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Posted in: Filipino director takes new look at Bataan Death March See in context

..War is Sad.. people always say there's no winner at all in it... and all is just fallen victims.. Though we couldn't deny the fact that War wouldn't have occured at all if only those who has the Power in that time did not use it to satisfy their selfish evil stupid dids and ways... some say "WORLD is enough for Mans need ..but never for Mans GREED".. JPs current people can ask forgiveness till eternity.. but the memories always remains.. and the scars of history is there to stay.. Most Filipinos are not that 'play victim' type of people.. they learnt to FORGIVE and FORGET .. JPs are all well welcomed in PH the same way hundreds of thousands Pinoys are working and living in JP now... well just don't twist the facts that conquerors could have been merciful if their POWs surrendered peacefully, as if that ever existed in their screwed mind.. either way they would not have started counquering other pips living peacefully in the first place..

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Scenes like this reminds me of how some people who are unable to accept our differences, the past, etc.. creates disorder in the Current society. Thousands of JPs are visiting and exploring SK as tourist, for biz etc and they don't much complain about it, and why would this old shrine matter that much..?? No wonder what a person can do if they let their bad feeling rule their small minds.. Why can't they just sing "we are the world" and make this place a better one? Reminds me of Scorpions "under the same sun" too:

"'Cause we all live under the same Sun We all walk under the same Moon Then why, why can't we live as one"

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

How about we look at this news this way > it serves as a reminder to gaijins as well to strive and learn better Nihongo skills to compete in the JP job market. It likes our Eigo Skills is not the only ticket for us to grab a good job. For the local JP it should teach them to learn Eigo and at the same time the 'real communication stuff,' jobtech & soft skills, etc...

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Posted in: Man stabbed at sushi restaurant in Miyagi See in context

I noticed most of the restos and establishment here in JP are installed with security cameras.. This one here doesn't have one, and also some those old shops around. I think it should be required for most public places like this one to atleast act as deterent and also evidence for crimes like this.

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Posted in: LDP education proposal includes TOEFL prerequisite for univ entrance See in context

Good news! .. This will be good for both the natives and the gaijins.. A lot of communications issues will be solved by this. EN is the worlds biz language anyway, so biz side will be covered. JP will be more competitive. JapLish will diminish so gaijins wont be laughing on those wrong grammars etc. I hope PM will approve and inact it sooner the better.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman in Kumamoto town See in context

Sad but true.. suspect is almost old enough to join the home-for-aged or something like that.. He must have relatives to talk to or grandchildren to play with... Instead again the society who couldn't careless about their old ones (who are anyway the majority), pays its toll.. This kind of thing couldve been prevented if there is atleast what they call 'close-family-ties' ..and not just let the oldies roam around with who knows what running in their head..

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Posted in: School kids from tsunami-struck town visit U.S. to convey thanks See in context

Does it mean they go to other countries as well who joined the rescue effort before? Japan had helped a lot of countries too.. they just duly deserved those assistance before as well.

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Posted in: Bodies of woman, son - dead for 2 months - found in house See in context

Yeah, I agree to some of above earlier comments.. my friend told me its called it..'関係ない' .. Its getting common these days.. elsewhere in this world. A person could be dying there in the middle of the street in the middle of the busy day, without anyone caring for a sec to lift their hand and help in anyway.. Where is this world going to.. the inevitable I guess.. I thought ASOK could have been of help there..

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Posted in: 5 fall sick after drinking bleach-laced water at Mister Donut store in Osaka See in context

First the donuts are mostly loaded with sugars.. white, artificial ones, and other sweeteners.. that wll give you diabetes in the long run.. it will kill you softly and sweetly.. then they mistakenly serve that bleach laced water...perfect lethal combination..

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Posted in: Nursing exam pass rate down among foreign applicants See in context

Everybody seems to require high quality with cheap price. Any info about the salary you'll be getting when you pass this seems to be herculean strenuous exams? Well they better get more of this nurse, as this is an aging society.. Thinking about why not locals are talking this jobs instead.. and they prefer rather to be in nursing suit in maid cafes.. Talking about labor fairness..

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Posted in: Woman tries to kill son while husband, 3 kids sleep in same room See in context

Sure, poverty and hardship in life may drive a person crazy, but it doesn't always happen. Coz there are even those more deprive and in worst condition than this woman but it doesn't spell into doing harm to your supposed loved ones. .Yeah anybody here can jump simply to conclusion like shes crazy, or might be dreaming and doing that unnoticeably, or maybe some money issues.. etc.. but let the jcops do their job, unless you wanted to join the force yourself and do the report.

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