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Posted in: Australia marks 70 years since Japan's bombing of Darwin See in context

Japan was at war with Australia it had every right to bomb an enemy city. In comparison with the allied raids on Japan not many people died. The allies killed over a million Japanese civilians in air attacks.

Well, Japan and the US were at war with each other, too. So following your logic there was "every right" to "bomb and enemy city", right? Or does the right change when it comes to how many people are killed?

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Posted in: Job interviews - 'Fools using a foolish method to pick fools' See in context

Interesting article, however completely irrelevant if you're not getting interview requests to begin with

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Posted in: Photo industry mourns Kodak See in context

the first astronauts to walk on the moon documented their historic expedition with a shoe box-sized Kodak camera

I believe Hasselblads were the only cameras on the moon ... and still are, if anyone wants one for free.

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Posted in: Probe into Beyonce baby complaints at NY hospital See in context

Why am I not surprised

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Posted in: Can foreign tourists help U.S. economy? See in context

“Security is job one for us,”

I believe the TSA could learn a lot from Japanese airport security. I don't feel like a thouroughly unwanted person when flying in Japan.

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Posted in: Drunken man survives fall from platform onto subway tracks in Nagoya See in context

Cue screams of "safety barricades" from some

The Sakuradori Line in Nagoya has safety barricades already

I seem to remember reading a story on JT a few years ago, of a Nagoya man who went on a drunken frolic on the subway tracks. Great photo of him being carried out of the station by some very unamused police officers.

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Posted in: Air travel safer than ever: industry report See in context

It IS extremely safe, it's just not fun.

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Posted in: Changes coming to foreign registration, visa system See in context

Sorry, but PR is definitely not permanent (just like in some other countries I know). As far as I know, if you leave and come back without a re-entry permit, you lose it (can someone confirm this)?

Yes, it happened to a friend of mine. They were lucky enough to be put onto a spousal visa.

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Posted in: Olympus sues 19 current, ex-board members for Y16.54 bil in damages See in context

Kyodo said Olympus was likely to pick Takayama’s successor from among three board members the panel thinks were not responsible for concealing the losses.

What, the panel isn't going to check properly?

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Posted in: Wendy's reopens in Japan on Tuesday See in context

Will they do square burgers like in the US?

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Posted in: Wendy's reopens in Japan on Tuesday See in context

There were two in Nagoya before they closed. I hope they open one in Nagoya station this time

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Posted in: 'Millions' mourn North Korean leader See in context

Shouldn't the quotation marks be around mourn instead of millions?

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Posted in: The forever war See in context

I never discuss World War II with Japanese people. If it is brought up in conversation, I always ignore it. If the topic persists, I simply leave.

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Posted in: Man gets 50-year term for nine rapes See in context

... Now I have to pay for this scum to have 3 square meals a day, a nice safe and comfy cell, and 24 hour security for the next 50 years. ...

You make it sound like the Holiday Inn. Do you know what Japanese prisons are like?

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Posted in: Olympus top management was 'rotten': 3rd-party panel See in context

Whatever happened to a good ol' fashioned Seppuku?

Seppuku is for people with honor and integrity

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Posted in: Playing by ear: Blind tennis, the smash from Japan See in context

Search for "blind tennis" on YouTube and you'll find a few videos. Very interesting to watch

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Posted in: The trouble with translating See in context

"Uchi no kaachan, yabai kurai kawaikute suimasen."

"I'm sorry but my mother is just devilishly cute"

off the top of my head

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Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio becomes J Edgar Hoover on film See in context

The trailer is on YouTube. It looks interesting.

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Posted in: Airline passengers asked for extra cash for fuel See in context

absolutely disgraceful

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Posted in: Double-bill cinemas: The cheapest shows in town See in context

What if you don't live in Tokyo?

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Posted in: WWII in color: U.S. vet's rare footage made into DVD See in context

I would love to see this

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Posted in: JAL begins sales of special airfares for new Narita-Boston route See in context

It would mean not having to transfer at Chicago or NY. On the other hand, what's the Japanese population in Boston like now?

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Posted in: Nintendo's loss swells to Y70.3 bil for first half See in context

What happened to the DS-3D? I guess it wasn't so good. Did any JT readers get one? If so, what do you think of it?

I played with one a few months ago. There's a 3D slider that let's you choose how 3D you want it (how "deep") which I found pretty interesting. However I could see myself getting headaches after prolonged use, and I'm guessing pre-3D games only work in 2D?

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Posted in: Robots help Japan's graying, shrinking population See in context

Quite sad ... talking to a robot isn't the same as human interaction

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Posted in: Nationalists riding high before Swiss vote on Sunday See in context

Give me a break!

Give us a break and read up on Switzerland before making uninformed comments

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Posted in: Why Japanese values and morality confound us so See in context

I'm GLAD the Japanese aren't religious fanatics like back home. Living in Japan means not having religious zealots accost me on a daily basis like back in the US.

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Posted in: Japan eyes simpler immigration procedures, including automatic gate See in context

I'm wondering if this is an attempt to make Japan look more welcoming and open

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Posted in: Olympus shares plunge 24% following British CEO's ouster See in context

An equity strategist at a Japanese brokerage said foreign investors likely drove the selling.

So they're blaming the foreigners?

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Posted in: Sneaky salarymen scheme, skim and hide cash from their wives See in context

It must be hell to be married to someone untrustworthy.

It is. Imagine your significant other going through your things while you sleep.

If these gentlemen have spouses like that, I salute their craftiness and admire their thrift.

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Posted in: U.S. eats: A taste of America in Tokyo See in context

tmarie - I fully agree. Tokyo and its people are not the center of the universe

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