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Posted in: Hong Kong woos tourists with 500,000 free air tickets and vouchers See in context

HK was always on my list of places to visit, but the government crackdowns that led to the protests broke my heart. Not sure I could support that place anymore.

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Posted in: Tom Brady retires at 45, insisting this time it's 'for good' See in context

Good riddance to that narcissistic, finger-pointing, tantrum-throwing crybaby.

no other athlete in the world in any sport exceeded his standards in their respective sport.

Only in terms of team championships, which requires significant input from teammates and coaches.

But as far as individual stats? Far from it. In the NHL, Wayne Gretzky's individual stats are so far ahead of the 2nd place person in any given category that it's mind blowing. In terms of individual statistics, Brady was barely (or not) above any of his contemporaries while they all played. He eventually edged ahead in several categories simply because he played to a much older age than the others did.

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And all those people losing their jobs just bow. How pathetically archaic.And all those people losing their jobs just bow. How pathetically archaic.

What would you like them to do - start kicking over mannequins while screaming obscenities?

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal stabbing of ex-girlfriend in Fukuoka See in context

In a lot of cases, the police's options are limited simply because stalking can be a "he said/she said" kind of issue. If there are no damage or injuries to see, the alleged stalker can just deny it, and then what? Arrest someone based on what someone else said? Can't do that.

Wouldn't want that, in fact. If someone falsely accused you of stalking, you'd demand that there needs to be some evidence (beyond just an accusation) before you can be arrested.

The twist is, Japan is a land of many, many surveillance cameras. Depending on where you live, they can be mounted everywhere - street poles, traffic signals, store fronts, the station area, etc. If the police have already issued a restraining order or warning of some sort, and then another complaint comes, why not just check the video footage of the dozens of cameras mounted around the city? If they see the alleged stalker near the victim, then we've got a concrete basis for stronger police action. I've often wondered why they don't do that, when these stories pop up.

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Posted in: Sluggers Ramirez, Bass to enter Japan's Baseball Hall of Fame See in context

Incredible news. Hopefully this paves the way for Tuffy Rhodes as well, who is also deserving.

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Posted in: Ohtani targets World Baseball Classic glory with Japan See in context

Ohtani targets World Baseball Classic glory with Japan

This shows the difference in how Japan views this competition compared to the Americans. For Japan, the WBC is a huge deal, and all the star players take it very seriously. "Glory" is certainly appropriate for them. But for Americans... not only have their best players not even bothered to participate, but you could hardly find mention of WBC scores or news in American newspapers or sports websites. That seems to be changing... more top-tier American players have been showing interest. That's good for the whole WBC event - better competition from one of the world's top baseball countries is sure to make it a higher-level and more interesting competition.

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Posted in: Azabudai Hills to be official name of Mori's Toranomon-Azabudai project in Tokyo See in context

I feel bad for the people who are going to be losing their nice view of Tokyo Tower.

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Posted in: Luxury hotel chain Dorchester to open in Japan's highest building in 2028 See in context

So weird to see people making huge bets about travel so far in the future, what if in 5 years another Chinese outbreak goes out of control and Covid-27 makes travel close up a couple of years again?

What if an asteroid smashes into the earth? What if nuclear war breaks out? Can't stop progress based on hypothetical "What if..?" questions. The world will go on and we'll do our best. Nothing weird about that.

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Posted in: An estimated 33% of married couples get a divorce each year, according to the Japanese government. Why do you think the figure is so high and do you think this is a worldwide trend? See in context

In many places around the world, including Japan, people see marriage as the next point to check off the list as someone progresses through life. High school? Check. Uni? Check. Get a job? Check. What's next? Marriage? Check. Get a house? Check. I think people see getting married as something to achieve, which results in choosing a partner too carelessly. When both partners want to get married generally and soon, rather than wanting to find the best marriage partner for them personally, it results in a lot of "permanent" unions that don't work well enough to stand the test of time, and to withstand life's more challenging moments. And when that becomes obvious years down the line, divorce becomes the answer.

I used to work at a Japanese university, and I'd talk to a lot of male students who had a marriage goal. "I want to be married by the age of 24." "Really? Do you have a serious girlfriend now?" "No." Just something to achieve.

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Posted in: What are some places off the beaten track in Japan that you would recommend to tourists? See in context

I had a really nice experience in Gujo Hachiman in Gifu Prefecture. They have an interesting variety of attractions - there*s a castle overlooking the city, there's a huge Bon Odori festival there every summer, and it's one of the top plastic replica food produces (the kind you see in showcases in front of restaurants) in the country and they have a museum and workshop where you can make your own. It's also famous for very pristine water, with lots of little canals running through the city, with wash basins and fountains everywhere which people use in their daily lives - washing vegetables, filling up water bottles, etc. Some nice local alcohol as well, made from the water. It's got a lot of unique things going on.

The problem is that it's a bit time-consuming and difficult to get to transportation-wise, which makes you wonder whether it's worth the total time investment for a small city. I wouldn't put it on a tourist's itinerary if they've only got one week in Japan, but for domestic tourism, or someone with more time for traveling? Definitely.

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Posted in: Nintendo takes steps to protect staff from growing problem of customer harassment See in context

This is excellent.

Back in my younger days, in my home country, I worked customer service jobs where I was occasionally berated by customers. Shouting, threats, insults, demands for free products and services. The worst of it was, my bosses would always give in to whatever the customer wanted, which made me look like I was in the wrong (even though I was simply following the company's procedures and regulations). It was miserable.

Bravo to Nintendo for standing up to the customer bullying and backing their own employees.

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Posted in: Confident Tiafoe 'flying high' after Japan Open start See in context

he dispatched Japanese wild card Uchiyama with little fuss.

Well, yeah. Uchiyama is ranked 314th in the world (compared to Tiafoe at 19). As most tournaments do with their home country's players, the Japan Open gave all its wild card entries to Japanese players, regardless of how lowly ranked they are. They're all being dispatched rather easily in the first round vs. the quality opponents from overseas who actually qualified for the tournament due to their own successes.

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Posted in: Mourners form long lines before ex-PM Abe's state funeral See in context

Imagine how long the line would have been had he dressed up as Sailor Moon..

Ha! This gave me a good laugh. Well played, @Aly Rustom

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Posted in: What advantages does marriage offer that a single lifestyle doesn't? See in context

@cleo's answer was the best I've heard to this question, on this forum or elsewhere. Thanks, @cleo.

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Posted in: Serena Williams says 'countdown has begun' to retirement See in context

Good riddance.

She's a phenomenal player who almost single-handedly transformed women's tennis to a more power-oriented game than it used to be (poor Martina Hingis). She also deserves accolades for advancing the position of black tennis players in general, and black women specifically.

But her character is abysmal. Often ungracious in victory, and extremely ungracious in defeat. Frequent tantrums. Threatening physical violence on the line judge at the US Open. The accusations of match fixing with Venus at the beginning of their careers. The coaching violations. The 2-year probation the US Open gave her in 2009 for excessive screaming and racket smashing. Acting like a prima donna and insisting that Thiem cut his press conference short at Roland Garros because she is a star and didn't want to wait her turn.

She often gets a free pass due to her stardom, but I find her extremely unlikable and arrogant at every turn. Her tennis accomplishments are truly great, but her character is truly disgusting.

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Posted in: Djokovic rallies from 2 sets down to reach Wimbledon semifinal See in context

I love how tough Novak is mentally. When he came out for that third set, I just knew he was going to win this match. He had that same look as he did when he back back from 2 down to Tsitsipas - very focused, but very calm. He seemed like he was completely in the zone and in control, despite the circumstances. It's impressive to see. He's come a long way since his younger days when he frequently withdrew mid-match with "injuries" and often complained about the conditions, the heat, the court, the wind. His development mentally has been impressive.

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Posted in: Japanese schools banning nicknames, mandating use of '-san' divides opinions See in context

This is slightly different, but in my home country, I had various teachers in high school and junior high call students "Mr./Ms. ---." I always liked it. I felt that it gave some respect to the things we said and did, especially since we were at an age when we started to resent being treated like children, the way some other teachers handled us. And I think it held us to a higher standard as well - I wanted to live up to the respect that was given.

But that's from teacher to student. From student to student (as this article is talking about), I think it's ridiculous.

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Posted in: Ray Liotta, 'Goodfellas' and 'Field of Dreams' star, dies at 67 See in context

"Don't we need a catcher?"

"Not if you get it near the plate, we don't."


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Posted in: Fired-up Djokovic braced for Alcaraz and Nadal challenge at French Open See in context

Pulling for Djokovic as usual, but Alcaraz is such a fascinating story. He was an absolute beast over the past few tournaments. He has such power that he was hitting winners (on the clay!!) on shots that would be normal rally shots for any other player on tour.

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Posted in: Should you watch end credits at the movies? Japanese celebrity’s comments spark fierce debate See in context

I like reading the "Trivia" section on IMDB after I watch a movie. There's often some interesting nuggets in there. If they sprinkled in some trivia about the movie throughout the credits, it would serve to reward both the moviegoers (to get some interesting and entertaining facts) and the filmmakers (for having their names seen by the audience who is now paying closer attention to the credits).

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Posted in: Full bloom See in context

I went to this park last year to see the sea of blue flowers. They're amazingly beautiful, and it's a nice day trip from Tokyo, but (as you can see in this photo) it's tough to get a decent photo without hundreds of people snaking through the background.

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Posted in: Foreign players in Major League Baseball steady at 28% See in context

Critics often whine that the MLB's championship shouldn't called the "World" Series, since other countries have strong leagues and teams as well. But the MLB is truly international, and collects many of the best players from all around the world. I think "World" Series is an appropriate name.

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Posted in: Fukushima bullet train services resume 2 weeks after big quake See in context

Enough with bullet train. When you go to the train station, it is always written "Shinkansen" and never "bullet train".

When you go to the supermarket, it is always written りんご and never "apple." That doesn't mean we should use "ringo" in English-language news articles.

If you refer to sushi as raw fish on rice then go ahead and call it a bullet train.

Internationally, raw fish on rice is known by the Japanese term "sushi." Internationally, there are plenty of bullet trains, and none of them are known by the Japanese term "shinkansen."

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Posted in: Fukushima bullet train services resume 2 weeks after big quake See in context

"Shinkansen" is as famous around the world as "sushi".

You are largely, largely mistaken.

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Posted in: World No. 1 Ash Barty retires from tennis at age 25 See in context

Fair game to her. She worked hard, she had great success, she made her money, and she did it all in a very respectable way. Even at 25 she has nothing left to prove to anyone, and can just ride off into the sunset. Well done, Ash.

That said, I think this is yet another example of how the tennis world needs a major overhaul. The "tennis season" runs roughly 11 months a year, and involves constant traveling around the world, staying in hotels, tournament after tournament after tournament, and the stress of it all, and the constant physical toll of it all. How difficult must it be to have a family life, to date, to have hobbies, to set up a house, to have a vacation, to do any of these things that we associate with normal life? It wouldn't surprise me at all if we start seeing more players retiring at relatively young ages. It's asking too much of people.

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Posted in: 'Power of the Dog' tops Oscar nominations with 12; 'Dune' nabs 10 See in context

Quite shocking she didn’t get a nomination here.

Not shocking at all. Lady Gaga's character was a very one-dimensional psychopath after the first half hour of the movie - no nuance to her at all. The movie as a whole was a big bore.

It's disappointing that "Don't Look Up" got nominated for Best Picture. What a weak movie that was. Not funny enough to be a comedy. Not nuanced enough to be powerful. Lots of very shallow and heavy-handed posturing and virtue-signalling soapbox content.

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Posted in: Washington's NFL team unveils new name as Commanders See in context

The name "Commanders" is fine, I guess. It's not particularly interesting or exciting, but it's not terrible either. Those uniforms on the other hand... woof. Uuuuugly. I hate the monotone look. The burgundy jersey needs white pants, and vice versa.

I'm also far from the kind of person to jump on the "woke" bandwagon, but I have to admit that - whether it's blatantly offensive or not - calling explicit attention to skin color is not a good angle for a sports team. It needed a change, despite the tradition.

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Posted in: Nadal wins Australian Open for record 21st major title See in context

An amazing match - two great players, and one great champion. I really enjoyed this one.

However, Aussie fans once again embarrassed themselves on the world stage. They are by far the rudest fans among the 4 Slams. Of course they're going to support Rafa, but there was no need for the booing and harassment of Medvedev from the moment they stepped on the court. Yes, Medvedev harassed them back later, and they got worse. But the crowd was on his case from the beginning. All the shouting and jeering between 1st and 2nd serves... very poor form. Anyone who saw the mens' doubles final as well could see terrible behavior from the audience. One fan had to be thrown out for shouting during the service motions - and it was for an all-Aussie final! I'd be happy if they refused to sell beer during these events.

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Posted in: Nadal, Medvedev to meet in Australian Open final See in context

Well done, Medvedev! A Nadal/Medvedev final is a very interesting one, for sure - glad we ended up with a nice match up like this.

The more I watch Tsitsipas, the less I like him. He always seems like a nice guy during interviews, but the constant coaching, the bathroom break issue, and the bad attitude he shows when things aren't going his way (see: his whiny half-handshake at the end of last night's match), makes me less and less of a fan. I get the sense that a lot of the other top players feel the same way too, although that's just speculation.

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Posted in: Tsitisipas and Kanepi reach quarterfinals at Australian Open See in context

The only stain on his performance was he coaching from his father, for which he received (again) a code violation. I really think that trainers who repeatedly violate the coaching rule should be banned from matches

I agree completely. And this isn't new - it popped up last year as well from time to time. Obviously the punishment isn't deterring them, so more serious punishment is needed. Dad should be banned for 6 months.

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