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Posted in: There are many mentally unwell girls in AKB48, claims ex-member See in context

This report is ludicrous. Why would anyone be surprised by this "news"?

It's an American study, but still - the National Institute of Mental Health ( reports that:

-6.7% of all American adults have suffered from at least one major depressive episode

-Females have higher rates of depressive tendencies than males

-The age range with the highest percentage of occurrences was 18-25

And this is just depression alone - not considering the wide range of other mental health disorders and struggles that many people have.

So why would anyone be surprised that large groups of young female "idols" (who have really stressful lives on top of everything else) would include people affected by these issues? Is this part of the "fantasy" where fans are supposed to believe that these poor singers are somehow superhuman, innocent, pure, and exist solely to serve the fantasies of their small-minded fans?

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sauce on young woman’s kimono on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

Saito was found lurking near Ogikubo Station at around 9 a.m., carrying a bottle of sauce with him.

LOL! This is one of the funniest sentences I've read in a long time. How, exactly, was he lurking, I wonder? Perhaps dramatically tiptoeing from hiding place to hiding place, behind a tree, behind a street sign, ducking behind a parked bicycle?

As for the kind of sauce, I'm imagining a nice tonkatsu sauce, or maybe a spicy Mexican salsa.

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Posted in: Serena Williams, Pliskova, Nishikori advance at Australian Open See in context

Boooy... Kei almost blew it in the first round to the 176th ranked player in the world. Down 0-2 sets. Won an an injury walkover. That's not how you want to start a Slam.

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Posted in: Go away! No one likes you: Tomic blasts Davis Cup skipper Hewitt See in context

Haha, oh wow. Well that's an interesting rant. I absolutely loved the way Hewitt played, but can easily imagine that he'd be abrasive and difficult to work with.

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Posted in: Japan's youngsters prefer coming-of-age celebration at 20 rather than 18: survey See in context

Lindsay: The real reason they want it at 20 years old is so they can get drunk to celebrate.

I think you nailed it

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese women say they hate the company they work for in survey See in context

Not specific to women at all, but I think one factor that likely leads to job discontent in Japan is how unlikely people are to pursue a job that's connected in any way to what they studied in university. When I taught uni here, it was great to meet students from a variety of majors, who'd talk about their interest in what they were studying. And when it came time for job hunting, it struck me that "a job in my field" was nowhere on the radar of what they were looking for. Talented graphics design majors, nutrition majors, pre-law majors... all happily shuffling off to desk jobs at insurance firms and trading companies. Sure security, reliability, and income are desirable. But it seemed to me that no one even looked into a career related to what they studied.

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Posted in: 5,000 sprint for title of ‘Lucky Man’ See in context

Among the prizes Yamamoto received were a barrel of sake and rice.

Mixed together? Yeesh.

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Posted in: 5,000 sprint for title of ‘Lucky Man’ See in context

Yubaru: I'll bet the race is "over" before the last people in the race even pass the start line。

Probably. And the winner was positioned at the front of the pack at the starting line. If you look closely, you can spot him on the left-hand side during the mad rush when the doors first burst open.

That said, who cares? It's a fun tradition, and I'd love to take part in that. I enjoy seeing this video and news reported every year.

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Posted in: Nishikori, Pliskova win Brisbane International titles See in context

Hey hey! He got one! Good on Nishikori. It's been a while coming - hope he keeps the new momentum rolling forward.

Ganbare Japan!: He would have to be one of the favorites now.

Because he won a third-tier event for the first time in three years?

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Posted in: Gov't to try luggage inspections at subway station in Tokyo as anti-terror experiment See in context

there was a terrorist attack on the Tokyo Subway years back. I guess some people have forgotten.

No one's forgotten. There's just no reason to suddenly react to one isolated incident from 24 years ago that has never been repeated.

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Posted in: Record ¥333 million paid for bluefin tuna at new Tokyo market's first auction See in context

¥333 million? Holy mackerel!

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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

Japan is one of the few developed nations to retain the death penalty, and public support for it remains high despite international criticism

I was discussing this with a few Japanese men once. I mentioned that in my home country, there are plenty of people who oppose the death penalty. They said that they were surprised by that. I pressed them to consider if it brought up any ethical questions. They shrugged and said, "We were taught that the death penalty is fair and correct." End of story, as far as they were concerned.

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Posted in: In a Tokyo neighborhood's last sushi restaurant, a sense of loss See in context

Excellent writing, emotional article. More like this please, JT!

Like many others, I also find myself conflicted. I find mom and pop shops heartwarming and an important part of the culture of a town. But I'm also attracted by the prices and convenience of the big chains. Perhaps, as @goldorak said, it's a good New Year's Resolution to set - to keep giving business to these types of places.

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Posted in: Burnout, stress lead more companies around the world to try a four-day work week See in context

It'll never happen in Japan. We need everyone present and available at all times. How else are we going to have pointless mandatory meetings at the whim of our bosses?

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Posted in: A Japanese idol got married, so his management asked fans on Twitter to decide if he should be fired See in context

I guess he must not be very talented or important if they are considering canning him for getting married.

Since when does 'being talented' have anything to do with the idol industry?

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Posted in: Pope Francis hoping to visit Hiroshima, Nagasaki around end of 2019 See in context

@Toasted Heretic: What you said is absolutely true, and the abuse scandal ought to be his top priority. However. it's not his only priority and I hope that positive things that he does (like this visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki) don't get wiped out by protests.

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Posted in: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' now most-streamed 20th century song See in context

The song overtook the likes of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O'Mine," and is now also the most streamed classic rock song of all time

Wow. Is this the real life?

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Posted in: Golden afternoon See in context

Thanks goodness she has that selfie stick. Such a photo would've been completely impossible without one.

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Posted in: Majority of Calgary voters say 'no thanks' to 2026 Olympics See in context

Both the Summer and Winter Olympics ought to have permanent homes. I don't care where - call it Los Angeles and Stockholm, for example's sake. The Olympics is held there every 4 years. Those two cities can build and maintain the necessary infrastructure, while all other cities don't have to bankrupt themselves. Plus, the facilities in those cities can become historic. Currently, future Olympians have no chance to run on the same track that Usain Bolt did, or swim in the same pool that Michael Phelps did, etc. But making permanent, "historic" facilities can make those facilities part of the Olympic legend, the same way that certain stadiums or arenas in any sport can be historic. It adds to the appeal, and we can stop playing this foolish hosting game.

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Posted in: Ohtani, 2 Yankees finalists for AL Rookie of the Year See in context

rainyday: Pete Rose is still the undisputed career hits leader in Major League baseball, while Ichiro is the undisputed career hits leader in NPB/MLB combined. Both of these records can co-exist

No argument - that solution makes things easy.

However, I'll argue over the merit of "combined" records. MLB and NPB are simply different levels of baseball. Yes, NPB's top players can become top MLB players as well. But the mid- and lower-tier NPB players stand zero chance at playing in the MLB. The talent pool of the NPB is extremely shallow, in relation to the MLB. Why do you think only the top tier NPB players go to MLB? If the two were perfectly equal in playing skill, then mid- and lower-tier Japanese players would surely prefer to play in the MLB, which has higher salaries than NPB. But they don't, because they can't.

Japanese stars like Ichiro and Ohtani's NPB stats were racked up against the sub-par pitching found in the middle and end of rotations of NPB teams, which is why those stats don't translate to MLB stats. That doesn't make them bad players. It just means, we need to look at their MLB-only bodies of work in order to evaluate them against other MLB players like Rose and Bonds.

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Posted in: Ohtani, 2 Yankees finalists for AL Rookie of the Year See in context

kurumazaka: NPB is not the minors.

It's most certainly not the majors, either.

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Posted in: Federer, Djokovic to clash in Paris Masters semifinal See in context

Still 0-for-lifetime in Masters and Slam events. Still couldn't beat any of the "Big 3" to save his life. It's just a constant string of QF or SF losses to Fed, Djoker, or Rafa in the big events. I try not to be the guy who relentlessly piles on Nishikori for the sake of trolling Kei fans, but c'mon man... the repetition of how the past few years have gone has become absolutely pitiful. Even bad players (which Nishikori isn't) catch a break and win big matches against better players from time to time. Why can't Nishikori??? It must be a mental thing at this point, no? It's absolutely frustrating.

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Posted in: Federer, Djokovic to clash in Paris Masters semifinal See in context



"Getting to this point in the tournament is a very nice achievement. There's no shame in losing to a player of (insert name here)'s caliber. That said, I wish Nishikori would find it within himself to once in a while win one of these key matches against the top tier of players."

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Posted in: Federer, Djokovic, Zverev advance at Shanghai Masters See in context

copy paste Ahem:

"Getting to this point in the tournament is a very nice achievement. There's no shame in losing to a player of (insert name here)'s caliber. That said, I wish Nishikori would find it within himself to once in a while win one of these key matches against the top tier of players."

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Posted in: Federer battles, Djokovic cruises, Nishikori advances, del Potro out in Shanghai See in context

Federer will play eighth-seeded Kei Nishikori

Want to prove something? Now's the time.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine chief priest to quit for criticizing emperor See in context

Shumatsu-samurai: a person's soul cannot be moved once interred in a shrine

This is exactly correct. The issue isn't simply removing a name from a list, as some posters have suggested. In Shinto, an interred soul cannot be moved or erased from the shrine. The souls that are there, are there to stay. This is the basis of the scandal surrounding Yasukuni: it's created a black-and-white situation that requires people to choose a side.

the actions of some priests has effectively bound the hands of future generations.


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Posted in: Del Potro, Djokovic in U.S. Open final as Nadal quits with knee injury See in context

However, I'm just going to copy and paste my same response that I give every time this comes up. Ahem:

"Getting to this point in the tournament is a very nice achievement. There's no shame in losing to a player of (insert name here)'s caliber. That said, I wish Nishikori would find it within himself to once in a while win one of these key matches against the top tier of players."

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Posted in: Del Potro, Djokovic in U.S. Open final as Nadal quits with knee injury See in context

wtfjapan: committed 51 unforced errors. thats says it right there Nishikori crumbled under the pressure again, he doesnt have the mental game to beat the top players consistently.

I wouldn't automatically assume that. Djokovic is a stroke-for-stroke better player than Nishikori, so if you're Nishikori, what would you do? Just stick to your game? Maybe. But it's also a reasonable strategy to say "I know I can't beat him if all things are equal, so I'm just going to go for my shots, hit big, aim for the deep corners, take risks on low-percentage shots, and just maybe if I get on a hot streak, it'll be enough to win." It's a high-risk, high-reward strategy, and if it doesn't go perfectly, players can easily end up with 51 unforced errors. So no, I don't think that number on its own is evidence of Nishikori crumbling under pressure.

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Posted in: Nishikori, Osaka power into U.S. Open semifinals See in context

A lot of tennis players are "caught" between two countries, and their decision regarding which one to "officially" represent in tennis almost always has much more to do with the support they would receive from either country's tennis federation. I don't know the details of Osaka's case, but just throwing this out as a possibility: the U.S. is loaded with star women's players. Between two Williamses, Stephens, Keys, and Vandeweghe, they have 5 among the top 25 in the sport, and a non-stop supply of younger ones coming through the system. Had Osaka decided to represent the US, she would simply be "one of many," and even if she turns out to be a major, consistent star, she'd still be playing #2 (at least!) to Serena. That would limit her income, endorsement opportunities, and preferential treatment in a wide variety of ways. In Japan, the women's tennis field is much, much, much smaller and weaker. By representing Japan, she is treated as the true #1, given the best of everything, and has a much nicer situation.

So, I don't think her decision has much to do with which country she "prefers" or "identifies as" - this is a business decision, plain and simple.

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Posted in: Del Potro, Nadal, Serena win quarterfinals at U.S. Open; Stephens ousted See in context

Vamos Delpo!!! Would absolutely love to see him win this title. He's a player that should have been a constant threat to the "Big 4" (or maybe even a member of them), but what could've been a beautiful career has been severely limited by injury after injury. I'd love to see him avenge the missed opportunities by winning another Slam or two.

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