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Posted in: Ichiro so close to 3,000 hits - if he can get enough at-bats See in context

Watching Ichiro play now is like watching a 50 year old pole dancer -- some players don't know when to quit...

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Posted in: Trump wins Florida, loses Ohio; Clinton wins Florida; Rubio pulls out of Republican race See in context

Jimizo since you are not an American I will fill you in a little about comrade Bernie: when his student deferment ran out and his "Conscientious Objector" application was rejected he ran off to Israel an hid on a kibbutz for two years to escape the draft. He has never held an honest job preferring to suck on the government tit for almost 50 years. He is a support of Castro and Che -- you know the guys that did so much to improve the lives of their fellow Cubans that they are willing to get to the US any way possible....

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Posted in: Mexican government says it won't pay for Trump's wall See in context

@MarkG: give up. JT is a sounding board for liberals who are not open to hearing the truth. What rapes? What drugs? Juanita, where did you put my yoga mat? Guess how he will get Mexico to pay for the wall? Its so simple, its brilliant. Close the ports of entry for national security reasons. In a week, the 10 billion dollars from Mexico will be in the US Treasury. Second thing President Trump will do -- arrest the entire San Francisco City Counsel for violation of federal law (I dare say a few of the members will enjoy their prison stay) and any other stankuary city will receive the same for violating the law. Lets see how many Thumbs Down I can get.

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Posted in: S Korea says Japan must heal wounds of wartime excesses See in context

The headline "S Korea says Japan must heal wounds of wartime excesses" in this case, "heal" is a euphemism for "give us more money."

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Posted in: Ringo Starr to tour Japan Feb 25-March 1 See in context

What is this an "I need the money" tour?

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Posted in: Retiring Matsui showered with praise See in context

He should have come to the majors five years sooner...

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Posted in: U.S. teachers take up arms to prevent mass shootings See in context

Lets see, there are armed guards in banks and government buildings, so are you saying money and politicians are more important than our children???

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Posted in: Rakuten-bound fielder Andruw Jones arrested on battery charge in Atlanta See in context

The brutha thumped his women and now he's in the slamma...

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan reduces amount of brew in some offerings See in context

I stopped drinking Starbucks when I found out the CEO was a Obama buddy...

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Posted in: Oklahoma student arrested in alleged school massacre plot See in context

When a drunk driver kills someone, we blame the driver not the car. But when a person kills someone with a gun, we focus on the gun -- I cannot understand the logic. Apparently in Connecticut the shooter walked out of a gun store when he was told there would be a three day wait for a background check -- in some ways the system worked. Where he obtained the weapons is probably the focus of the police investigation...

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Posted in: Schoolboy with MLB designs upsets Japan baseball establishment See in context

Good choice. Japanese baseball is basically salarymen in uniforms -- their entire goal is to play 20 or 25 years and not get injured...

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

Yeah, the Japanese prefer to watch a washed-group like SMAP where one member refuses to cut his hair for movie parts, another member who was arrested naked and drunk in a park and its taboo to mention his sexual orientation and the rest for the group of talentless hacks who are just warm bodies mouthing the words...

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Posted in: Obama savages Romney foreign policy in last debate See in context

Other than a having a strong military, most Americans have no interest in foreign policy. Americans care about having to pay $5 a gallon for gas and food is a lot higher than is was 4 years ago. Obama cannot blame Bush for the high price of gas and food -- it happened on his watch. Lets see, Romney has a JD and MBA from Harvard, ran a successful company, Governor of a state -- leaving office with a surplus by the way and pulled off a very successful winter Olympics. AND when his wife is FIrst Lady she won't dress like she's a walking infomercial for Gold's Gym...

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Posted in: Obama crams for debate, Romney fires China shot See in context

Hofstra University: 57 feet above sea level

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Japanese are just extremely jealous of success by any Korean. Lets see, if the song and video is so bad why have there been over 450 million views?

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Posted in: Obama touts jobs report as he seeks to lift campaign See in context

There are fewer people working now than in 2009 -- that is a fact...

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Posted in: Obama touts jobs report as he seeks to lift campaign See in context

There are less people working now than when Obama took office -- you can't change that...

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Posted in: Romney releases 2011 tax returns but questions remain See in context

Okay all you jealous lib posters, tell me exactly and specifically why Romney needs to release his tax returns. Sure he paid about 14% a year in taxes over the last 20 years and don't you think if he cheated on his taxes (like a number of people in the Obama Administration) the IRS and the lamestream media would be all over him. So lets stop talking about this and talk about what a great job Obama is doing with our economy and how how he has garnered the respect for the US throughout the Muslim world -- I think I'm going to puke....

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Posted in: 'Cranks and crazies' have taken over U.S. Republicans, says Australian treasurer See in context

@Herve Nmn L'Eisa

Just thought you would like to knowTatanka is a Lakota word that literally means “bull buffalo,” but Tatanka meant more than that. Ceremonies and daily life revolved around sacred reverence for Tatanka,,,

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Posted in: Syria fighting rages as refugee numbers soar See in context

Let them kill each other. All the countries yelling "help us" during the Arab Spring are now yelling "allah hu Akubar” now.

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Posted in: U.S. tax requirements for expats living in Japan See in context

Another word of caution. Do not call the IRS for tax advice; they are not responsible for the advice they give you; I found out the hard way. There are a number of good US-CPA's in Tokyo that can handle all tax issues -- its pricey, but much cheaper than getting hit with tax fines down the road. The system of US income taxes is overly complex, but it does no good to complain about it -- concentrate on making money, not on trying to avoid your tax obligation.

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Posted in: U.S. tax requirements for expats living in Japan See in context

@Alita: shouldn't be a problem as long as you make under Foreign Income Exclusion amount. That said, if you make over that amount (combined Japanese plus any US income like interest and/or dividends) you would be wise to file a US return. The IRS is known to give you enough rope to hang yourself.

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Posted in: U.S. tax requirements for expats living in Japan See in context

Somebody has to pay for the 50% of Americans that don't pay federal income taxes, so expats have to bend over and grab their ankles...

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Posted in: Romney vows to restore U.S. strength as Democrats counterattack See in context

No matter who Romney chose as his running mate the liberal (entitlement mentality) posters on JT would go all Debbie Wasserman on us. The fact that Romney (soon to be know as President Romney) did not pander to any ethnic group and chose a running mate that has a complete understanding of the pending economic disaster (reflected in his budget plan) if we continue on the current road of spending shows he has the guts to face reality not just kick the problem down the road. Many of the JT posters love socialist-style programs like the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, Medcaid and other entitllements. But as Margaret Thatcher once said "socialism is great untli you run out of other people's money."

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Posted in: White Sox feast on Darvish to overcome Rangers See in context

The All Star pitcher who didn't play in the All Star game by the way....

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Posted in: 5 U.S. states get $250,000 federal grants for tsunami debris removal See in context

Any debris arriving on American beaches is the responsibity of America. That's just the way it works out. And I bet if someone in Oregon or somewhere on the US west coast found a safe in the debris with $1M in it you could be sure someone in Japan would be screaming for its return...

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Posted in: Mariners' Hernandez blanks Rangers on 12 strikeouts See in context

I think Japan Today should go work for the Obama campaign -- the headline for this article should have been "Darvish gets bombed by a bunch of last place cream cakes."

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Posted in: Swiss institute finds polonium in Arafat's effects See in context

smithinjapan: you forgot to mention that Arafat stole 100's of millions of aid money intended for his people and he is probably now sitting around a campfire in hell with Hussein and Gadhafi eating hummus..

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Posted in: Darvish says he's `not worthy' of being All-Star See in context

Kuroda (NYY) has a better ERA....

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Posted in: Ex-football coach Sandusky found guilty on 45 of 48 counts in pedophilia case See in context

I'm not defending what Sandusky did to those boys, but what is never discussed is what causes/reasons individuals to act in a "deviant" manner. Like same sex attraction which is not natural (from a procreation standpoint) what sexually attracts grown people (mostly men) to children? I don't consider this individual a monster since I don't think pedophilia is a learned behavior; these individuals are "hard-wired" at conception to evenually act in that manner. No simple answers just sadness to all the victims who are permanently scarred...

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