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Posted in: Barcelona beckons for Nadal after Monte Carlo embarrassment See in context

Wow, gorgeous. Watch out for those stained-glass windows.

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Posted in: Nishikori loses opening match in Monte Carlo See in context

That's going to put some serious damage on that #6 ranking.

Another Masters tournament, another exit. Still 0-for-lifetime.

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Posted in: Amazon: Woody Allen's #MeToo comments wrecked movie deal See in context

the company protected itself after Allen made "public comments that at a minimum were insensitive to the #MeToo movement."

Blasphemy!!! How dare he be insensitive to the #Metoo movement??? This is a violation of the highest moral code we have!!! Doesn't he know that he's not allowed to be anything short of reverent toward the almighty #Metoo movement???

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Posted in: Suzuki reappointed Olympics minister after Sakurada resigns See in context

And with his latest comments, Sakurada earned himself an 8-month break until he is inevitably appointed minister of some other department. Which one? Doesn't matter. Never has. He's in the club - don't question these things.

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Posted in: As time catches up with rock's greats, can the genre survive? See in context

As a lifelong rock fan, I have to acknowledge that this article is generally correct. It's a genre that isn't doing very well these days. I think it's due to how the internet shifted society for the younger generation. Rock (and its offshoots like grunge and punk and heavy metal) has its roots as a counter-culture artform. It's about protest, it's about rejecting the norm, it's about expressing anger and frustration and isolation. (Is there mainstream rock? Sure, and some of it's OK. But the best rock has always had an element of shock.)

So why is it "dying"? Because the internet, with its dark corners and numerous communities, has made it easier than ever for people to find like-minded people, and to pursue obscure interests. People can join virtual communities around them to meet those needs and interests and social support. Everyone's more splintered. Everyone has more freedom to follow various paths. So in my impression, there's less pressure to conform to the norm than there was in past generations, and less pressure to conform has led to less of a need to rebel against it so expressively and fiercely. Hence, the lack of true passion and innovation in the rock scene.

Just one rocker's two cents.

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Posted in: Hooters goes bust in Japan See in context

The people who think that Hooters has good wings are the same people who think that McD's has good burgers. That said, it's hard to find proper wings in Japan otherwise, so perhaps beggars shouldn't be choosers.

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Posted in: Japanese Olympic chief Takeda resigns amid bribery scandal See in context

He said his decision was based on getting "a younger generation" to lead the Japanese Olympic body.

Ohhhhhh. So actually, he's a hero? What a selfless display of leadership.

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Posted in: Thiem edges Federer to win Indian Wells final; Andreescu takes women's title See in context

Excellent tourney from Thiem, and a nice Master's trophy at the tender age of 25. Whatever happened to the theory that young players have no realistic expectation of winning significant events until Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal all retire?

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Posted in: Osaka finds positives despite Indian Wells upset See in context

No one wins EVERYTHING***. This article's existence seems to be suggesting that Osaka has pressure to do so? Ridiculous. We don't need a reassuring, "everything's fine" reminder after every match she loses, do we?

***(except Federer in '05)

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Posted in: Bad day for No. 1s: Djokovic, Osaka lose at Indian Wells; Nishikori also ousted See in context

I think it's too early to criticize Osaka for the coaching move. Some of what a coach brings to a player is immediate (analysis and prep for the upcoming opponent), but a lot of the bigger issues related to technique, attitude, and philosophy take a longer time to implement and see results on. Sure, it's fair to criticize the firing of a coach she was successful for. But I think it's too soon to label the new coach as a dud.

rocketpanda: I'll accept that statement when he wins a grand slam.

Do you honestly think it's a stretch to imagine Kyrgios winning a Slam? I don't. He's a new version of Marat Safin - same undeniable skill and athleticism, same mental inconsistencies, same bad boy image. Safin had the skill to be a top player in his generation, but he didn't have the mindset to put it all together. Nevertheless, between his antics, his on-court tantrums, and so on, he still managed to reach #1 for a few months, and won two Slams. I think a similar trajectory for Kyrgios is very possible.

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Posted in: Akita police sergeant arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

I have no data to back this up, but just as a casual observation from reading JapanToday regularly... does it not seem like most of the people involved in cases like this have jobs that involve protecting, helping, or taking care of young people? Why do police officers and teachers and school execs seem to by 10x more likely to be involved in such cases than chefs, salespeople, or sys admins?

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Posted in: Osaka one of new Barbie 'Sheroes' See in context

I can't wait to rush out and pick myself up an Ibtihaj Muhammad doll.

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Posted in: Lawyer apologizes for embarrassing Ghosn with disguise during release See in context

It's an "embarrassment" if it didn't work.

It'd be a "clever move" if it did.

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Posted in: A dispute between convenience store chain 7-Eleven Japan and one of its franchise stores in Higashiosaka, Osaka Prefecture, which closes between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. after ending its 24-hour service on Feb 1 due to a staff shortage, has brought the industry's 24-hour service into the spotlight. Do you think convenience stores need to be open 24 hours a day? See in context

On one hand, closing convenience stores at night would really hurt the many, many people who work irregular hours. We're talking police officers, firefighters, doctors and nurses and ambulance drivers, chefs and servers, construction workers, security guards, and on and on.

On the other hand, convenience stores are not social services. They're private, for-profit businesses. So if they don't find it profitable to be open 24/7, then they should be free to close based on the schedule that maximizes profit.

And on that note, this ongoing conversation should be about HOSPITALS, not COMBINI. If you've ever had the audacity to have a medical emergency at night or on a national holiday in this country, you're in big trouble. The lack of 24/7 medical facilities is a far greater problem than the one we're currently discussing.

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Posted in: Keith Flint, singer of electronic band The Prodigy, dies at 49 See in context

Heartbreaking. Keith and The Prodigy have had a much stronger influence on the music world than most people realize. Theirs was the soundtrack of many points in my life

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Posted in: Big Oscar win by 'Green Book' leaves many frustrated See in context

The true failure of "Green Book" winning was that it stole the award and spotlight from the very deserving "Roma." Roma was the runaway best film of the year, and it wasn't even close. The Academy seems to shy away from foreign-made films for Best Picture, though, preferring to restrict them to the Best Foreign Film category. It's a shame. Roma is fantastic.

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Posted in: Lapses in commuter manners change with the times See in context

As someone who spends more time riding Tokyo trains than any human should, a few of my personal pet peeves are:

-People wearing backpacks that block the way

-Pregnant women (who deserve a seat!) standing in front of non-priority seats and passive-aggressively flashing their maternity mark pin

-The people who start shoving people in the back as soon as the train door opens, rather than realizing that most of the people in front of them are also getting off the train, if they'd just wait

-The people (usually elderly women - who also deserve a seat) who cut to the front of the queue on the platform and push their way toward first choice of the available seats

-The poor access for people who struggle to walk (elderly, physically disabled, etc.). I had always thought it was sufficient until my elderly parents came for a visit, and I saw how much they struggled due to elevators/escalators that are either not enough in number, or placed so far away that it took a huge effort to use them

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Posted in: Nishikori rallies to overcome tough Rotterdam opener See in context

Glad to see he made it through a tough opponent. On the other hand, it's a shame he let his mother pick out that shirt for him. Woof!

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Posted in: George Clooney's 'Catch-22' reflects on 'insanity' of war See in context

Yeah, but how many comic book superheroes will be in it??? That's all I care about

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Posted in: Grammys producer on why Ariana Grande isn't performing See in context

Performers at the Grammys include Cardi B, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Travis Scott, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Diana Ross, J Balvin, Camila Cabello, Brandi Carlile, Dan + Shay, H.E.R., Little Big Town, Post Malone, Chloe x Halle and Dua Lipa.

wasteland (n) - 1. a bleak or neglected area 2. a place, time, or situation that does not contain or produce anything positive

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Posted in: Girl's cry for help in school questionnaire shown to abusive father before her death See in context

Trust the system. We're professionals. We're experts. We make the rules because we know best. You're safe here. We'll take care of you. We know how.

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Posted in: What do you think about Naomi Osaka being asked to comment in Japanese by Japanese reporters at news conferences? See in context

I think it's a rude request.

However, I understand the motivation. I think that right now, I think Japanese fans/media are looking at their relationship with Osaka as an exciting first date. You have a cursory connection with an exciting person, but you're still in the trial stages, and you need to see just how compatible you are with each other by testing each other's limits a bit. Can she speak Japanese? How Japanese is she? How willing is she to appease Japanese fans? These are issues that people are curious about, as they subconsciously determine how they feel about her beyond just "She's representing Japan and she's a champion! Yatta!"

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Posted in: Djokovic beats Nadal in straight sets to win 7th Australian Open See in context

What a clean, utterly dominant performance by Novak. Wow. The constant pressure on Nadal's service games was impressive. I don't think anyone could've beaten Djokovic today, with the way he was playing.

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Posted in: Djokovic through to Australian Open semifinals after Nishikori retires injured See in context

No idea what the injury was (I wasn't able to see the match), but as someone who's played a lot of sports, I can tell you for sure that as fatigue sets in, your technique tends to fall apart, which causes you to overcompensate with unnatural motions, which is what causes a large number of injuries. Nishikori's early-round struggles led to him playing a ton of sets and hours thusfar in the tournament, and I wonder whether that contributed to this.

Anyhow - the injury bug is back. Here's hoping it isn't as long-lasting or disruptive as it was a year ago.

Also - pity about Raonic. I was really enjoying his heroic run at this year's Aussie.

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Posted in: Osaka to face Pliskova in semifinal at Australian Open See in context

Excellent. It's always nice to see Williams lose. Despite being the greatest talent ever to grace the women's tour, her on-court personality has always made it difficult to cheer for her.

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Posted in: 'Roma,' 'The Favourite,' 'Black Panther' get most Oscar nominations See in context

Black Panther being nominated is a major disappointment. Oscars have sunk into mediocrity with that move.

Best movie of the year, in my opinion, was Roma. What a beautiful movie - another masterpiece by Cuarón. I strongly recommend it.

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Posted in: Djokovic wary of 'fighter' Nishikori See in context

Nishikori is a likable player and is easy to cheer for. He typically goes about things with the right kind of attitude, and that endears him well to tennis fans from any country.

Jimizo: Sounds like Djokovic sent him packing with pretty minimal fuss.

As he does to most players! Djovokic has been playing at a legendary level.

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Posted in: Nishikori to face Djokovic in Australian Open quarterfinals See in context


Allow me to remind you of how the second half of 2018 went for Nishikori - not including the (understandable) post-injury issues he had early in the spring. Here's a list of all his major tournaments in the summer and fall, without skipping any: Canada Masters - L in 1st round (bad). Cincinnati Masters - L in 2nd round (bad). US Open - L in SF (good!). Shanghai Masters - L in 3rd match (bad). Paris Masters - L in 3rd match (bad). ATP Finals - L two of three matches in opening round, did not advance to next round (bad).

Perhaps we simply have different ways of defining "being successful." I think that a top-10 player ought to be regularly challenging for and winning major tournaments. Kei hasn't had a sniff in years. A top-10 player ought to be regularly challenging and beating the top players in the world. Kei's record against the top players has been so bad that even you have already conceded the upcoming Djokovic match before it even starts.

Then, how is Nishikori a top-10 player? It's simple. The men's game has a very, very small top tier of players, and then a very, very big tier of "other guys." Right now, #1 Djokovic has 9,135 points. #2 Nadal has 7,480. #Fed has 6,420. #4 Zverev has 6,385. #9 Nishikori has 3,750. That means that Nishikori is 3,000 points away from #4. 3,000 points the other way puts Nishikori at next to zero. Mathematically speaking, Nishikori is closer in ranking to @smithinjapan than he is to #4 Zverev - and forget about Novak.

And, despite your insistence, I do like Nishikori and I hope he does well. But objectively speaking, he hasn't been of late.

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Posted in: Nishikori to face Djokovic in Australian Open quarterfinals See in context

Where he was losing badly last year? his second consecutive calendar year with 0 titles? The level of denial has hit a new low.

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Posted in: Nishikori to face Djokovic in Australian Open quarterfinals See in context

Watching a good on-court meltdown is always fun - and that photo at the top of this page is great! Nishikori powers through another match - well done by him. He's found a much better rhythm of late than in his first two matches at Melbourne. But 18 sets and 14 hours on court through only 4 rounds is not the recipe for Grand Slam success. His struggles with lesser opponents in the early rounds will be the end of his chances at this tournament. (Well, Djokovic will be the end of his chances at this tournament, but these two things aren't mutually exclusive.)

Raonic, however, has been the man of the tournament thusfar. He's had a ridiculously difficult draw and is somehow still alive in the tournament. Unbelievable tennis by him.

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