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Good Call Guy. Conservatives don't realize that Japan's meteoric rise in the 50s and 60s and 70s was due to people have job security (though at a horrific price of working six days a week, for 14 to 16 hours a day). And just HOW much money does a corporation need to have before it starts spending? Apple has more money than several countries combined! In short, if workers have no money, they don't SPEND. And that is why no one is spending as wages suck and Abe wants them to suck some more with "job flexibility." And conservatives, whine away, whine away about how much your Ayn Rand doctrine is so great, but when you are 50, the boot will come for you! And then you might want a little government "regulation" or social security, like Ayn did and claimed!

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My take on the current trend of cops killing innocent people in Ferguson, Missouri. Imagine if you will, a rich white person walking down the street jay-walking, (as they "own" the street anyhow) and a BLACK cop pulls over and does what D.Wilson did, and ends up shooting rich white kid! Now imagine how this plays out in the press. First, black cop would have been immediately charged for leaving a crime scene and tampering with evidence in driving away the car, and then arrested for shooting a fleeing suspect (illegal--supreme court ruled on this one), and then the moaning of what a good boy and wonderful future this young man had only to be taken by a "rogue" cop. Yes--face it folks, THIS is how the discourse would be different if the "actors and races" were switched! Remember it is all about race and if there is no justice served, (and there WILL be NONE as this cop will be 100 percent acquitted), then each and every cop becomes something to be feared, as many only have a high school degree! I like to see a series of statues of Mike placed throughout the city, and for others who have died or been beaten up so that cops are SHAMED, maybe it will cause them to think as some many do not seem to be thinking while they are acting!

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Posted in: Chiba teacher arrested for threats to blow up government buildings because of Saturday classes See in context

At a private school my son goes to, having made it into the top and therefore free class, I was SHOCKED that these teachers work SEVEN days a week. Sure on Sunday, there are no classes but they still have to show up and monitor the few students whose parents really do not want them around as they are out playing golf or shopping. Even on Saturday, my son does not come home until five. No please right wingers, tell me that really a union has no place in this situation OR is this what you people call the new normal.

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