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Posted in: Speeding policeman referred to prosecutors over fatal road accident See in context

I may always amazed at how candid these confessions are...What interrogation techniques are these coppers employing?

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Posted in: Trump pushes hardline immigration policies even as he urges unity See in context

I think Trump is a bozo but the left’s strategy of trying to just personally tear him down with no real policy changes of their own means we have this administration for another 7 years. Live with it.

Just saying.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors rank their top Japanese experiences in new survey See in context

I find this surgery hard to believe....

Americans, with some of the greatest outdoor sightseeing in the world, were impressed with Japan’s natural scenery? Strawberries? Really?

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Posted in: AKB48 said to be phasing out swimsuit modeling for younger teen members See in context

So again, like everything else, Japan is doing this so so not to be ashamed...Not because it’s the obviously moral thing to do.

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Posted in: Coming-of-age day See in context

A thousand years ago? Id hazard to guess the age was probably around 14.

The idea that 20 the coming-of-age of an adult is ridiculous

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Posted in: A growing number of actors are renouncing Woody Allen See in context

I guess innocent before being proven guilty doesn’t pertain to witchhunts or fashionable political correct agendas.....

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Posted in: Mattis: U.S. determined to reduce civilian casualties in Yemen See in context

Raw Beer

Think befre you write comments....

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Posted in: Nearly 40% of LDP candidates back U.S. military action against N Korea See in context


what happened to "peaceful Japan"? I guess it's ok if you

have somebody else fighting your battles for you.

welcome to Nippon world. Take a good look....

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Posted in: NFL players, owners defy Trump on anthem protests See in context

This will backfire. Most NFL fans are not on board with this (no matter how the media try to paint it) and it will have a negative effect on ratings and attendance....

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Posted in: Bieber not welcome in China over past 'bad behavior' See in context

Now, if only the Canadian government would have the same common sense....

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Posted in: Majority of Japanese women in poll support idea of men-only train cars See in context

Would be a lot less quieter.

Just saying

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't aims to curb exploitative schoolgirl dating services See in context

The only reason they are buster moving on this issue is because of The Olympics. Once again Japan is doing something because it doesn't want to be embarrassed in front of the international community (exposed) as opposed to it being morally right.

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

"Its more about connecting on an emotional level for me".

Best quote in the article

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Posted in: APA hotels won't remove books that deny Nanjing Massacre during Olympics See in context

And with more and more Chinese tourists and business people coming to Japan, his bottom line will defintatley be affected...Especially if there is a concerted effort in China to expose him to the Chinese people.

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Posted in: Japan's envoy urges S Korea to remove 'comfort woman' statues See in context

Let's remove those memorials in zhoroshima and Nagasaki while we're at it....

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Posted in: Justin Bieber to perform in Japan in September See in context

Thanks for the warning

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Posted in: Court upholds 23-year imprisonment for 2 men over fatal street racing See in context

After reading about this tragic crime,, I was expecting the culprits to be juveniles...."28 years old"? Indefensible.

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Posted in: Minister yells at press after he criticizes remaining Fukushima evacuees See in context

Disgusting Nice freedom of press... And I imagine the general response from the typical zjaoanese is to say "sho ga nai"

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Posted in: Industry, academic partners team up to fight fake news See in context

Katsu There is so much evidence of a CNN bias...please research it yourself. Here's a beauty tomget you started:


Sorry I don't have more time to rant like a lunatic but I do have a life...

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Posted in: What's your theory on why some men grope women on trains? Why can't they control the urge? See in context

Because Japanese society has accepted this (until very recently).

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Posted in: Industry, academic partners team up to fight fake news See in context

I am not saying CNN is fake news. I am saying that most newtwork news is biased and presents a skewed version of events due to bias. To say this is not true is ridiculous. I have never seen CNN say one positive thing about Trump nor one negative thing about Clinton or Obama. Never. And they certainly make their personal opinions known. I have never seen Fox News say one positive thing about Clinton.... I am a Liberal btw...(through and through) but do not need my opinion handed to me and stuffed down my throat...

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Posted in: Industry, academic partners team up to fight fake news See in context

My only real TV news source (here in Japan) is CNN. I would call myself "liberal" leaning...Howver, I can no longer bear to watch its biased (liberal) reporting. It borderlines on the absurd... Fox is no better with its Conservitive leaning. I wish there was a news network that just reported news instead of spoon feeding their political and ideological agendas to their viewers ...

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

Tina Watanabe Lol.... There's always some of you scurrying around on this board

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

Nothing more transparent or sadder than the Japanese right wingers that litter The Internet with their revisionist history

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

It is estimated that over 1000,000 Allied soldiers would have died in a ground invasion of Japan. This does not include the countless Japanese cilvilans that would have died. Japan was intent on never surrendering.... What other options were left?

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Posted in: McCartney, Costello & the album that never was See in context

Two geniuses

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Posted in: New Zealand says U.S. invokes immunity for embassy staffer See in context

What a horribly written article.

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Posted in: Smoking paradise Japan tries to kick the habit See in context

Let's get this straight...There is decades of incontrovertible evidence that shows smoking extremely dangerous to one's health, but the Japanese government is only now making it a priority because it doesn't want to be embarrassed In front of the international community..

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Posted in: Cool Japan Ambassador Paul Christie talks about plans to highlight a different side of the country See in context

The only group that buys this idea of "cool Japan" is the Japanese. I'll give Japan "anime"..but pop cultural staples such as Japanese "dramas", Idol singers, Maid cafes, uniform fetishes aren't exactly "cool"..and only disturbed foreigners would think so. Just saying.

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