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copy paste Ahem:

"Getting to this point in the tournament is a very nice achievement. There's no shame in losing to a player of (insert name here)'s caliber. That said, I wish Nishikori would find it within himself to once in a while win one of these key matches against the top tier of players."

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Federer will play eighth-seeded Kei Nishikori

Want to prove something? Now's the time.

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Shumatsu-samurai: a person's soul cannot be moved once interred in a shrine

This is exactly correct. The issue isn't simply removing a name from a list, as some posters have suggested. In Shinto, an interred soul cannot be moved or erased from the shrine. The souls that are there, are there to stay. This is the basis of the scandal surrounding Yasukuni: it's created a black-and-white situation that requires people to choose a side.

the actions of some priests has effectively bound the hands of future generations.


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However, I'm just going to copy and paste my same response that I give every time this comes up. Ahem:

"Getting to this point in the tournament is a very nice achievement. There's no shame in losing to a player of (insert name here)'s caliber. That said, I wish Nishikori would find it within himself to once in a while win one of these key matches against the top tier of players."

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wtfjapan: committed 51 unforced errors. thats says it right there Nishikori crumbled under the pressure again, he doesnt have the mental game to beat the top players consistently.

I wouldn't automatically assume that. Djokovic is a stroke-for-stroke better player than Nishikori, so if you're Nishikori, what would you do? Just stick to your game? Maybe. But it's also a reasonable strategy to say "I know I can't beat him if all things are equal, so I'm just going to go for my shots, hit big, aim for the deep corners, take risks on low-percentage shots, and just maybe if I get on a hot streak, it'll be enough to win." It's a high-risk, high-reward strategy, and if it doesn't go perfectly, players can easily end up with 51 unforced errors. So no, I don't think that number on its own is evidence of Nishikori crumbling under pressure.

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A lot of tennis players are "caught" between two countries, and their decision regarding which one to "officially" represent in tennis almost always has much more to do with the support they would receive from either country's tennis federation. I don't know the details of Osaka's case, but just throwing this out as a possibility: the U.S. is loaded with star women's players. Between two Williamses, Stephens, Keys, and Vandeweghe, they have 5 among the top 25 in the sport, and a non-stop supply of younger ones coming through the system. Had Osaka decided to represent the US, she would simply be "one of many," and even if she turns out to be a major, consistent star, she'd still be playing #2 (at least!) to Serena. That would limit her income, endorsement opportunities, and preferential treatment in a wide variety of ways. In Japan, the women's tennis field is much, much, much smaller and weaker. By representing Japan, she is treated as the true #1, given the best of everything, and has a much nicer situation.

So, I don't think her decision has much to do with which country she "prefers" or "identifies as" - this is a business decision, plain and simple.

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Vamos Delpo!!! Would absolutely love to see him win this title. He's a player that should have been a constant threat to the "Big 4" (or maybe even a member of them), but what could've been a beautiful career has been severely limited by injury after injury. I'd love to see him avenge the missed opportunities by winning another Slam or two.

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The growing number is certainly worrying, but I wonder whether part of it is an increase in people's willingness to actually report such cases to the authorities. Japan is notorious for considering serious acts of violence or etc. as "private domestic issues" when they happen within a family, causing people to not report them to authorities. That's a dangerous problem as well, and I hope it's something that can change.

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offer men the chance to take a 10-minute break ... similar to the existing rule for women, which allows for 10 minutes of rest before a third set when there is excessive heat. Should the genders have the same rules moving forward?

Absolutely. The fact that there is a difference between the genders is old-fashioned, outdated nonsense that isn't rooted in medical science.

Should the U.S. Open avoid having matches during the hottest part of the day, not just for the players' sake but also to help spectators?

Yes and no. Heat (and other elements) is part of the sport, and being able to fight through hot temps, low temps, windy days, sun in the eyes, unusual surfaces, etc. is part of what makes this sport great. However, the decision to alter the schedule to avoid health-related problems ought to be made by a team of independent doctors. Having to soak naked in ice baths between sets sounds to me like play should've been stopped.

Should the men play best-of-three-set matches at majors, instead of best-of-five?

No. Women should play best-of-five.

Should the 25-second serve clock, making its Grand Slam debut here, be shut off to let players have more time to recover between points?

Yes. I'm curious to see the overall results of the serve clock, and if it does really improve the game, then maybe make a rule to turn it off in extreme heat, or in the final set of the match, or something like that.

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North Korea still poses a "serious and imminent threat," Japan said

Well of course they did. There's an election coming up.

"If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid." -Paulo Coelho

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Ohtani is a special athlete, for sure. I just hope he can avoid the injury curse of Japanese pitchers who go to play in the MLB.

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BigYen: Japan was ranked 20th out of 176 countries for corruption, where the higher the ranking the less corrupt you are. That was by far the best performance in the Asia-Pacific region. South Korea was ranked 52, North Korea 174/176. Of course there is corruption in Japan, and maybe Abe has something to answer for. But I'm amazed that people would just agree with Kim Jong-un on this.

I'm amazed that you use "but other countries are worse" to discount wrongdoings.

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The same state newspaper recently called the Japanese prime minister a "kingpin of corruption … and a crooked politician" who has "done only evil deeds since he took power".


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Haha, no disrespect intended :) Seeing the 4R projections would've required me to scroll to the right, and that was asking too much of me at this hour of the morning.

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To save everyone the trouble of looking it up for themselves, Nishikori starts with Maximilian Marterer, and could face Monfils in R2, and then #13 Diego Schwartzman in R3 .

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So you didn’t watch any of the other Bond films before Daniel Craig? They reinvent with almost every actor change.

I've watched all of them, and the list of elements that I mentioned above have very little, if any, deviation from film to film or generation to generation. Why would they? They're based on the same source material.

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but the producers seemingly don't want any risk taking

In this case, I'm OK with that. Some movie franchises (Star Wars, for example) feel the need to re-invent the wheel with each new iteration. I think that 007 doesn't need to do that, and wouldn't be wise to. Bond movies are rather formulaic, and that's what makes audiences keep coming back. Flirting with Moneypenny, meeting Q to get his newest gadgets, a slick car, a slick tux, the same drink prepared the same way, a self-introduction done the same way, the gorgeous woman, the dangerous villain, the quips, the gun. That's what Bond is all about, and the dedicated audience enjoys the comfort of those expected elements. If you get a visionary coming in with a fresh new spin on everything...ehhhh. For a lot of franchises? Yes. But not for Bond.

So, I'd very much be in favor of the producers minimizing risk in this case.

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I was initially planning to write something like, "No shame in losing to a top player like Wawrinka, especially when he's playing as well as he played in this match." But I feel like I've been writing a version of that same sentence over and over this whole year. There certainly is no shame in losing to great players like that, but when is Kei going to step up and start winning these kinds of matches every once in a while?

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Japan's Kei Nishikori lost serve five times in a 7-5, 6-1 loss to Robin Haase of the Netherlands.

Yuck. Now there's a stinker.

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There's no shame in losing to Zverev. He's a truly amazing young talent, and will be fun to watch for years to come.

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Posted in: Sightseeing cable car used to operate at Shibuya Station See in context

How interesting is this?? I love this article and the photos and video. Great feature!

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An exhausted friend fell asleep with some rather loud music on. Two different neighbors called the police to come ask him to turn it off. It's a totally legit complaint - but what's with everyone's fear of opening their mouths and talking to another human being?? It takes 20 seconds to knock on someone's door and make a request. Calling the police to come all the way over and do the same thing was totally unnecessary.

Had this psycho knocked on her door and asked her to do the same, she'd still be alive and he'd still be living his life freely.

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Looking forward to this one. Mission: Impossible movies always entertain me. Glad to read about actors doing real stunts, rather than CGI fests with flying mutants and spandex-wearing superheroes shooting laser beams out of their noses.

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A friend of mine shared a more extreme version of this story that took place in China a couple years ago and made big rounds on the social media there (this is my memory of someone else's second-hand story, so apologies if I don't have the details quite right):

A woman in the later stages of her pregnancy got on a train without a "reserved seat ticket," found the train to be full, went to the reserved-seat section, found a young woman sitting there, and asked her if she could please have her seat. The young woman refused. The pregnant woman got a little indignant, but the young woman kept refusing. So the pregnant woman got out her phone, snapped a photo of the young woman sitting there, and posted it on social media in an effort to make her look bad publicly. She included a comment like "When my baby is born and gets older, I want her to know who the woman is who wouldn't help her." And it worked - people were getting all fired up about it on the internet. ...until the young woman found it on social media, and responded, explaining that she too was pregnant (but in an early stage, where it wasn't obvious by looking at her). Her comment was, "When my baby is born, I want her to know that her mother cared about her enough to get to the station early and buy a reserved seat ticket." Internet backlash turned 180 degrees.

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Very glad to have Djokovic back on the major scene. For me, he's very polarizing: he can be my favorite player or someone who I can't stand, depending on his mood and the antics that come with it. But he's an entertaining player, he's someone who's fun to talk about, and he's a legendary talent whose place alongside Federer and Nadal (and Murray? Remember him?) makes the top tier of today's game a deeper and more unpredictable pool.

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This "pressure" is absolute nonsense. Isn't the definition of an actor, "someone who is pretending to be someone else"?

Shall we disqualify Daniel Radcliffe from playing Harry Potter because he's not an active member of the occult community? Should Tom Hanks never have been cast in Philadelphia because he doesn't actually have AIDS? Did Julia Roberts need to have "brothel experience" on her CV in order to be cast for Pretty Woman? Occult members, AIDS patients, and sex workers are severely under-represented among actors who have been cast for leading roles in popular films.

...or, is it simply more responsible for actors to do research about the lives of the characters they portray (as many of them do)? You're not transgender? Fine - spend some time with some transgender people, read some literature, get to know the issues and struggles and goals, and then go make your movie armed with that knowledge.

I reckon the same people who pushed Johansson to step down include many of the same people who support Idris Elba to be the next 007, a character who is strongly implied to be white in the source novels. (an idea which I'm fine with, by the way)

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I went to sleep at 8-8 in the fifth, disappointed that I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to see it end. Little did I know that 2 hours later, they'd still be at it! I typically don't enjoy the big serve-big serve matches, as they tend to get repetitive, but this one was really fun to watch. Love tennis!

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ClippetyClop: Apparently, we aren't allowed to do that without it being seen as arrogant. Please do not confuse the attitude of the media with that of the players or fans.

Perhaps you shouldn't confuse your own attitude with that of most other fans. Your own comments here are sound and well-reasoned. The same is absolutely not true for the vast majority of England supporters I've been around, who have typically been arrogant and condescending throughout. They'd fit right in with this crowd:

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fxgai: Hopefully the right elbow isn’t serious and we Nishikori fans can soon enjoy further good performances during the hard court season!

Here's hoping! He really needs to shake that injury bug. The constant rehabbing of injuries is enough to keep any player from getting into a proper groove.

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smithinjapan: The majority of Kei "fans" don't even know his name anymore; he's in the trash basket of bandwagon fandom next to Ishikawa.

I see your point, but hope that it doesn't go too far.

Look - how can we fairly evaluate Nishikori? If we're being honest, I think we can call him a very good player who will ultimately remain one step below the top "elite" tier of players. And there's no shame in that at all! He can carve out a very respectable career, make a ton of money, become the most successful men's player in Japanese history, and who knows - it's certainly not impossible for him to take a Grand Slam title if the cards fall right. And if we're looking at that in terms of the broader tennis world - that's a very good player! Japan ought to be proud.

The danger in his legacy is that the J-media pushed too hard, too soon, and created unrealistic expectations among the Japanese fans. That created some backlash among skeptics who had a more realistic opinion of Nishikori's game (see: more than a few JT posters, myself included). But, the bigger danger is that the fans who hopped on the bandwagon might completely abandon him (like smithinjapan suggested) now that reality is becoming more obvious to all. I hope that's not the case. Nishikori deserves the love and support and fandom that comes with being a "very good player" - not forgotten just because he couldn't become the mega-champion that the media claimed he would.

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