: Japan looks to regions to mount COVID fight as variant spreads See in context

In other words, we don't know what else to do and don't want to be responsible for introducing another state of emergency and sink the economy. At least we can blame each prefecture if their ideas don't pan out

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Posted in: Unification Church ties to lawmakers emerges as major political issue in Japan See in context

It's amazing to see so many people who are supposed to be educated, sensible and work for the people to make the nation a better place for its citizens having ties to a cult group. It actually scares the sh#t out of me. How are we supposed to trust their decision making it they don't have the common sense to stay miles away from such groups

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

On a 20 to 24.000 yen monthly electricity bil, a 2000 yen gift voucher/card is not gonna cut it

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Posted in: 1 in 4 singles in 30s not willing to marry: Japan gov't survey See in context

Understandable when you see that at least one of the two is unhappy after a few years of marriage. Why give up your freedom or happiness if you know it's bound to be like that

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Posted in: Victims speak up as Japan moves to protect young people in porn See in context

Look I'm not trying to be insensitive here and if there has been some abuse or non payment of promised salary/income or whatever, it needs to be looked into it forced to pay up the actresses. Having said that it was their choice to enter this industry, nobody forced them to do it. They chose to undress themselves and act in sexual acts and to be filmed for a mere 20.000 yen.

Who in their right mind would do that? So you can't complain that people have taken advantage of you or that they should have paid you more after the deed. But these days people do anything for a new iphone or 20.000 cash

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Posted in: Japan's net external assets top ¥400 tril in 2021 amid weaker yen See in context

How about getting some of that money back to pay down the national debt and benefit from the current exchange rate. The 400 trillion is based on a 115 yen exchange rate but currently it's 127 so that's another 10 percent

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Posted in: Does sleeping in separate beds make for a happy marriage or relationship? See in context

I personally think that sleeping in separate beds isn't better for the relationship as it creates distance in the long run and unhappy marriage and promotes infidelity. When it comes to a better night sleep, yeah it can be better as some snore or move around a lot at night and make a good night rest impossible for the other which can create sleep deprivation and lower performance at work. Maybe sleep together when you feel like some action between the sheets

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Posted in: 1,600 empty seats at major Japanese gymnastics competition reserved by single unpaying person See in context

How stupid of them for not having a limit of let's say 4 tickets per reservation and taking credit card details in case someone tries to do something like the above. You should blacklist such people for making any ticket reservation for any event for the next 10 years like financial institutions do

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Posted in: Electricity, gasoline and many food and drink items now cost more in Japan. What are you doing in your daily life to cut back on costs? See in context

Buy less, skip unnecessary outings and buy groceries when they price them 30/ 50 down later in the afternoons. But then again, dus it make a difference when the wifey comes home with sneakers for our daughter which cost almost 15.000 yen

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Posted in: Elderly couple hit, killed by car; driver arrested See in context

If there was no crossing nor traffic lights at the spot, why is the driver at fault? That's one of my biggest fears in Japan, driving safely but hitting someone accidentally while it's not even your fault and ending up in prison for that. Japan's traffic rules are hideous

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Posted in: Investigators raid Hokkaido tour boat company's office after sinking See in context

9 days after the accident, that's fast. Not.

They have had enough time to get rid of any evidence that might criminalize them so what are they gonna find after more than a week?

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Posted in: Over 50% in Japan feel public safety has worsened in last 10 years: survey See in context

So 1790 people represent Japan? If you give people a few multiple choice questions then that's what you get for a result. Maybe they should have widened their poll to have a more representative result

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Posted in: Asian shares sink as China says 1Q growth at 4.8% See in context

Stocks closing down the day at around -1 percent is hardly to be called "sink" .

Do people not know the meaning of words?

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Posted in: City in Nara Pref says tourism 'princess' can be of any gender See in context

Hmmm, confusing . So I'm a male but can demand people to call me "princess"?

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Posted in: Over 20% of Japan's major firms halt Russian businesses: survey See in context

What's the difference with EU still buying oil and gas, just because they can't do without it? After the war these companies worldwide will go back and continue doing business with Russia, so one wonders what was the point then. If you got balls quit and pull out businesses and trades indefinitely, that will send Russia a stronger message

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Posted in: Japan to release 15 mil barrels of oil reserves See in context

So they are releasing 15 million barrels now so they can buy more later at a higher price to fill those stockpiles again. Makes perfect sense. Sooner or later all these countries need to make sure they have enough stock for emergencies or natural disasters, don't they understand that these purchases will drive up prices?

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