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Haa Nemui, regarding my reaction to the initial question of "are you saying you don't like gay people?" - yes, you're quite right. I was making an assumption of tone. That's often dangerous and inaccurate, and perhaps I was being hasty myself. However, all of jcapan's other posts in this thread confirm that my assumption was correct. So, there's really no issue here, is there?

Your opinions are not more valid than those of the other posters you are talking to/about.

Of course they are.

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Strangerland, have you ever seen a gay pride parade? If not, let me tell you exactly what happens at one: "gay people parade up and down the street in public display." The comment you quoted is essentially a dictionary definition of a gay pride parade, not an indictment of the poster's opinion.

As to the underlying opinion that you referenced - I don't believe there is any opinion there at all, none whatsoever, regarding how sensei feels about gay people. The only opinion of the post is that Taylor Swift is unbalanced - she wants anti-gay people to keep their opinions private, while gay people are encouraged to bring their opinions public. (Personally, I don't agree with sensei's complaint - it's the government who needs to guarantee free speech to both sides, while Taylor Swift is free to support whomever she wants and say "shut up" to whomever she wants.) Regardless, the point of the post has nothing to do with sensei's personal views on gay people. And even if you feel that you can interpret a little sense of personal opinion being implied, it's certainly not clear enough for jcapan's extremely rude question/accusation/conclusion of "Are you saying you don't like gay people?"

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Right. And? Sensei was speaking generally about the definition of a word and how it's being used or misused in society. His/Her point was a linguistic one. There was zero mention of sensei's personal opinion about gay people anywhere in that post. How you conjured an anti-gay conclusion out of sensei's post is beyond me.

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jcapan: sensei, are you saying you don't like gay people?

jcapan, are you saying you like to skip around your neighborhood wearing a Santa Claus costume while singing Broadway showtunes? (I have the same amount of evidence behind that concept as you do for sensei258 not liking gay people. More reading comprehension, and fewer hasty accusations please.)

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She's like a modern-day cross between Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr....for idiots

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As a non-Japanese person, I also cringe at the cute mascots everywhere, and particularly for serious issues like this. But, in an effort to try to understand... Anyone who has looked at and experimented with online article readership and hit-rate knows that an article with a picture will always do better than a text-only article. Articles with videos do better. Articles with catchy, clever headlines of a certain length do better than those that are too long, too short, not clear enough, not clever enough. And so on. I think we'd all like to believe that we're better than that... "I'm a discerning, intelligent adult. I judge content based on its own merit. I'm not easily swayed by the bells and whistles." But the data states very, very clearly and consistently that the opposite is true. The public at large is strongly influenced by these things. (And while I have no data or experience regarding kawaii Japanese mascots, I'm sure they provide a similar bump to readership that all the

other decorative elements do.)

So if you have a really important, life-saving message (like child abuse prevention) that you want to spread to as many people as possible... wouldn't you use those same strategies too?

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Sympathizing with someone else's difficult situation is a very separate thing from condoning a crime or hateful act that they commit in response to it.

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Are you honestly saying you think there are situations which justify threatening preschoolers?

If you can find anything I've written that even remotely resembles your paraphrasing, I'll give you a cookie.

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what probably amounted to no more than 5 minutes...

There isn't any community wide problem, there isn't any gross negligence, there isn't any irresponsibility and there isn't any obscene favoritism at work in this. Its an entitled, grumpy old man going off the rails over nothing

rainyday, you're doing a lot of presuming with no factual basis in the least. The facts of this story are very limited (at least as far as this article is concerned). We don't know what happened, or what what extent, or any of the important context. We're left to guess. Yet, many commenters have leapt to the conclusion that the children's/parents' offense here was small and trivial (like your assumptions which I quoted above), while others (like I did previously) illustrated other examples of extreme behavior simply to remind everyone that there is a possibility that there was a big problem. Again, we absolutely don't know either way. Therefore, it's unfair to assume the innocence of one side simply because children = good and and elderly men = stupid and whatever other over-generalizations people would like to make. It's not always that simple, so let's be open-minded about it and wait to hear more information before insisting that we know things which we don't.

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rainyday, you and I are not so far off in terms of agreement. I understand just how hard parenting is, and anyone whose "tranquil,idyllic life [is] temporarily disturbed by a cry, shout or laugh from a child" is insane. No one here suggested anything close to that. But not every parent or teacher is a responsible one, and sometimes problems do arise beyond the normal, everyday noise and issues that you described. And sometimes those problems do cause greater issues in the community. Just because parenting is monumentally challenging doesn't mean that people have to be accepting of the community-wide problems that can result from gross negligence, irresponsibility, or obscene favoritism.

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DaDude: Unless the guy is teaching a meditation or Tai-chi class, there is absolutely nothing abnormal about kids waiting for a bus at that time and making sounds or talking.

No. But if there were six little monsters running around, screaming, and going berserk while their mothers stand by playing with their smartphones, daily, then perhaps the man has a legit gripe. Neither of us knows the situation, so let's not make assumptions.

Also, just clarifying that I don't support this guy's creepy letters. I'm simply replying to the "children are angels and if you dare complain about them then you're a monster" crowd.

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I'm going to be a dissenting voice here, but I can fully sympathize with this guy. There is a growing sentiment that our precious, wonderful children should be spoiled and given free reign, no matter who else it troubles. I used to live behind an elementary school that had no problem hosting excessively loud events at 8am on weekends. Whistles. Megaphones shouting instructions. Recorded music playing at top volume, echoing through the neighborhood. And when I would complain about this to coworkers, they'd look at me in horror. Their attitude was "But it's rehearsal for Sports Festival! Don't you know how important Sports Festival is???" Or brass band practice. Or etc. And no, I don't care. Schools ought to be as considerate of their neighbors as everyone else has to be. If I generated that much noise echoing through the neighborhood at that time, the police would come. There are people who work second or third shift. People who work on weekends. Police officers, chefs, nurses, construction workers, etc. They're also part of the community.

So, if this guy is complaining over regular kid noise, then he's a nut. But can I imagine a case where "Nothing is too good for my children" parents or teachers are allowing constant, excessive noise? Absolutely.

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Nadal rolled Fed. Good quality but boring match. Long live the kind of clay?

Djokovic was "Bad Novak" during this one. Whiny and irritable and petulant. His head problems clearly cost him the first set. That's not to discount the play by my boy Thiem - he was ripping them. Love his ground strokes. Novak takes unpredictable lines and surprising angles, and his points look impressive. Thiem's angles are much more conservative, but he hits so darn hard, so darn clean, and so technically precise, that he just bullies people from the baseline. It's not quite as visually impressive as Novak's game, but if you've played the sport you can understand just how special he is.

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Needing Nigel Farage now more than ever

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Thiem absolutely crushed it last night. My infatuation with him continues to grow. He doesn't appear to be swinging hard, but somehow generates an unbelievable amount of power on his ground strokes. Awesome. Is he up to Djokovic's standards? Of course not - hardly anyone is. But it's a match I'm very curious about.

Djoker/Zverev was also interesting. Novak won easily, but Zverev played so well. Toward the end of the match, one of the commentators said "Can you identify something that Zverev is doing wrong, that you would advise him to change?" and the other one just said "No." It was the truth. Zverev's tactics, technique, etc. were all perfectly fine. Novak was just on a different planet, as he has been.

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calling the newspaper "one of the founding fathers of the patriarchy."

"Im sorry i spent 5 minutes with her," the singer and dancer wrote about the author of the article, journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis.

How dare the patriarchy employ females in positions to do prominent work?? It's an outrage!!

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Most likely saving their energy for the next match

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I'm all for skills training and vocational work as part of the rehabilitation program of prisons. It sure beats locking them in an empty room for years and then wondering if they've changed their ways. However, I wonder how the haircut banter would go. "A little shorter in the back, please. By the way, did you kill someone?"

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madmanmunt: piece of tape todaycould be an entire helicopter blade tomorrow

crashing through the windows of a day care at nap time

be careful out there

and take care of the children

I think most kids ought to be hit on the head by pieces of tape more often. That would turn this country right around.

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I think that's just how comedy is. There's no right or wrong answer... just different tastes. I've watched plenty of stand-up comedy bits on YouTube with thousands of up-votes and adoring comments, that I just found no humor in at all. Strange how comedy can be divisive like that.

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Woody is a legend. Even his bad movies are better than most of what's out there. Intelligent and hilarious. It's a shame all the virtue signalling and over-the-top MeToo hysteria has hurt him. (note: I specifically referred to the over-the-top hysteria. Not all of MeToo is bad. Some is very important. Other parts are unnecessary, idiotic, and destructive.)

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Forget said it was possible that one of the women's matches could be moved away from the Chatrier and Lenglen courts to the 5,000-seater Simonne Mathieu arena.

The TV coverage I was watching a few days ago briefly went to Halep's match (against some nobody... I forget who), and I was utterly shocked at how few people were sitting in the stands. It was an absolute ghost town. Setting aside for a moment the conversation about the quality of men's sports vs. women's sports, I think it goes to show just how compelling the men's game is at the moment. There are so many legendary players. There are so many promising young players. The talent pool toward the top is getting deeper after being so shallow for so many recent years. I still think there is a lack of truly interesting characters, beyond the handful of obvious ones. But overall, I think the product of men's tennis is very strong at the moment, compared to the women's side. Attendance seems to be proving it.

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Hung Nguyen, if you're looking for courageousness, please refer to Ganbare Japan's good feeling from yesterday about this being Nishikori's time against Nadal. I'm more interested in objectivity than boldness.

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The unfortunate thing about this tournament is that it taught us absolutely nothing new. Nishikori played to his seed - he beat everyone he should've beaten, and lost to the first person he should've lost to. So:

-He's still a good but not great player

-He is still capable of showing tenacity and athleticism and putting on very entertaining matches

-He is still utterly outclassed by the top tier of players in the world

-He still lacks the balls to win a title of any significance for the entire duration of his career

-He still leaves us debating whether he's a hero for coming out on top of gruelling 5-setters, or a chump for allowing them to happen to unseeded players in the first placeq

So, nothing new. Loss to Rafa in Paris is understandable. Loss at 1, 1, and 3 is less understandable. Inability to seemingly ever muster a win against the top tier of players is continued evidence that the gap between 1 and 7 is much, much, much larger than those numbers indicate

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...playing best friends and soul mates who happen to be Asian, which may be the most refreshing part of all.

I agree 100%. The way past racism (and sexism as well, for that matter) is to get to a point where these things simply don't matter. They're not advertised, they're not promoted, they're not celebrated, they're not built up... they just don't matter. A rom-com should be about the story - who cares if they're Asian, white, black, whatever? When we can stop saying "Asian rom-com" and just call it a "rom-com" is what society ought to be aiming for.

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Posted in: Mourning continues 1 week after Kawasaki knife attack See in context be fair, that kind of knowledge is still in its infancy in most countries, not only Japan. I don't think anyone has "got it right" at this point. But Japan is clearly behind other modern, developed nations in this sense.

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Arturo Jamilla: Addressing mental health issues only works if the person with such issues seeks out help.

Yes, exactly. Yubaru and Chip Star made some useful points about the infrastructure of Japan's mental health facilities, and those issues certainly need to be dealt with. However, equally necessary is "general education" of the public regarding what mental health entails. The average person knows what a broken arm looks like, and knows that you need to take care of it like this, and go to see this kind of doctor, and follow that doctor's treatment and instructions in order to get better, and that you can't go playing basketball for a handful of months, and etc. I've never broken my arm, but I know that. However, that type of general knowledge does not exist regarding mental problems. Most people in Japan can't recognize these issues, don't know what to do about them, and fear the social taboos that go along with it. Until those problems are addressed, then improved facilities and an increase of workers in the field can only go so far.

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Very well done to Nishikori for keeping his head and putting that match away.

The Thiem/Monfils match was also a lot of fun, for a one-sided straight-setter. Monfils didn't have the heart to keep up, but the athleticism and shot-making on both sides was ferocious. Thiem's powerful groundstrokes are winning me over as a fan.

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I've been leading team "Don't worry, Osaka is fine," but I'm now starting to have doubts. She fired her coach and wasn't particularly gracious in her comments about it. In this article she's talking about battling stress and pressure. The Nike ad was about her trying to block out distractions. And her tennis results have been quite disappointing during this whole episode. I'm starting to wonder if she's just not mentally strong enough to handle the same and status that came with winning 2 majors in a row. I hope she can find her way, but I'm less confident than I have been

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