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And if her level of play remains stagnant, just how much longer are they going to pay her?

She's won 2 of the past 5 Grand Slam tournaments, and has so many ranking points that she remains ranked in the top-10 despite taking some big tournaments off (Wimbledon and half the French Open), and losing early at the US Open.

Why don't you give us a list of players who are doing better? There aren't very many.

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Posted in: Raducanu drops coach who led her to U.S. Open triumph See in context

And I'm sure she'll get exactly the same amount of criticism here that Naomi Osaka got when she did the exact same thing a few years back.

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It makes sense, about the people with multiple handles. I've suspected that some users with notable quirky writing styles are covering up a separate username. Makes you wonder what drives some people. To tie it in with the Osaka story, I have sympathy for people battling mental health issues, and I hope that isn't at play here. Sick jokes are better than sick minds.

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She remains one of the best players in the world, if not the very best.

tooheysnew: No, not according to her form or rankings

Not sure which rankings you're looking at, friend. She's currently 8th in the world, which is very impressive considering that she withdrew from the French Open mid-tourney, skipped Wimbledon all together, and lost early at the US Open. That's a sign of someone with plenty of rankings points to spare. Her status among the world's best is not in question.

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The JT community provides plenty of evidence that society's understanding and acceptance of mental health problems remain extremely poor. I'm looking forward to the time in the near future when people will be ashamed to post opinions like the ones above.

Osaka is doing just fine. It seems she's getting the help she needs, and is strong enough to make those tough decisions that will ultimately help herself in the long term. Fortunately for her, her ranking and earnings allow her the luxury of taking such a break - sadly, that remains impossible for a lot of people who are struggling in a similar way.

She remains one of the best players in the world, if not the very best. And when she is prepared to return, she will, and she'll resume winning major titles (much to the dismay of many in the JT community). She has no need to be a dancing puppet for the uneducated and uncaring masses.

Here's hoping there will be caring and understanding people available when someone in your lives is brave enough to come forward about their own mental health problems. It sure sounds as if they won't be able to talk to you about these issues.

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Posted in: Medvedev ends Djokovic's bid for year Slam at U.S. Open See in context

I agree with Ego Sum Lux Mundi. The crowd was incredibly classless. The cheering of faults, the shouting while Medvedev was serving - what an embarrassment. The New York crowd is always noisy, but this was especially offensive. And then one of the organizers called them "the best crowd in the world" during the trophy presentation - made me roll my eyes.

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Posted in: Medvedev ends Djokovic's bid for year Slam at U.S. Open See in context

Can't win em all, and it's difficult to win against a player who just didn't miss. Amazing win and tournament by Medvedev - he's a fantastic player. Nole - it's a shame, but it doesn't take away anything from his career. Wonderful moment, and great speeches by both players at the end.

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Posted in: Teens Raducanu, Fernandez advance to U.S. Open women's final See in context

What a cool thing to happen. On the men's side we have established superstars whose matches between each other are must-see drama fests. And now on the women's side we have a match up of young unknowns, also a must-see drama fest. Love this sport!

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Posted in: Djokovic lets emotions out in win over Nishikori at U.S. Open; Barty ousted See in context

C'mon Novak! History is within his reach.

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Posted in: Station in Tokyo becomes first in the city to install an inclined elevator See in context

Generally, the elevator system in the Tokyo subways is very poor. I never realized it until someone came to visit me who had walking problems. A lot of big, sprawling subway stations only have a single elevator up to the surface, and it was often very far from where we were trying to go. Sometimes none existed at all, or else you had to navigate "some" (read: too many) stairs to get to the elevator in the first place. Lots of tall staircases. It was really difficult. My guest really struggled.

Whether this inclined elevator is a technological marvel or not is beside the fact - it's a good thing to see more effort and attention being put in this area. The elderly population of Tokyo needs more help in this regard.

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Posted in: NHL teams OK'd to add sponsor patches on jerseys See in context

Just awful. American pro sports have mostly been good about avoiding this until recently, and keeping a very clean look to their uniforms. European ice hockey and soccer teams look so ugly with all the sponsors and advertising covering the players' uniforms.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

This seems an opportune time to once again bring up the phrase used in Japan's proposal to host the Olympics:

"With many days of mild and sunny weather, this period provides an ideal climate for athletes to perform their best"

"Mild and ideal" in Tokyo, in July and August? Let's ask Medvedev about that "mild and ideal" weather, shall we?

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I agree with toning it down - a big, garish spectacle would be seen as not appreciating the world's situation right now. But that said - they didn't have to bore us with it, did they?

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Posted in: NHL calendar includes break for Beijing Games: report See in context

Love Olympic hockey, and it's much better when NHLers are there, so this is good news.

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Posted in: The greatest? Djokovic has time and momentum on his side See in context

That season is referenced in this excellent article:

Nice one, Some dude. Thanks for the link. The other seasons on the list are before my time, but it was enjoyable reading about them. Fed's '06 remains the standard for seasons I've been alive and following tennis during.

The David Foster Wallace NYT article I mentioned above is here:

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Richard Gallagher: As regards tennis, he is accumulating grand slams, purely because the top players are well beyond their prime

Federer was accumulating Grand Slams before Nadal and Djokovic had developed into top players, so should we disregard all those titles as well, according to your logic?

timeon: And by the way, I was an Agassi fan, and as I junior I modeled my style of play after him; it hurt when Federer beat him

Exactly the same here. I spent many, many afternoons working on that 2-handed backhand up the line.

Novak Djokovic has time and winning momentum on his side in the race to be crowned the greatest player of all time.

I think he's already there. I'm not a believer that Grand Slam titles should be the only determinant on who the greatest is, but Novak's accomplishments across the board cannot be denied. Winning the US Open this year isn't necessary for him to be the best, but it would surely be an exclamation point on all the other evidence. And as the article said, he's still got plenty of time and opportunities to build his resume even further.

That said, Federer's 2006 season was still the most dominant 1-year span of tennis I've ever seen from a player. He wasn't just winning, he was blowing people out in style. I recommend looking up David Foster Wallace's article titled "Roger Federer as Religious Experience" on the New York Times website - it gives a perfect description of what it was like watching Roger in that era. Really good read for tennis fans.

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Posted in: Djokovic to face Italy's Berrettini in Wimbledon final See in context

Exciting and fun.

Can't wait to see Djokovic tie Roger and Rafa's record of 20 Grand Slam titles. Go Novak! Felt bad for Hurkacz however. He's a likable guy with a good game, but he just couldn't get settled into this one. He deserved better.

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Posted in: A few puffs and a bad rule do Richardson in See in context

The "controversy" about this is baffling to me. I can understand not liking the rule, but the rule still exists and it has consequences for breaking it. Not too long ago, the speed limit near my house was significantly reduced. It's ridiculous - there's no reason for such a low speed limit on a country road. Despite that, I'm still required to drive at the new speed limit. And if I ignore it and drive as fast as I'd like to, telling the police "Yeah, but it's a stupid law" isn't going to get me anywhere. reflect the change in the world’s attitude toward marijuana

"The world" isn't a single entity. Just because certain Western countries are in agreement does not mean that attitude is reflected across other parts of the globe.

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Posted in: Federer crashes out as Djokovic reaches 10th Wimbledon semifinal See in context

It was a very interesting night of tennis.

Djovokic: Very workman-like. Fucsovics made it difficult for him - this wasn't an easy win for Nole, but he did what needed to be done and earned another straight sets win. He's still clearly the favorite for this title.

Federer: A disappointing end, and he was clearly upset by it. But perhaps he exceeded what our expectations should've been. I think most fans were irrationally assuming he'd revert to the invincible Federer of old, despite lots of evidence suggesting that couldn't be the case. He's not as fast as he used to be, struggled with Hurkacz's power, and his brilliant, unexpected shot selection from the past was considerably tamed. He's definitely still a competitor, and far from being discounted. But considering how long he was away from the game, his age, and other factors, I think tennis fans ought to consider the QFs a pretty good result for him.

Shapo: Glad he won. There's something about Khachanov that has always rubbed me the wrong way.

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Posted in: On last Manic Monday, Federer, Djokovic, Kerber stick around See in context

@timeon - I'm sorry you weren't able to catch it. I've never seen anything quite like it. 13 breaks in the fifth set! Unfortunately, Korda's mental toughness seemed to leave him during this one. He looked quite down and out of it during the 3rd set, and the 5th was just strewn with careless mistakes - outwardly he put on a good face, but from the outside it seemed like he was really melting down internally. A shame for him, but he's young and will certainly learn and improve.

Good to see Djokovic cruise so easily (although Garin was noticeably nervous and intimidated on his first match on Centre Court - it was a little tough watching him in the early going). His projected match up with Federer should be a great one. I just hope it's scheduled at a time when we can see it in Japan.

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Posted in: Djokovic grabs 75th Wimbledon win as battling Murray runs out of steam See in context

Djokovic survived a nervy third set to defeat 114th-ranked American qualifier Denis Kudla

Djokovic's win was as entertaining as a straight-set victory can be. Kudla played his heart out, won the admiration of the crowd, and the two of them put on a very fun show. Was really glad to have caught this one.

Murray suffered his earliest Wimbledon exit in 16 years

Murray would be a welcome re-addition to the men's game. He played admirably in his Wimbledon return, and I hope his health and bionic hip hold up for him to disrupt the "Big Three vs. Next Gen" narrative we've settled on within the top 10.

Sebastian Korda marked his Centre Court debut with a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 win over Britain's Dan Evans.

Sebastian Korda remains one of the more intriguing figures to keep an eye on down the line. I really like his game, and his mental toughness exceeds his age. I think he has the potential to be the best American male player in a long time, if he can keep on a positive trajectory.

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Posted in: Federer blows away cobwebs; Barty scraps her way into third round See in context

Chang is still involved on the coaching team, but isn't touring with Kei. The recently-added Max Mirnyi is now doing that part. But I believe fxgai's comment is a wink toward the anti-Naomi Osaka crowd, who for some reason were obsessed with Osaka going through a bit of a slump after firing her coach two years ago.

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Posted in: Federer blows away cobwebs; Barty scraps her way into third round See in context

Nishikori shouldn’t have changed his coach, I guess?

LOL - well played

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Posted in: Federer blows away cobwebs; Barty scraps her way into third round See in context

Not mentioned in this story is Kei Nishikori's 4-set loss to Jordan Thompson, ranked 81st in the world. Guess this year isn't Kei's year, either.

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Posted in: Falling stars Djokovic, Kyrgios progress at Wimbledon See in context

Boy was Djokovic sharp. He was serving as well as he has in a long time, and he became a human backboard against Anderson. He just didn't miss, ever. It was a near-perfect performance. Lots of falls thouogh. Kyrgios's fall was a nasty one too.

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Andy Murray ... has won just two matches all season.

The writer does realize he's only played five matches in total, right?

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Posted in: Latino actress Zegler cast as Snow White in Disney adaptation See in context

...portrayed by white actresses follows Disney's 2019 announcement that R&B singer Halle Bailey, who is Black...

I have a bone to pick with the style guide here. I can get behind the capitalization of races - that makes sense to me. However, capitalizing one race but not another? I can't understand the logic. This offends me linguistically.

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Posted in: Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt has twin boys - Thunder and Saint Leo See in context

Should named them Thunder & Lightning Bolt.

That might have been “very, very frightening”.


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Posted in: Miley Cyrus can use name as trademark in Europe after long-running row See in context

I'd rather have the baked beans

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Posted in: Osaka still set to play Wimbledon, say organizers See in context

timeon: she must compete a minimum number of tournaments, covering all surfaces

Is that right? I never heard of the rule stipulating players need to compete on all surfaces. Huh - I learned something new today. Is that true for both WTA and ATP?

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